Acquires College Savings Bank

Nexbank is a Financial service company. It serves the people in three different ways. The bank serves the clients through Commercial banking, Mortgage banking, and Industrial services. It ensures that the clients get customized services in financial institutions, institutional clients, corporate and individuals. The bank has one primary mission. The mission is to deliver exceptional value at every opportunity. It makes sure that clients get aces to all customer-tailored solutions. The Bank is operating under the leadership of its Chairman, Mr. James Dondero. Mr. James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of High Capital management. The bank has John Holtas the president and the chief Executive officer with Matt Siekielski as the Chief Officer.

The bank has its headquarters in Dallas. It has a vision of making a positive impact in the community where it conducts business. It is committed to touching the lives of those around through providing financial education, loan programs, community service as well as spearheading economic development. The main aim of the bank is to ensure sustainable changes by building an active community for the residents of Dallas.

In December 1, 2015, Nexbank SSB announced that is acquired College Savings bank of Princeton, New Jersey. College savings bank specializes in 529 college savings programs. Although a lot of details of what was agreed was not disclosed, one thing was clear that the College savings bank will retain its name and brand. It was also to maintain the operations bunt join NexBank as a Divisions of the bank. Mr. John Holt was to realism as the president and the CEO of the NexBank Capital, Inc. that was a good deal where both banks were to benefit from the transaction or the acquisition.

The best thing is that the acquisition was aimed at helping the clients and the families to get their needs met. The Acquisition created an excellent opportunity for the bank to expand their platform as well and their responsibilities. It also created an opportunity for both short-term and long-term growth. With an increased base, the bank is in a better position to reach out for more business and strengthen their support.

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