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Genucel Teaching How to Protect the Skin

People around or over the age of fifty-five has been going with a phrase of “Too Little, Too Late” when it comes with aging and skincare routines. It usually starts from a young age when people do not take steps to protect themselves and that includes themselves from the sun. Most people in their current fifties have missed an opportunity to begin skincare protection in their younger years. Genucel points to starting a healthy skincare practice and safe during the summer is of utmost importance. Guncel has the latest products to help with keeping people skin radiant and healthy that is applicable to anyone of any age.

Staying hydrated and moisturized is a requirement to stay healthy. For women drinking eight cups of water every day will help the skin last longer in its youthful stages. Drinking water is beneficial not just for the skin but for the organs when waking up and it helps with keeping with the elasticity of one’s skin. Whenever someone is hydrated then giving the skin the need moisturizer can help keep all at extra moisturizer. Genucel by Chamonix also has a moisturizing that can assist with this especially around the facial area. It contains all the necessary building blocks for healthy skin but also it is gentle on said skin.

According to, Genucel also supports using SPF-based cream at the start of people’s day. It is a decent way to make it apart of the skin routine for the day to day life. It will stop age causing UV rays, gives needed moisturization, and hygiene. The SPF would also have a specific label called broad spectrum in order to block out the UVs properly.

People who wash their face twice a day is in a better standing to avoiding the many pollutants that would be on your face and could possibly cause ailments down the road. Using face wash products like Chamonix to stop the pollutant from ravaging your face and health. Having a decent face wash routine is extremely beneficial down the road. For other areas of the face of skin, there are products that can help specific areas that are in need of care. Genucel has a treatment for eyes and jaws that can keep those eyes look firm, plump, and youthful even in the older stages of life.

It is still about taking care of yourself starting with your skin to your deeper cells. Being able to enjoy the weather and healthy skin. For more info about Genucel visit


Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a man who has seen things come and go over the years. He has been in the pharmaceutical business for more than twenty-five years. He is the CEO and founder of a company called Renovia. This is just the latest step in a busy and illustrious career. He has worked hard to get where he is today. In an interview with, he talks about his life and career.


Marc Beer says that he was interested in the medical field from a young age. He wanted to know how things worked and keep up with the latest cures for diseases and other ailments. He says that when he decided to be a co-founder of Renovia he was approached by two friends who knew that there was a medical problem out there and they wanted to solve it. The problem is called pelvic floor dysfunction and affects millions of women around the world. His friends wanted him to finance their studies and be able to help find a cure for this condition. This is where Marc Beer came in and he was more than happy to help them out. This is Renovia began to take shape.


Marc beer says that when it comes to making money with Renovia it has not yet materialized. He says that the company is still in the early stages of development and still needs venture capital to get deals done. He says that the biotech industry is a very difficult one to get into because there is not a lot of money to be made and money can be wasted on wrong ideas. If an investment goes wrong it can make a huge difference. It is a very slippery slope when it comes to something like this.


When it came to his early career when he was not surprised that a new business had gone belly up. This did not deter him from trying new things or tackling different positions with other companies. He was nervous when he started a company called ViaCell. there was a lot more money at that time going into the company than going out of it. He was afraid at one point that he would lose his investment but he and his coworkers were able to weather the storm and become a success. This shows the value of determination and leadership in the business world today. Learn more:


Marc Beer has had his share of ups and downs but knows that tough times don’t last forever. He has always had a passion for helping people and being on the cutting-edge of medical research and technology. this is how the cures of tomorrow get their start and no one knows that better than Marc Beer.


All About The Life Of Marc Beer

Marc Beer has been working in the line of work he is in for quite some time. Twenty-five years help you really know what you are doing in a job. Recently Marc Beer was moved up to Chairman of the Board for LumeNXT Inc. This company works producing products that help make surgeries minimally invasive. He has experience in a lot of things including biotechnology, medical devices, and many other things. This helps him to bring a lot to the table. 


Marc Beer loves working with LumeNXT and being able to work with people who are dedicated to the job that they are doing. He knows that working in something like this is very important. He is able to help make surgeries easier and less dangerous for patients. Marc Beer along with surgeons know that with the right technology a lot of surgeries can become easier for both the surgeons and the patients. Without technology, surgeons do not have the precision and visualization they need. 


LumeNXT along with Marc Beer want to make sure they are allowing the safest and most effective products come to life when it comes to creating products for minimally invasive surgery. After many years of working with LumeNXT Marc Beer decided to start his own company Renovia Inc. This company also allows him to help people by creating products that help women with pelvic floor issues. 


Marc Beer has worked in many different jobs that allowed him to be the top leader. This has helped him gain the experience he needs to be where he is today. He never dreamed that he would be this successful but he has worked hard every day to get there. He has always set some pretty big dreams for himself and has always worked very hard to make sure that he reaches them. Learn more:


Marc Beer gained a lot of his success while working with LumeNXT but starting Renovia really helped to take him to the next level. Marc Beer is not finished yet. He is going to continue to keep moving up the ladder. He is going to continue to grow his name for many more years to come.

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Marc Beer becomes LumenXT’s new Board Chairman

According to the recent announcement by Lumen XT, Marc Beer is the new Board Chairman. Lumen XT is a private company and specialized in advancing surgical lines of surgical products. The focus of these developments is to reduce the invasiveness of surgeries. They intend to use LED illumination which is essential for purposes of intracavity. Through advanced visualization, they use the illumination platform of the company for safety improvement.


