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NEVO- The Smart Drink From Jeunesse Global

A manufacturer of youth enhancement products and multiple supplements, Jeunesse Global is taking the world by storm with their many revolutionary products. These products, known collectively as “Y.E.S.” are marketed for men and women who are eager to regain their youthful looks through the use of skincare products. Founded back in 2009, Jeunesse Global continues to be at the top when it comes to their sales.

Jeunesse Global is also a company that offers interested individuals the chance to sell products that are in high demand. Men and women can sign up as independent distributors with the company in order to provide a much-needed service to their friends, family, co-workers, and more. The company provides their employees with multilingual customer service, an amazing support team, and the chance to get in with a company that makes a difference in the world. While Jeunesse is currently headquartered in Florida, the company has 32 other offices found all around the globe.

However, this isn’t all that the company has to offer. Jeunesse Global founded Jeunesse Kids many years ago in order to help thousands of children who are dealing with poverty in third-world countries. Jeunesse Kids is made up of caring individuals who set up fundraisers, shoe drives, and healthcare education classes in order to help the children get the care that they deserve.

NEVO- The Smart Choice

While Jeunesse sells mostly supplements and skincare products, they are well aware of another marketable option– energy drinks. NEVO is a special blend that offers real fruit juices in four amazing formulas. Instead of a drink filled with caffeine and sugar, NEVO offers a natural source of caffeine that will really add a kick to your step. Green tea and guarana are just two of the special ingredients that makes this energy drink a smart choice over all of the other drinks on the market. NEVO is also full of various vitamins, from Vitamin C to Vitamin B5 to Vitamin B6. With only 50 calories per can and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, NEVO is the better choice when it comes to choosing the right energy drink.

A Brief Summary of Genucel Products by Chamonix

The never ending quest to look younger and more beautiful has been the focus of countless women. Believe it or not, this search has come to an end. With the new Genucel line of anti-aging products have been tested on several human subjects, which means that we can guarantee positive results before we distribute them to the general public. It’s ok to feel excited; opportunities like this don’t happen every day, but it’s happening now. Genucel is proud to present a product that really works and will help you obtain healthier and more beautiful skin. Say goodbye to puffy bags under the eyes and skin that isn’t firm; it’s time for a change.


Genucel products contain a number of natural ingredients that will reverse the affects of aging. Eyeseryl is a tetra peptide that reduces the accumulation of fluid under your eyes and helps to keep the fibers in your skin strong for a longer period of time. As you age, your skin becomes weaker, much like most things in your body, and your eyes become puffer from excess fluid. Eyeseril helps with these problems and no product has more eyeseril in it then Genucel by Chamonix.


Another important ingredient is PhytoCellTec, which is found in a rare Swiss apple called the Malus domestica plant. PhytoCellTec also helps with strengthening your skin fibers and also speeds up the process, giving you healthier and younger looking skin that much faster. There’s also marine callogen which will give your skin a healthy glow, making you look radiant and beautiful.


Chamonix has really hit it out of the park with this anti-aging product and it is sure to please anyone who is coming of age and want to retain their healthy and beautiful skin for a long time.


Options Abound For Shampoos And Conditioners For Vegans

Ingredients matter to most people when it comes to hair care, and more and more it seems people want to know what shampoo and conditioner brands have in them. According to, one of the most important things people want to know is that the products do not contain ingredients from animals that have been hunted, or that they’ve been tested on animals. The good news is many shampoos are starting to use all natural organic ingredients, and some of the healthiest ingredients for hair include coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, Shea butter, and even tea tree oil. If you’re looking for brands that fall into the natural ingredients category, WEN is one you should consider.

What does WEN by Chaz do for hair? Those who’ve used it have raved about how it gives hair a thicker and fuller feeling. The great thing about this brand is it can be bought either in a basic kit which is just the shampoo and conditioner, or you could buy the deluxe kit on eBay which has mousse, anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. WEN By Chaz has three flavors of sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate, and the man who discovered the right ingredients for it is Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean is a photographer who came from a small town in New York but ended up moving to Los Angeles after several life events happened. His photography passion turned into a love of cosmetics and developing hair care products. He attended a cosmetology school, and while he worked at a salon he began experimenting with different ingredients and formulas until he figured out conditioner formulas that he now uses in the WEN products. His product really first became a success when singer Alanis Morissette first tried it and praised it. From there Chaz Dean launched his brand, opened his own salon and still serves celebrities today. You can purchase WEN By Chaz by visiting

EOS Summer Fruit Is Great!

EOS Lip Balm is a very interesting product. It is a circular lip balm that is contained in a circular, plastic packaging. There are many flavors to choose from. EOS is the brand to get for those who are health conscious because of the fact that wholesome ingredients are used in their products. This is really a breathe of fresh air when you consider the fact most cosmetics, lotions and lip balms have a bunch of volatile ingredients listed on their labels. Many ingredients listed on those products are carcinogenic. In EOS lip balms, the ingredients are all derived from plants and unadulterated.

The beauty of EOS lip balms is the shape of the containers. Because the containers are very distinctively shaped, it is easy to find an EOS lip balm in a bag just by sticking your hand in and feeling around. Aesthetically, the shape looks really nice and is a pleasure to look at. Of course, there is a part of the container that is flat, which allows it to stand upright.

Summer Fruit is one of many awesome flavors that the brand has to offer. It comes in a circular, red packaging. The flavor is bright and fruity. It is a great product for people who want to moisturize their lips. Summer Fruit, as well as other EOS products, feel comfortable on people’s lips. It is not sticky or waxy. It is just the thing for people who do not want to feel like they have uncomfortable globs of stuff on their lips.

The only issue is that Summer Fruit is not always locally available for those who want to use it. However, the internet fixes this issue by a number of options when it comes to where to buy it. People from all over the world can enjoy summer fruit.

Jeunesse Global transforms multivitamins with AM PM Essentials

If Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are still not exactly household names, it is clear that their brainchild health and beauty company, Jeunesse Global, is quickly becoming one. Founded in 2009 out of the couple’s sprawling Florida mansion, Jeunesse Global has since gone on to smash nearly every record for startup companies that has ever stood in the global health and beauty industry. Today, the company is rapidly becoming one of the most important brands in the business, with more than 10,000 distributors and over a dozen of the most revolutionary products that the sector has ever seen.

And all this came about as a product of the sheer tedium that Ray and Lewis unexpectedly encountered as they took their only crack at retirement. In September of 2009, the couple, who had been millionaires since their 30s, finally decided to hang up the towel and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Although they found the added time they could spend with their grandkids was nice, Ray and Lewis quickly realized that days without being able to pursue their passions and strive for their goals lacked the meaning and excitement that had kept them hooked on the business world for so many years. Within just two weeks of officially retiring, Ray and Lewis had founded yet another company. They called it Jeunesse Global.

Since it first baby steps, Jeunesse Global has proven to be an enfant terrible and implacable nemesis to the complacent firms that had ruled the health and beauty scene for so long. Jeunesse quickly began developing revolutionary and highly disruptive products, exploiting their competitors at their weakest points and later using their newly found strength to take some of the established brands of the industry to the mat, head on.

One example of a full-frontal assault launched by Jeunesse into the territory of established brands is its AM PM Essentials. As a standard multivitamin, AM PM Essentials is as solid as they come. But where it really distinguishes itself is in the area of helping people sleep at night. PM Essentials is specially formulated to ensure that users wind down on time and sleep soundly, all night long.