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Isabel dos Santos dream of empowering women and young entrepreneurs in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is among the most successful women on the planet. The Angolan-born businesswoman ventured into entrepreneurship almost immediately after graduating from Kings College in London where she studied electrical engineering. She started her entrepreneurship journey in her native country but later on moved to establish successful business ventures outside Angola. Currently, Isabel dos Santos is a stakeholder in many international conglomerates with presence in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Recently, she was recognized as the youngest billionaire woman in the world.

Isabel has built a successfully built her portfolio around the construction, banking, energy, and telecommunication sectors. Isabel is the head of Unitel, the largest telecommunication company in Angola. She has built successful business ventures throughout Europe, especially in Portugal, where she is a stakeholder in several companies.

Born into a political family

Jose Eduardo dos Santos was one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa. He became the president of Angola in 1979 when Agostino Neto passed away. Jose Eduardo married Tatiana Kukanova, Isabel’s mother, but they later divorced, and Tatiana moved to London. Isabel was raised to be independent following the divorce of her parents. She spent some time in Angola before moving to London, where she continued with her education.

Isabel dos Santos cites that her upbringing played a pivotal role in her current success. Isabel was raised in a household that instilled the virtues of hard work and perseverance through adversity. Isabel’s upbringing gave her independence and ambition that has made her the first African billionaire woman. This explains why she chose to

study electrical engineering, a course that’s not popular among African women.

Supporting women and entrepreneurs across Africa

Isabel dos Santos understands that most of African women lack opportunities that can help them compete with their peers in developed countries. Isabel believes that education is a powerful tool that can be used to transform communities. She has a particular passion for education, especially for young women in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos also believes that entrepreneurship will play a critical role in taking development in Africa. She is deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs who dare to dream big.


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Quem conhece a história da Rainha Njinga? Aqui em Malanje está a estátua desta nossa rainha guerreira que se tornou um símbolo para nós angolanos. Rainha dos reinos do Ndongo e de Matamba, no século XVII, em quem foi inspirado o nome do nosso país: Angola ❤. Com a sua bravura e perseverança, ela lutou pelo nosso povo contra a ocupação colonial portuguesa 💪🏾. A sua vida teve muitos desafios, mas o que sempre procurou foi a liberdade e paz do nosso povo. Para mim é um exemplo e inspiração, não só como angolana mas também como mulher 👩🏽‍🦱. A Rainha Njinga Mbande representa tudo aquilo que de é feita a mulher angolana. Força, proteção, liderança e determinação #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #RainhaNjinga #Ginga #Angola #Women #WomenEmpowerment #TuesdayThoughts Who knows the story of Queen Njinga? Here in Malanje, there is the statue of this warrior queen of ours who has become a symbol for us Angolans. Queen of the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba in the 17th century, in which was inspired the name of our country: Angola ❤. With her bravery and perseverance, she fought for our people against the Portuguese colonial occupation 💪🏾. Her life had many challenges, but what she always sought was the freedom and peace of our people. For me, she is an example and inspiration, not only because I’m Angolan but also as a woman 👩🏽‍🦱. Queen Njinga Mbande represents all we Angolan women are made of. Strength, protection, leadership, and determination

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Betterworks Tools Helps Companies Create a Culture of Success


Betterworks is a company that works to design organizational tools that companies can use to make their business run more smoothly and make them more profitable. Betterworks has a lot of features and they are working hard every day to make even more features for their products available for companies to use. Betterworks also tries to make sure they have the best pricing for their product so that the companies are able to use and enjoy all of their products.

Betterworks tries to make everything as simple as possible. They know that companies can be complex and they want to make things easier on each individual that works within the company. For years companies have used paper types of reviews to see where problems are falling within the work field and what they can do to help their employees. Betterworks is always trying to make things easier on employees as well as employers. They want to find a way for companies to be able to get the reviews back in a quicker manner and an easier way.


More and more companies are beginning to work with Betterworks. They become excited about the products and features that Betterworks offers. Betterworks is starting to spread across the United States and are becoming really well known.

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TJ Maloney Grows His Company

The private equity firm, Lincolnshire Management, focuses on acquisitions and other investments with middle-market companies. It was co-founded in 1986 by Frank Wright and Steve Kumble who ran the special finance division with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company for 31 years. After his death in 1992, James Tozer became the new president and CEO. In 1998, TJ Maloney took over as CEO and Chairman. In 2005, Kumble left to start his own company.

TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management in 1993 and helps with the Investment Committee. His main focus is with portfolio companies. He went to Boston College and then to Fordham Law School. Before working for Lincolnshire Management he was a practicing merger, securities, and acquisition lawyer in New York City. He is the former Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. He was also on the board of trustees of several colleges and has been a guest speaker at colleges as well.

Lincolnshire Management has announced that they are expanding their team by adding four new professionals. They are welcoming Mathew Nacier, Nicolas Vega Llona, Yashna Ginodia, and Georg Stolt-Nielsen and TJ Maloney is excited about the expanded team. These new professionals will add even more variety to their already passionate team of experts.

At Lincolnshire Management, the CEO TJ Maloney and President Michael Lyons are very excited to have a new young team of experts to make their team even better. Matthew was a summer intern that joined the company as an analyst in 2014. He then went on to consult with many firms and gain experience in the field. He is rejoining the team in its operations group. Nicolas has received his degree from Columbia University and served as a director on business boards. He is joining as a Senior Associate. Yashna received his degree from New York University and minored in computer science. After working at Noonmark Capital he is joining the team as an analyst. Georg has experience in maritime software and is joining as an analyst.

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