Ryan Seacrest, The Polished Postman of Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve

Ryan Seacrest who is no stranger to a tv camera, was once again hosting Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve in 2018. His many years of live TV contributed to his calm and cool demeanor in the pouring NYC rain. Mr. Seacrest hosted the NYE event with distinction and polish. Although he owns a clothing line of suits and tuxes, the host was casually dressed in black jeans and white button up shirt.

With numerous TV shows such as “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and “American Idol” (which just finished its 18th season) under his belt, Mr. Seacrest is unphased by the many challenges of live television. During the show, the only time he seemed alarmed, was when he bumped into a heating unit and his jacket began to smolder. He didn’t have to stop, drop and roll, but it did give the stagehand next to him quite a startle!

Ryan Seacrest hosted this year alongside Jenny McCarthy, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Mr. Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy have been hosting the New Year’s Eve TV show for the last 9 years together. Both hosts agreed that this year’s milder weather, although wet and producing up to an inch of rain, was an easier gig than last year’s 9-degree New Year’s Eve party in Time Square.

Another one of Ryan Seacrest’s contributions to the American public is his charitable foundation. “The Ryan Seacrest Foundation” for children who require a pediatric hospital stay. Monies donated to the foundation will go to building pediatric hospitals equipped with TV and radio equipment that the children and their families can use to explore the arts and lift their spirits during their stay.

Ryan Seacrest has entertained the masses on NYE for the last 18 years,and like the faithful postman delivering the mail, no rain or cold temperatures could keep him from delivering America’s most popular New Year’s Eve TV event.

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