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Felipe Montoro Jens Shades More Light to the CNIs Study Results

According to a study conducted by CNI, 2,796 projects are stagnant in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens, Infrastructure sector expert, 517 (18.5%) of those projects are in the infrastructure sector and are worth R$10.7 billion.

In the infrastructure sector, basic sanitation programs were the most affected. According to the research, 447 enterprises were interrupted in the implementation stage.

It is claimed that less resources have been channeled to the projects in the infrastructure sector. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the public sector flawed and that is why the projects are not continuing. Additionally, they did not turn out to be beneficial to the intended beneficiaries of the projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens continued to say that the National Confederation of Industry (NCI) had foreseen the predicament, specifically, the failure of education projects to sail through to completion. This happened despite the fact that the education projects were less costly and less complex. To find more details on Montoro’s professional career, you can visit his LinkedIn handle.

The research revealed that the root cause of projects failing to sail through to completion was technical problems, abandonment of projects by contractors and companies, financial constraints as well as expropriation.

Ilana Ferreira, infrastructure expert, said that technical problems could be the root cause of the problems. She continued to question the planning and implementation of the projects and said they were done poorly.

The government had to do something about the economic crisis in Brazil and therefore cut down spending. In the process, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, that interrupted projects.

CNI went ahead to recommend measures to help awake the stagnant projects. The recommendations include: improve macro-planning, conduct efficient macro-planning, proper execution strategies, equip teams better, design more balanced contracts and strengthen internal control. The director of CNI emphasized that it is important to learn from mistakes and so should Brazil.

CNI was founded in 1938 with an aim to represent the highest body in the industry’s trade union system as well as work to defend the interests of the national industry.

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Eucatex Company: A Business Giant in Brazil and the Mind behind Its Success

Flavio Maluf was born in 1961. He comes from a family with political interests and very wealthy background. However, he was well equipped with impressive business skills and hard work. This has enabled him to create and build a great empire of his own.The renowned entrepreneur is also the president of Grandfood Company. This is the parent firm of the famous Pet and Golden feeds.

He studied at the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, he graduated from the University of New York with a degree in business administration. He later developed a desire for entrepreneurial pursuit on a full-time basis. In 1997, he became the leader in the family-owned business later called Eucatex Group. Read more about Flavio at Exame

While working at the Eucatex firm, he was able to shift it from a commercial to an industrial business area. This was when he was promoted by his uncle to be in the administrative team. In addition, he earned his position in being an executive team member after producing prolific results.

Flavio Maluf is the current CEO and president of Eucatex Company. The name Eucatex came from the tree name Eucalyptus. It produces wood that is used by the firm in the production of slabs required by the furniture industry. The Brazil-based company has been a family-owned enterprise since 1951. However, prior to running the company, Maluf served in firms such as Citicorp. This enhanced his ability in managing the family business.

The construction materials provided by the Eucatex Group are mainly utilized residentially and commercially globally. The production process is considered environmental-friendly. It had been the tradition and priority of the family to remain green since its founding. In addition, the company was the first firm across South America to include a recycling plant within its manufacturing base. The wood wastes are re-used to create energy.


Ted Bauman On The Importance Of Doing Your Own Research

Ted Bauman earned a reputation for his efforts when it comes to helping people be in touch with the resources necessary to lead a sovereign life. He graduated from the University of Cape Town, earning postgraduate degrees in History as well as Economics. After graduation he emigrated to South Africa where he had a career spanning 25 years, having a number of executive roles in non-profit organizations. He is currently an editor for The Bauman Letter, as well as Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club, publications released by Banyan Hill Publishing, an organization he joined in 2013.

His publications focus on asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, as well as privacy and international mitigation issues. Ted Bauman focuses on gathering news and information regarding the subjects where he became an expert. He considers his job at Banyan Hill to be offering people insight on things that are happing in the world which affect their prosperity, wealth, security and freedom.

In order to provide that insight, he is constantly looking for information, in the mainstream media, but also in obscure places online. Ted Bauman considers that for people in his line of work it is critical to keep themselves informed, and also stated that he does not use anybody to research the type of information he writes about. Instead, he opts to search things himself, something which he believes is crucial to his position both as a writer as well as an analyst.

In order to gather the information, he is interested in, Ted Bauman pointed out that he uses a wide range of websites. He also uses Stock Market Buy, a software which he uses to set up portfolios, get real-time analysis and watch stocks with. He notes that he recommends his readers to get up-to-date information about development when it comes to trading strategies. He believes that getting people shouldn’t rely on their broker’s website in order to get in-dept information, stating that it’s possible for people to do their own analysis – especially when it comes to investments. While he points out that he can get a little obsessive when it comes to analysis, he also notes that it’s something he enjoys.


