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Serge Belamant is known for the contribution he has made towards blockchain technologies. Belamant worked as a software and applications developer, and he used the knowledge he gained from his career to create numerous cryptocurrencies. These technologies have become instrumental to various governments especially the financial sector as they are used to track incoming and outgoing money in banks and other areas. Visit The technology has also helped reduce cases of fraud and corruption in banks and governments by promoting transparency.

Serge Belamant was born in France, but his family relocated to South Africa where Serge spent his childhood. Serge had to adapt to the new environment and learn English to communicate with the rest. Serge was a fast learner, and after mastering the English language, he began attending school at the North High School.Serge Belamant was a brilliant all-around student. Apart from excelling in class, he participated in various sports activities and excelled in them. Some of these sports include athletics, sports, and chess. Serge was a talented rugby player and was awarded rugby honors during his time at the school. Serge associated well with people and was loved by both the teachers and students. As a result, he was given the post of Head Prefect and was also a House Captain. Serge participated in the National Chess Championship a few times representing his school, and he did not disappoint each time. After high school, Serge Belamant went to Witwatersrand University and then later attended the University of South Africa.Serge’s first course was engineering, but he deviated to Information Systems during his 3rd year. Shifting courses made him not graduate as he had to repeat units that he had already taken and Serge was not ready for this. Belamant’s first job was at Matrix where he worked with IBM computers and came up with applications that were used to track the level of water in South African dams. By tracking water levels, the government was able to detect future droughts and put measures in place to get the nation through the drought period. Serge learned how to develop graphical interfaces and digital maps during his time at Matrix. Read more on

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