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Matthew Fleeger’s Experience Is Helping To Grow Gas And Oil

Matthew Fleeger is the big name behind Gulf Coast Western as their Chief Executive Officer and President. While the company may have originally been founded by his father, he has done a great job following in his footsteps and making the business even better. Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are bringing big things to the oil and gas industry in the United States in efforts to make it better. The company that was founded in 1970 is headquartered out of Dallas, Texas but has other locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas as well.

One of the areas that Matthew Fleeger has been working hard to expand is Southwestern Louisiana. They have already managed to expand their footprint considerably thanks to 2 different partnerships that operate in the area. By bringing together all of these resources as well as the talent in the different companies that are partnered with Gulf Coast Western, they have been able to make some big developments that are being talked about all throughout the natural gas and oil industry in the United States. The story of Gulf Coast Western is truly one as big as Texas and it looks like it may be getting even bigger soon.

Aside from the success that Matthew Fleeger has managed to have while growing the family oil industry, he has also done well for himself in other industries. He is also considered one of the major leaders in the tanning industry who opened some of the biggest tanning salon chains in the entire United States. He had also founded a company that focused on disposing of medical waste from many different facilities. The company was eventually sold to Stericycle. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Business Administration degree and has years of marketing and finance experience.

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Mr. T.J Maloney Adds a New Team to Lincolnshire Management Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm, which helps in the growth of middle market companies. Started 33 years ago, the company has its headquarters in New York. Through the leadership of Maloney, Lincolnshire Management has helped many companies acquire prestigious status, thanks to the firms qualified and committed team. In the team is Mr. TJ Maloney, who brings in vast experience and skills to the firm.

Mr. Maloney has been the company’s leader for over two decades. His experience in firms and companies like Transcraft Corporation has contributed in his day of day running of Lincolnshire Management Company in a significant way. The firm has enjoyed progress and expansion, thanks to the able leadership of Mr. Maloney.

Recently, the firm saw the need to add new members to its team. This was after a close and careful examination of the firm’s future prospects. The need for analysts saw Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen join the firm’s team whereas Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona came in as senior associates. This was proof that the firm was growing and a stronger task force was needed.

Mr. TJ Maloney was excited to announce the new members, promising more and better services to Lincolnshire Management clients who were increasing in number each day. Mr. Maloney added that the team would ensure that new ventures were conquered and hence, more investments would be made.

Lincolnshire Management has made history over the years it has operated under TJ Maloney by investing in prestigious firms. Some of these firms include Allison Marine, Latite, Dalbo Holdings, Inc., among many others. The firms that have trusted Lincolnshire team have enjoyed exceptional growth and recognition as well.

Though busy with developing and growing Lincolnshire further, Mr. TJ Maloney always creates time for himself away from work. He ensures that he has time with his family and engages himself with the outside world by reading and traveling vastly. T.J Maloney adds that what the clients are getting from Lincolnshire Management is just but a foretaste of what is to be tabled in the near future. T.J Maloney is BA holder from Boston College and a Law graduate from the prestigious Fordham law school.

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How the Leadership of Flavio Maluf, Has Benefited the Community

Flavio Maluf is a 67 years old successful businessman who has built one of the most successful companies in Brazil. He built Eucatex from the ground up and now its recognized among the largest suppliers of eucalyptus products such as floors, MDF panels, partitions, doors and other products such as paint and varnishes. Its success is also partly influenced by the sustainability initiatives that have been spearheaded by Flavio Maluf. The company has not only achieved sustainability in production, but it also advocates for environmental sustainability.

Eucatex engages in production all year round because it has a sufficient supply of raw materials. This would not have been possible if had not invested in land and reforestation over five decades ago. Currently, it owns expansive forests of eucalyptus that guarantees it of self-sufficiency. The forests are also part of its initiatives of environmental protection.