Women as the Spotlight In Entrepreneurship With Isabel Dos Santos

In the past years in Africa, the woman is diminished; the woman is a minor and has no say in the development of the continent. However, times are changing and the vibrancy in African women has become something to admire. The spotlight is now on these women and what they can do for the community at large (Yaapd).

Isabel dos Santos among other successful women is a good example of what can become of African women. Being the richest woman in Africa she proves that women should no longer be regarded as the minority. However, women in Africa should be given equal chances as men to transform our world.

Isabel strongly beliefs planting of the seed to bear fruit in the future. With this, Isabel dos Santos strongly implies the incorporation of women in the entrepreneurial world. This will as a result combat sexism in our current world. She has made efforts of talking to young people about entrepreneurship and she emphasizes have mostly been targeting the women population since she aims at eradicating the inferiority of women.

Isabel dos Santos has brought hope to young businesswomen and entrepreneurs. The hitches she faced in the male-dominated industry was the trigger to pursue her dream and become what she is. Despite facing sexism in all direction especially in meetings, she still kept her head high and strived for what she wanted. Her stories on the discrimination she faced are way too many and this makes her long to change the stories of the newbies in the field.

Often making public appearances, she is the perfect inspiration to women in Africa. Having been ranked one of the most successful women in the world she has proved that what a man can do, a woman can also do better. Isabel has also worked with several prominent leaders all over to give back to the community.She studied at the Kings College, London and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. With this great knowledge of science, she has been able to engage in finding solutions to problems in the world of business.

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David McDonald’s Innovations shape the Future of the Food Industry

David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, was born and raised in the Northeast of Lowa. He graduated from Lowa University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. It is after graduation that McDonald began his successful career journey. He started with OSI group over 30 years ago as a project manager, from the first day he joined the company he showed strong will and enthusiasm and did everything necessary to attain success. This commitment has seen him rise through the ranks to earning him the role of the company as the President. He also chairs the North American Meat Institute. OSI is the premier global food processing firm with a worldwide reach: supplying food items to major companies across the globe. McDonald has had a significant role in the company towards its tremendous growth in unmatched international food supplier firm.

With the current massive changes evident with this 21stcentury, OSI has been able to adjust appropriately and remain at the top of the game in the food industry. David McDonald McDonald has triggered vibrant and strategic changes in the company while maintaining the founding core values and vision of the company. Under David McDonald watch, the company purchased Baho Food; Dutch Company in Europe that gave OSI a significant competitive advantage in Europe. Additionally, they purchased the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago to increase the company’s operational base. McDonald says that his company’s key strategy to success is their ability to create a dynamic and successful partnership.

With each of the partners being a key player, and having a good knowledge of the culture therein, enables them to understand customer needs better and be able to balance variables affecting decision making and expenditures. Further, under the leadership of visionary David McDonald, OSI has merged with an Australian poultry processor, Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. in efforts to gain command over global markets. On the other hand, McDonald is a philanthropist; he is involved in various charitable activities in Lowa State community and supporting agricultural programs at the Lowa state university. Further, he assists students from Lowa State to acquire internships in various corporations and also he is a committed donor of the “Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund.”

Randy Nardone: His Journey and Contribution at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of the largest alternative investments company, Fortress Investment Group. He amongst other two principals, Peter Briger and Wes Edens started the company in 1998. Randal Nardoneand Peter Briger manages investments on behalf of the firm for New York clients. Randal Nardonewas the CEO of the Investment company until the year 2003. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardonewas a Managing Director at UBS till May 1998. He also worked at BlackRock Financial Management as a Principal. He also worked as a principle at a law firm in Mexico. Randy is an alumnus of Boston School of law and University of Connecticut where he studied law and Biology respectively.

At Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nordone is actively involved in various activities. He is the chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings. He has co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust in 1999 which he has also been Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Vice President. While joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal was motivated to make the future better for the people. The goal of Fortress was in line with his ambition and he put in his skills to make the company and the people successful. Randal Nardone remained committed towards his cause. He did whatever it took including changing the way the company worked.

The company grew bigger and more successful and reciprocated this to the clients. He continued looking for more opportunities to keep expanding. When SoftBank offered to acquire Fortress Investment Group, Randal could not hesitate to take up the offer. The acquisition provided more opportunities for the company to continue to expand and improve the lives of the people. The commitment of Randal Nardone and the co-principals towards the company has greatly contributed to its growth. He spearheads the controlled investments in North America and the Carribean. Randal Nardone was recently named by the Forbes Magazine billionaire list as position 557. His contribution and that of the co-founders makes Fortress Investment Group a go to company on matters alternative investment.

