American Addiction Centers Warn of Drug Use on College Campuses

American Addiction Center is an organization that many look to for information on substance abuse. They are a well-known provider for people who need substance abuse treatment. They offer a variety of treatment services to fit each person’s needs.

They understand not every case is the same and sometimes different treatment options are best for an individual.

The American Addiction Center released some statistics that definitely made people take notice. Their statistics showed that some of the most prevalent ages of substance abuse were college-aged children.

Substance abuse can hurt them academically and professionally. It can also lead to addiction. Many people still do not understand how habit-forming drugs and alcohol can become. One in every three students indicates they have abused alcohol at some point. One in five has indicated they have taken drugs. Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

Many students also indicate they have misused Adderall. Some students misuse Adderall because they say it helps them to stay focused when they are studying. Some things that people can look for when it comes to addiction are frequent mood swings, unexplained paranoia, a fast change in appearance, not sleeping, sleeping way too much, and continual lying for no reason.

It is important for people to learn the warning signs that someone may have formed some kind of addiction.

Many people will not confront their issues until someone else brings it to their attention. Parents should also be aware of the substance abuse dangers that college-aged children may experience. They should have open and honest communication with their child, so they will know how to respond if certain things are offered to them while they are away from their family.

American Addiction Centers is a great place to go if someone has substance abuse issues. They are a provider of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Everything is kept confidential. They help people coping with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and issues in mental health. They have facilities throughout the United States.

American Addiction Centers even has a guarantee on the services they provide. If someone completes the ninety-day inpatient treatment, they guarantee they will continue to stay clean and sober. If not, they can come back for an additional thirty-days of treatment.

American Addictions Center is an organization who definitely stands by the services they provide. They work with every individual to help them to have to the tools they need to live a healthy, sober life.

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