Eucatex engages in the Environmental Education Program that was developed by Flavio Maluf to educate the public about tree planting and environmental protection. The program has also received lots of support from the local authorities. The program has been going on for 19 years now and it is expected to continue reaching out to more people even in the future.

Flavio Maluf believes that the public needs to be educated on the best ways of preserving the environment, the environmental importance of forests and how these forests should be managed. Afforestation is the other topic of education in this program that teaches about the best methods of planting trees and also about recovery planting. More than 27,000 people have gone through the program and the number is expected to continue rising in the future.

The chair of the company, Flavio Maluf has also made sure that it maintains a close association with the people by listening to their feedback as to whether the activities of the company have a negative effect on them. It has also motivated the people to use the forests for apiculture purposes so that they can earn money by selling the honey. The forestry unit has employed over 1000 people and has also indirectly generated jobs in other sectors


Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Richie : A Concrete Step To Earning Back Respect

In the wake of a recent internal scandal, pizza giant Papa John’s has chosen to place Steve Ritchie in the position of CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie who previously served as the companies president has been with the Papa John’s family for decades. He began his career as a customer service representative and quickly moved up the ranks.

As one of Steve Ritchie’s first acts as CEO, he began writing a letter to the companies employees and the public in general about the controversy surrounding the offensive words spoken by a former employee of the company. In the letter, Steve makes it clear that those words and beliefs are not representative of the company or any of its staff, however, the fact is that actions must be placed behind those words. Immediately following his apology, Steve Ritchie laid out a concrete long-term plan within the letter. First, Steve stated that the company will hire experts to audit all their franchises in order to have a better understanding of the company culture, secondly, He and top-level executives of the company will be hitting the road to speak with people first hand on their thoughts and suggestions moving forward. Lastly, Steve promises that the company will be more transparent under his leadership in the hopes that they are able to restore the respect and loyalty of their customers.

The letter was well taken by the public as a positive step forward, however, some felt mixed feelings as the letter was a revision of a less empathic version. Nevertheless, the quick decision to revise the letter and include concrete steps to ensure that these issues never happen has erased much of the doubt about the leadership of Steve Ritchie. We can only hope that the company continues this trend as they can by no means afford any other missteps. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Ted Bauman, the Chief Editor Of Bauman Letter And Plan B Club

Mr . Ted Bauman advocates that a significant number of entrepreneurs would be successful if they knew the importance of utilizing the most productive part of the day to handle the most demanding tasks. Ted became part of the banyan hill publishing unit in 2013. Since then Ted has been serving as the chief editor.

Additionally, he is also a specialist in international migration issues, asset protection, and low-risk venturing strategies. Currently, he is settled in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. For the most productive part of his life, ted bauman has been helping his client to acquire all vital components that they need to live a sovereign entity that is free from corporate greed and the state oversight.

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How does his typical day look like?

Mr . Ted bauman has a few responsibilities in the morning, which include seeing his kids to school before embarking on his daily activities. He works from one of his offices in his house, which save him from the morning rush. This way, Ted Bauman can utilize the most productive part of his day to handle his work systematically. At times Mr. Ted wakes up early before the business hours to make sure that he is able to complete his tasks on time or even to create extra time for personal and family responsibilities.

How does he bring ideas to life?

Mr . Ted is a writer. As such, he is credited with the role of writing some of the most vital topics in a way that ensures that the readers get the intended information without many challenges. This type of work does not pose any challenge to him since he is well versed with most of the market dynamics that are posing challenges to investors. Some of his most exciting topics include how to protect your assets from unpredictable changes in the market. To this end, he can offer unbeatable services to his clients through the application of real examples in the market. This implies that for any investor considering to venture his fund in the current markets, it is vital to find some of Mr. Ted’s writings.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Shades More Light to the CNIs Study Results

According to a study conducted by CNI, 2,796 projects are stagnant in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens, Infrastructure sector expert, 517 (18.5%) of those projects are in the infrastructure sector and are worth R$10.7 billion.

In the infrastructure sector, basic sanitation programs were the most affected. According to the research, 447 enterprises were interrupted in the implementation stage.

It is claimed that less resources have been channeled to the projects in the infrastructure sector. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the public sector flawed and that is why the projects are not continuing. Additionally, they did not turn out to be beneficial to the intended beneficiaries of the projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens continued to say that the National Confederation of Industry (NCI) had foreseen the predicament, specifically, the failure of education projects to sail through to completion. This happened despite the fact that the education projects were less costly and less complex. To find more details on Montoro’s professional career, you can visit his LinkedIn handle.

The research revealed that the root cause of projects failing to sail through to completion was technical problems, abandonment of projects by contractors and companies, financial constraints as well as expropriation.

Ilana Ferreira, infrastructure expert, said that technical problems could be the root cause of the problems. She continued to question the planning and implementation of the projects and said they were done poorly.

The government had to do something about the economic crisis in Brazil and therefore cut down spending. In the process, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, that interrupted projects.

CNI went ahead to recommend measures to help awake the stagnant projects. The recommendations include: improve macro-planning, conduct efficient macro-planning, proper execution strategies, equip teams better, design more balanced contracts and strengthen internal control. The director of CNI emphasized that it is important to learn from mistakes and so should Brazil.

CNI was founded in 1938 with an aim to represent the highest body in the industry’s trade union system as well as work to defend the interests of the national industry.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Advises Businesses to Invest in Emerging Markets

Bhanu Choudhrie is a well known business executive who has been in the business industry for almost twenty years. He has overseen some of the most drastic business investments and growth in C & C Alpha Group Limited, which is a leading company in the United Kingdom. However, as an experienced business executive, Bhanu notes that the business landscape is changing. He notes that the United States and the European countries no longer present the best market for the companies.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the United States and the European markets have been exploited by large multinational corporations. Therefore, it would be hard for small and upcoming companies to invest heavily in these areas and expect to record high investments. Moreover, the cost of doing business in developed countries is very high, especially with the introduction of minimum wage. It is high-time that companies started looking for other unexploited markets around the world.

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Bhanu Choudhrie notes that China and India presents the best shot for small companies which want to establish their presence in the world. One of the main reasons as to why these two countries present the best shot for the upcoming companies is that they have high population. Both India and China have a population of more than one billion people. This means that even a company that sells products with very little profit margin has the chance of creating wealth through economies of scale.

China is currently dominating the world with various products and services. It is the leading exporter around the world, which means that it has outperformed the traditional market leader, the United States, in the last few years. The same trends will continue to be seen as China continues to invest heavily in infrastructure and other wealth generating investment opportunities.

Bhanu Choudhrie continues to highlight that India may not boost of the infrastructure investment in China but has a high consuming population and good business structures. However, Bhanu notes that other countries in Far East are also presenting better investment opportunities than the European and the United States market. Therefore, business owners should focus their attentions in the east for profits.


Eucatex Company: A Business Giant in Brazil and the Mind behind Its Success

Flavio Maluf was born in 1961. He comes from a family with political interests and very wealthy background. However, he was well equipped with impressive business skills and hard work. This has enabled him to create and build a great empire of his own.The renowned entrepreneur is also the president of Grandfood Company. This is the parent firm of the famous Pet and Golden feeds.

He studied at the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, he graduated from the University of New York with a degree in business administration. He later developed a desire for entrepreneurial pursuit on a full-time basis. In 1997, he became the leader in the family-owned business later called Eucatex Group. Read more about Flavio at Exame

While working at the Eucatex firm, he was able to shift it from a commercial to an industrial business area. This was when he was promoted by his uncle to be in the administrative team. In addition, he earned his position in being an executive team member after producing prolific results.