According to surgeons with knowledge about illumination, the technology is one of the best when it comes to the enhancement of visualization, precision and flexibility during surgeries. Lumen XT provides illumination platform which is crucial for the mechanism of reducing heat. They want to improve it for a disposable option which is not costly. The idea is also to improve safety and precision during operations. Marc Beer has shed light on his role in the great organization.


Marc said it is a privilege to work with Lumen XT and he is proud to work for the company and bring the best. The talented leader says that the firm has accomplished and dedicated engineers and surgeons. It is incredible to work with these professionals who try to use the organization’s technology to improve the surgical illumination field. The brilliant Chairman of the board for the company says the platform is crucial because today minimally invasive ways are used to perform surgeries.


One of the founders of the company is Paul Rhyne, and he was happy to comment about Marc Beer. Talking about the appointment of Beer, he said the leader is one of the best in the industry because of the demonstration of great success in various startup companies. Beer has managed to grow different firms in their various growth phases. Rhyne pointed out that Beer is not only excellent in running a company, but he also has experience when it comes to guiding firms to achieve their missions. Paul believes that Beer would use his expertise for the benefit of the company.


Marc Beer is the perfect individual to take the new role as the new Chairman of the Board. With more than twenty years in the industry, he has what it takes to commercialize and develop companies in different sectors like diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and devices. Apart from working for Lumen XT as the new Chairman of the Board, Marc is one of the founders of Renovia where he also serves as the CEO. The company which started in 2016 has been specializing in the delivery of diagnostic devices and digital therapeutic devices to individuals who have some disorders like pelvic floor. For many years, he has worked for many companies, his career has been successful, and many admire his boldness in running organizations successfully. With his experience, Beer is taking Lumen XT to the next level of achievement. Learn more:

“Marc Beer’s Great Strides in Supporting Women who are affected by the Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Marc Beer is a successful businessman who heads the Renovia Inc. startup company as the CEO and co-founder. The company is set to launch a diverse number of new products that will be used in the treatment of pelvic floor disorder after it managed to raise a total of $42 million through Beer’s efforts. Renovia Inc. which is based in Boston seeks to develop a variety of the said products to be used in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in pelvic floor disorder treatments in cases such as urinary incontinence among others. What’s more, with the launch of the new products will see the treatment of the pelvic floor disorders being of benefit to an estimated number of more than 250 million women in the world. Equally important, one of Renovia’s pioneer products known as Leva has already been approved by the FDA.


Further, the Long Wood Fund, an investment firm that specializes in the health sector is also part of the Series B round where it was preceded by the Perceptive Advisors Organization in New York and Ascension Ventures in Missouri. Furthermore, the funds collected will go a long way in the creation and development of four other diagnostic and therapeutic products that will include an improved Leva device. Marc Beer, the CEO of the Renovia said in a statement that the company was delighted to have some of the top healthcare investors supporting them besides sharing their vision of forming solutions for women with pelvic floor disorders. He added that with the teaming up of the given organizations, would stir innovation and technologies to help establish better digital platforms essential during the treatment options. Moreover, the new technologies will ultimately increase more information and understating in dealing with pelvic floor disorders and the general lowering of health costs.


About Marc Beer’s Career


As one of the respected businessman supporting a vital section in women’s health, Marc Beer has served in various capacities in the healthcare sector that include diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Also, with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare market place, his main are area of specialization has been in the development and commercialization of the above digital healthcare platforms. Having worked in several other companies, his latest achievement is when he co-founded Renovia alongside his partners Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, who is the MD of the firm in 2016. Notably, it was shortly after starting the company, that Renovia Inc. began by closing the Series A financing when they combined efforts with some of the top healthcare ventures in the market. Other than that, Marc Beer has been in the frontline of making discoveries in the healthcare industry where such an example is when he was responsible for marketing JUXTAPID drug that received approval in more than 30 counties. Learn more:


Marc Beer Is Reaching For Success With Renovia For Women Everywhere

Marc Beer is a well-accomplished individual that has currently taken to biotech and pharmaceutical pursuits. Just two years ago, Marc Beer started off the company Renovia along with two colleagues of his, which is focused on research and developing treatments for women all over the world. In the latest series of funding conducted by Marc Beer at Renovia, they managed to get more than 40 million dollars to go towards new research and the development of new treatments for pelvic floor disorders, which currently afflicts more than 250 million women across the world. Marc Beer is dedicated to his mission to help people around the world through his knowledge and discovery and Renovia is his first true legitimate display of that.


The funding for Renovia has come from various sources since the company first started up, though in the last series of funding the majority of the money came from investors that want to help the healthcare industry. Roughly 10 million dollars of funding came from debt financing as part of the deal. Various other healthcare organizations have expressed interest and invested in Renovia since it first started, including OSF Ventures, Longwood Fund, Western Technology Investment, and Ascension Ventures. Renovia is currently based out of Boston in the United States and in the past two years since it first started, it has gained tremendous traction throughout the region.


Since 2016, Renovia has managed to get the approval of one drug for treating pelvic floor disorders in women known as Leva. The FDA approved this drug without any hassle at all and it will be the first line for treating women with pelvic floor disorders. Leva also uses technology to check urinary tissues inside of the body to see what kind of responses they have normally and with the drug.


Marc beer is more than Renovia’s founder, he is also the current Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board at the company. Marc has spent more than two decades moving in an out of the biotech industry, focusing on development, research, commercialization, and more. On top of his successful career as an entrepreneur, businessman, and healthcare enthusiast, Marc is a dedicated husband and father. Learn more: