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Lori Senecal Global CEO – Leadership

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, is considered an industry thought leader and management specialist. She’s a pioneer in embracing all kinds of technology, innovation, and invention on a global scale. Her goals align with scaling CP+B to a worldwide scale and increase their growing momentum, which included winning the Infiniti Global creative account. Over the course of her career Lori Senecal has be consistent in raising companies up when they’re down and creating strategic partnerships, accelerating the growth of multiple global agencies and creating cutting-edge new business divisions. She’s led numerous blue chip, worldwide accounts, including Coca-Cole, Nestle, and BMW. As CEO of CP+B and the MDC Partners network, she’s worked closely with the leaders of agencies that represent the greatest possible growth and impact within the umbrella company.

According to GC Report, Lori’s exceptional talent had led to the multiple successes of CP+B, accumulating a client list of big names in the business industry, including those such as Kraft, Mondelez International, Infiniti, Domino’s Pizza, MetLife, Applebee’s, Charles Schwab, Fruit of the Loom, Turkish Airlines,, and Best Buy. No other agency has earned the amount of awards that CP+B has in the last fifteen years, and they are the only agency to have won the Titanium Grand Prix two times. For the past two years, Lori Senecal has acted as a Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards, a ceremony with the goal of honoring invention in industry and beyond. This accolade comes from Lori’s extensive experience and expertise in a highly creative and innovative agency, tripling the traffic of her last business and expanding her current one to its worldwide status of ten different locations. Claimed by Chuck Porter, the chairman of CP+B, Lori understands and loves the agency in a special way, sharing the values and passions of the business.

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Academy of Art University Is A Leader In Fashion With Appearance at NYFW

Appearance in New York Fashion Week


Not too many design schools can claim that their students’ work has been featured at New York Fashion Week. However, the Academy of Art University is an exceptional place. The Academy of Art students have appeared at the New York Fashion Week, which demonstrates the quality of their student body.


Impressive Craftsmanship On Part Of Students


Craftsmanship displayed by the students managed to impress Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski of CFDA. The attention to detail displayed by the young designers is astounding, with visions of the future on display for all of their students to see. The fusion of materials has meant that a complex look has been achieved as a result of the students’ enthusiasm for the fashion world.


Academy of Art Created As Training Ground For Advertising


The Academy of Art University was created by Richard S. Stephens in San Francisco in 1929. This began with a main campus on New Montgomery Street. Mr. Stephens was a magazine editor and painter, so he established the school as a training ground for those whom wanted to pursue careers in the Advertising industry.


Currently Run By Founder’s Daughter


Currently, his daughter currently is responsible for the school, whom has led a significant increase in enrollment to 18,000 enrolled students. The school even operates a car museum with over $70 million of the rarest vintage cars. They hold accreditations from two different agencies: the National Association of Schools of Art and Design as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Urbanized Campus


The school is an urban campus in San Francisco. It is a great place for their students to pursue passions in design, art, entertainment, and liberal arts. Those whom want to become great industrial designers, or even great graphic/advertising designers can all find a home within the Academy of Art University.


Fighting For A Spot On The Market Of Dreams.

No longer will people have to settle for just the regular scentless Chapstick from the drug store or pharmacy, the type of Chapstick that could only come in two flavors. Seven years ago the evolution of EOS began, and then the real crazy started. With a good selection of flavors many stores, magazines and even celebs started to pick up on the trend. The company’s called EOS, but the full name is Evolution Of Smooth, The company was worth $250 million from the start, and is now the second best-selling lip balm in the country.

The company is expected to do nothing but grow, their specialty In oral care sets EOS at the top of the food chain for substantial growth in the future. EOS lip balm is completely organic and takes pride in that. It took a long time for the company to get the shape of the packaging just right, finally it was decided that the sphere or egg packaging would be the best choice, it related to all five of the senses. The product would sell at $3, and would be targeted more towards the female market. What surprised the company though was that, the product reached all groups and all types of people and became an instant phenomenon. Over the many years a number of flavors have been brought to light.

Since the launch of the lip balm, many new products are starting to be released from the company such as shaving creams, skin care and other products. It is amazing how a small startup company could turn into this; it is because of determination, creativity and hard work that EOS is such a huge success today. EOS should be an inspiration and a goal to reach in terms of success for all other startups out there. For more information, check out the EOS Facebook page.

Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Read about Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf informs that Revenue opens consultations of the 2016 batch

In 1951, was established as a market leader in business innovation and stability through the use of environmentally friendly materials. Eucatex Group has worked to generate profit in the Brazilian market and other parts of the world through exports. The company has also produced insulation and liners made from eucalyptus wood material. The company, in the current state, is serving the environment to provide necessary products in the following segments of business.

  • The Construction Industry – Eucatex Group has worked to provide the construction industry with laminar floors, modular partitions, and paints in the Brazilian market.
  • The furniture Industry – Eucatex Group is one of the largest producers of the fiber plates in Brazil. For this reason, they have also specialized in the production of Tamburato and MDP products. While they use high technology, their products are manufactured with the highest technology using advanced wood products in eucalyptus.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of the company. For this reason, he has worked in his capacity to develop the biggest capabilities in the country to stand out as the leading company in wood products. Since 1987, he worked in the company commencing his career from the lowest part of the command as part of his projection to the top position because of his humility. He is the only person who understands all the segments of the company with the highest in knowledge and understanding.

For more than one decade, he worked in all the segments of the company including the production and trade sections of Eucatex Group. For this reason, he gained enough experience to work on his management portfolio to become a member of the Executive Board members. In 1996, he was invited by his uncle to work as a family endowment practitioner. The family also agreed unanimously to elect him as the next president of Eucatex Group.

When he became the president of the company, Flavio started revolutionizing the management platform of the company in a modern manner. For this reason, this strategy worked to enable all workers to report their success and achievements to their superiors as a way to promote activity n the company.