Flavio Maluf is the current CEO and president of Eucatex Company. The name Eucatex came from the tree name Eucalyptus. It produces wood that is used by the firm in the production of slabs required by the furniture industry. The Brazil-based company has been a family-owned enterprise since 1951. However, prior to running the company, Maluf served in firms such as Citicorp. This enhanced his ability in managing the family business.

The construction materials provided by the Eucatex Group are mainly utilized residentially and commercially globally. The production process is considered environmental-friendly. It had been the tradition and priority of the family to remain green since its founding. In addition, the company was the first firm across South America to include a recycling plant within its manufacturing base. The wood wastes are re-used to create energy.


Ara Chackerian Undertakes to Treat People Suffering from Depression

Depression, also known as clinical depression and major depressive disorder, is a serious disorder that can affect an individual’s ability to go about his or her daily activities. This is the case because major depressive disorder can affect an individual on multiple levels. On an emotional level, depression can cause an individual to feel sad, tearful, empty or hopeless; be irritable or frustrated easily even have angry outbursts; lose interest in normal activities that were once considered enjoyable; feel tired or lack energy to perform small tasks; feel anxious, agitated or restless; feel worthless or guilty or dwelling on past failures or engaging in self-blame. On a cognitive level, depression can cause an individual to have trouble with thinking, concentrating, decision-making, and remembering; have thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts; slow down thinking, speaking, and motor skills. On a behavioral level, major depressive disorder can cause disturbed sleep, such as insomnia or oversleeping; weight loss or weight gain stemming from either loss of appetite or increased craving for food; suicide attempt and suicide. As a fact suicide is responsible for claiming the lives of over 45,000 Americans every year. Depression can also result in unexplained illnesses, such as headaches and backaches.

Recognizing how importance it is to effectively treat depression, Ara Chackerian, an innovative entrepreneur with decades of success creating exceedingly successful businesses in the field of healthcare technology, has undertaken to provide people suffering from depression with a little known but effective treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, which was approved by the FDA in 2008 as an effective treatment for major depressive disorder. To this end, Ara Chackerian founded eight TMS Health Solutions healthcare facilities in San Francisco and Sacramento, to provide those suffering from depression with access to transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as an environment that is serene and relaxed to facilitate the therapy. Ara Chackerian is also philanthropic, renowned for his establishment of Limonapa Teak, a teak farm that is both self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Bhanu Choudhrie Venture Into Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Hotel Sectors

C & C Alpha Group is a private equity firm that is based in London and its owners are some of the most affluent families in India. The firm is seeking to extend its boundaries to hospitality sectors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The director of C & C Alpha Group is the renowned British – Indian entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie, who comes from the reputed Choudhrie clan. Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi and was raised there by his parents together with his brother. Immediately after completion of his studies, he migrated to the USA where advanced his studies in international business. Bhanu also joined the University of Boston where he majored in marketing. Bhanu Choudhrie established C&C Alpha Group and has since held the position of its director from 2001 to date.

C & C Alpha Group has special interests in care homes and utilities and its director alerted the Arabian Business that he is striving to explore the promising hospitality projects in Saudi Arabia. Bhanu also added that this would be a good venture for Ananda which happens to be the C&C Alpha Group’s hotel brand. C&C Alpha Group also owns Shanti Hospitality Group and also has more than 2,000 keys across the world in 24 hotels inclusive of Starwood Hotels, Nidra Hotels and many more. See more on Wikipedia.


Bhanu Choudhrie acclaimed that he feels that hotels market prospects in Saud Arabia are quite promising and was convinced that this is the perfect time to explore this market. He also noted that he realized that Saudis and young Emiratis greatly value their health and are quite willing to learn about it. The prominent businessman also remarked that he is confident that there will be immense growth of tourism sector in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and C & C Alpha Group is cautiously exploring these opportunities. Besides the role that Bhanu Choudhrie serves at C&C Alpha Group, he also owns many investments across the world in the banking sector, healthcare, real estate, and utilities. He is also a philanthropist and is reputed for having made several donations to quite a number of charities across the world.