Thaw Your Heart Out With Bennett Graebner And Bachelor Winter Games

Bennett Graebner is television pioneer. Since his youth, Bennet knew what he wanted to do as a career. After attending Vassar College, he continued his studies at the Southern California University. Currently, Bennett Graebner is the producer of The Bachelor. The show has now been on the air for more than 15 years; and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Knowing how the general population views love and personal experience, BG set out to create a show with a gripping storyline. The ABC televised program has evolved into numerous spin off shows. The newest show based off of it’s predecessor is The Bachelor Winter Games. The main objective of the show is to bring contestants from different countries together to partake in winter-styled sports, and love. Bennett Graebner mentions that he started working on the show in 2008; and it all came full-circle recently during a two day conference in Los Angeles, California.

The thought of two people from totally different countries finding love together is an intriguing plot. With The Bachelor Winter Games being a themed-program, there was much energy put into how the show would be developed. The goal was to keep its nucleus based on love; while still distinguishing itself from the traditional Bachelor program (EW).

Graebner believes that risks have to be taken in order to grow. Doing new things will yield great results sometimes, however this won’t always be the case Bennett Graebner expresses. With a show such as The Bachelor Winter Games, which includes contestants from 11 countries, there are sure to be cultural differences. This is one of the components that will make the show’s first season very interesting.