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New Jersey-based Boraie Development is not only about Real Estate, sales and marketing and urban development; the upward company also has the people’s interest at heart. An article published through the New Jersey Stage pointed out that Boraie Development is sponsoring the movie series this summer.

In conjunction with The Provident Bank Foundation, Boraie Development treated the New Jersey residents to a total of six free movies. All the movies will be screened at the State Theatre. The location is one of the renowned movie place and live performance venues in New Jersey. Apart from being a remarkable entertainment hot spot, it is also a historic location that was opened in 1921.The free movies will be aired from July 12th to August 16th on selected dates at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm.

During the launch of the event, both Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation were both elated. The VP of the real estate firm, Hiam Boraie and the Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek represented their companies and gave glowing tributes to the month-long event. State Theatre’s Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnerships, Ana Marie Gewirtz, was also delighted with the free movie series event. She revealed that the theatre aimed to reach out to over 7,000 people to fulfill their objective of community access initiatives programs.

According to Rutgers, the month-long theatre experience will be an experience to cherish for the New Jersey residents. The State Theatre will offer them the best High Definition digital camera projection system. The screening system also includes film screen from Stewart with 46 inches and a projector from Barco. It also features a digital surround system. Filmgoers can watch the movies from the balcony or downstairs, and they will be plenty of room because The State Theatre has the capacity to cater for up to 1,850 people. However, if you are planning to watch the movies as a group of more than twenty people, you can reserve the seats in advance.

The month-long free movie week program includes; Frozen which will be aired on 12th July, E.T the Extra-Terrestrial which airs on 19th July, Despicable Me 2 which airs on 26TH July, Babe which airs on 2nd August, Monsters University which airs on 9th August and Aladdin which airs on 16th August.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a company that is based in New-Jersey, and it offers Real Estate Development, Sales and Marketing, Urban Development and Property Management services. Egyptian born Omar Boraie started the company in 1972. The establishment works efficiently with other stakeholders to provide the best services. Check out for more.

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Boraie Development Looks Ahead

The ever-volatile real estate market, with its once-again escalating prices, is having an impact on New Jersey. This highly populated area, according to a recent story in, is currently experienced some of the highest rates of foreclosure and mortgage delinquency of any area in the US. All of this could have a very negative impact in what has overall been seen as a rebound in the US housing markets.

Overall, one of the major issues impacting real estate today is the looming housing shortage. According to, the best-case scenario as far as solving this crisis would have to be an uptick in the creation of new housing. Complicating matters, however, is the reality that if too many properties are suddenly released on the market at once (if the current bottleneck in building permits is resolved), a rush to sell might push prices down, adding to New Jersey’s difficulties.

A Renaissance

Even given all the complexities of the current market, there is still a lot of good news for New Jersey real estate. Many of the new homes there are due to appreciate, and the increase in market value here could create a kind of renaissance in real estate values.

Part of the expected increase in real estate value comes from expectations for new development. Many new housing developments as well as entertainment centers are due to open soon, and with their easy access to transit centers, and the promise of new jobs they bring, they are expected to push up values in a big way. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Boraie Development

One of the leading players in the overall improvement of New Jersey, is Boraie Development. This company has a long (over twenty years) history of creating successful developments to New Jersey, mostly using private investment funds led by Omar Boraie.

Boraie Development has always kept its eye on the future of this area, as it laid out plans for attractive housing properties and retail areas that will add value to the community. All of this adds up to a strong investment in New Jersey, which looks to have a bright future once the current issues are resolved. Check out

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Business Leader Sam Boraie Is One Of New Jersey’s Best Assets

The state of New Jersey has a governor who would rather live in Washington, D.C. than in his state. Governor Chris Christie is a Trump supporter, and there was talk he would get a position in the new administration. But Christie has a lot of unnecessary political baggage surrounding him, so he wasn’t one of Trump’s picks. The legacy of Christie is still being written, but so far his legacy is not the gubernatorial legacy that would help him move into another high-powered political position. Christie’s second term is immersed in bad press and short-sighted decisions. But even though the leader of the state of New Jersey is not award-worthy, there are business and political figures in the state that are. One of those business people is Sam Boraie.

Sam Boraie is the second son of Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist and real estate developer. Omar Boraie is responsible for bringing downtown New Brunswick back to life. Boraie Development was one of the first companies to build high-rise office and residential buildings downtown. His foresight and his dedication to the city of New Brunswick revitalized the inner-city. Today, New Brunswick is one of New Jersey’s stars. It is a hub for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The consumer-driven company Johnson and Johnson has headquarters there, and several medical companies and big Pharma companies do too.

The list of Boraie building projects in New Brunswick is impressive, but Sam Boraie’s contribution to New Brunswick and the state of New Jersey goes beyond the borders of his hometown. Boraie plays an active role in Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is the nonprofit organization that feeds the hungry in New Jersey. The soup kitchen, culinary school, and pay-if-you-can café feed hundreds of people every day. The culinary school trains the homeless and the less fortunate, so they can work in the food industry. Sam sits on the Elijah’s Promise board, and he is a major financial donor.

But Sam’s contribution to New Jersey does not stop there. Sam sits on the advisory board of the New Brunswick State Theater. According to PRNewswire, the New Brunswick State Theater is a major part of New Jersey’s entertainment and education offerings. For the last 96 years, the State Theater has entertained and educated New Jersey residents and people from other states that want to see top name entertainers. And the list of stars that are part of the New Brunswick State Theater legacy is a long.

Even though Sam Boraie is involved in several community projects, he is still one of the state’s most influential developers. Sam and Shaq O’Neil got together, and they built a modern residential high-rise in Newark. That project was part of the redevelopment of the city of Newark. Sam is also involved in the new apartment project in Atlantic City. Sam and his brother and sister are developing a piece of property they bought years ago. The 250-unit residential project will be the first luxury apartment complex in Atlantic City that caters to Millennials.

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