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The Tech Future with Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos may be known for being the richest woman in Africa with an estimated net worth of $3 billion or as being the daughter of the former president of Angola, but there is more to the exceeding entrepreneur. Isabel is the daughter of the president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos and Tatiana Kukanova, is the Chairwoman of the biggest telecommunications company in Angola, UNITEL.

Not only does she own 25% of UNITEL, but she also have business interest in other areas such as media, construction, retail, hospitality, finance, and energy in Angola and Portugal. Isabel dos Santos educational background in business management and engineering at King’s College in London is what prepared her for her career in technology.Her achievements extends further than a board room. She travels all over the world inspiring people who are interested in ways of putting technology to good use (BBC).

She spoke with the students who were interested in politics at Warwick University about the importance of having a goal, a plan, and working together to achieve their common goals on the subject of making Africa one and how Africa can grow. One of her conferences at Yale University, Isabel dos Santos spoke to the students on what can be done to keep Africa growing environmentally and economically. She expressed to them that in order for that to happen we need a new economic model, a new history of Africa, a new story written by all of us so that we can bridge the gap among nations with the help of innovation and technology.

Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of a good education. She believes that it is important to invest in the education of technology to increase the understanding of it and its many features. She also have numerous initiative programs to help underprivileged communities. She also has a partnership between UNITEL and Huawei through that company’s “Seeds For The Future” program which is a scholarship aimed at top students in information and communication technology. Isabel dos Santos vision for a united Africa through technology is definitely happening and with her vision for digital banking among other things in her sights, it’s only a matter of time.

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The Outstanding Philanthropic Efforts of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of the leading providers of necessary services and a direct selling company. They have been exceeding customer expectations for years and in our rapidly growing and changing world today, they strive to make an impact by giving back to the community and to support those who are in need. The primary focus of the company is not only to provide clients cost-effective electricity and energy services, but they also have a goal to give hope to others by supporting local charities and other communities through their Stream Cares Foundation. The launch of their philanthropic program a few years ago became a success. The employees and associates of Stream Energy were able to work together as a whole and raised almost 3,000 US Dollars by selling shirts and giving direct donations for Stream Cares to allocate. The foundation was built by Stream Energy to strategically and deliberately fund and support various causes.

According to the Kimberly Girard, the Manager of Community Relations and Events of Stream Energy, they have been working on Stream Cares Foundation for quite some time and the company felt like the convention was the most suitable time to announce it to their employees and associates. Today, they are constantly changing the lives of many, remains as an organization with a heart, and consistently identifies different innovative methods to give back. Over the past few years, they have been in partnership with several organizations that also support causes through funding and special events such as Texas Tornado Benefit, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Supply Co. and a lot more.

Stream Energy has been in partnership with a Dallas-based non-profit organization known as Hope Supply Co., and the two have been committed to giving the right programs and necessary items to enhance the lives of the youth and the children who are homeless in North Texas. According to the members of Stream, it feels very rewarding to be able to give back to those in need and being able to show generosity. The company continuously works with its selfless partners altogether in creating a brighter and better future for everyone.