Jingdong Partners With Farfetch to Expand the Lucrative Luxury Brand Segment

Jingdong is a part of the Fortune 500 companies and the largest e-commerce platform by revenue in China. It’s also known as Jingdong retails electronics, cosmetics, apparel, and food and is committed to providing authentic and quality broad range of these products. It has a user-friendly online platform and a mobile application in which the users can easily purchase the products. The products are offered under competitive prices and the customers can pay conveniently in a purchase or on delivery. Jingdong in July 2017 announced Toplife’s partnership with Farfetch an existing luxury business company in China. This strategic partnership is to allow luxury brands to China.

The merger allows Jingdong to access Farfetch’s customers that amount to over 300 million. Farfetch, on the other hand, gets the top level of application entry point. Farfetch also provides Jingdong access to its network of 3000 brands and partners. Before the partnership with Jingdong, Farfetch had merged with an e-commerce and marketing company, CuriosityChina. This contributed a great way in helping the company build and grow its operations in China. The great market base of luxury fashion makes it a key section of Jingdong. The merger between these two fashion companies will provide a great shopping and logistics experience for the customers in China. Jingdong is also pursuing more partnerships to expand the business even more in the country.

The companies will also provide strategies for luxury brands to be able to penetrate the market with ease. Jingdong currently operates over 6000 delivery stations distributed within 256 warehouses and covered over 2600 counties by December 2016. It also created employment to over 120000 employees. This partnership will expand their network and create more employment opportunities. Jingdong is committed to providing a successful online retail business through committed customer service. The collaboration between Jingdong and Farfetch is win-win and will see the coming together of local and global segments in the luxury fashion industry. The two companies are committed to consolidating their operations through a better relationship and make China a one-stop shop for luxury brands. With their expertise, network and customer service the partnership is a huge success.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie and his Path to Success

Steve M. Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International, a pizza company that ranks third in the globe. He has 22 years in the company and has held several positions including the current position that he got in January 2018. He started working in 1996 with customer service as his initial role. He became a franchise owner for the company in the year 2006. From 2008 to 2011, he was a consultant in charge of operations in Calistoga Bakery Café alongside working for Papa John’s. In 2014, he became the chief operating officer.

Steve Ritchie went to Seneca high school, and after he graduated, he went to the job market immediately. He had an early interest in the pizza venture and had bought his pizzeria in Louisville, his home. He is hardworking and dedicated to everything he does which has given him more insight into the pizza business. His success was noted by Louisville Business First when he was listed in the Forty under Forty.

This February on 4th, Papa John’s under Steve Ritchie’s leadership made headlines having being states to get $ 200 M investment from Starboard Value LP. Starboard is an investment adviser firm in New – York that invests in companies that have been heavily undervalued and also partakes in the management roles. Papa John’s also gave the company an option to $50 M investment through 29th March.

Changes in Papa John’s leadership and board members were experienced. The number of director’s rose to nine and Steve Ritchie is among. To examine the strategic choices, the company formed a special committee who are advised by BofA Merrill Lynch and Lazard. The new chairperson of the board Olivia Kirtley seeks to boost the company’s growth, financial performance and give the best to the shareholders.

Steve Ritchie with his extensive experience in Papa John’s is expected to work together with the other board members in advancing the strategies and take the company success to another level. Papa John’s with this new financial resources is therefore sure to be a constantly growing and leading restaurant in the globe.

Susan McGalla Leads By Example In Executive Domain

As a business professional in leadership roles, Susan McGalla seeks to change corporate culture to view peers based on merit. As an accompaniment, she encourages women to behave as professionals without expecting special treatment. When the time comes for advancement, raises, or accolades, McGalla believes that work ethics and job performance should be the deciding factor, not gender, age, or other traits.

Susan McGalla’s father, a football coach, raised her to work hard and have confidence in her abilities. Two older brothers set the stage for her learning to hold her own regardless of whom she faced. McGalla confides that as a result of that environment she has since been comfortable working with men and women equally and enjoys doing so.

In 1994, Susan McGalla began employment with American Eagle Outfitters Incorporated. At that time, men held most leadership positions plus all executive and board positions. However, as McGalla proved herself by consistently presenting ideas that benefited the company and carrying herself with dignity and confidence, she worked her way to president and chief merchandising officer. With McGalla at the helm, American Eagle saw revenue of $3 billion, expanded to four brands, and established an e-commerce website.

Although Susan McGalla no longer works at American Eagle Outfitters, she still strives to encourage true equality and androgyny in the corporate world. In 2013, McGalla founded the consulting firm, P3, to offer marketing, branding, and financial advice to corporate clients. She operated the firm for two years. McGalla joined the executive team of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015, where her skills and initiatives helped increase that organization’s revenue by 50 percent.

Susan McGalla encourages women to reject the glass ceiling, entitlement, and stereotype mindsets and concentrate on building skills, following passions, and earning respect. This philosophy has served McGalla well.

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