Betsy DeVos is someone who has stood as a strong woman and a fighter in the face of opposition. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked for the betterment of the school system in the country and has been working to give a bright future to the children of America. A lot of the work that Betsy has been doing through the years has been with the aim of improving this system and putting together something that would work for the benefit of all.



DeVos has always believed in the power of improving the educational institutions in the country. One of the first movements that she had come forward in support of was the school charter movement. This was a movement that came into existence after the drawbacks of the public school system were brought to light. Children all over the country deserve a range of facilities that can help them with their intellectual, social and emotional development. However, not all schools in the country were able to provide children with the necessities that they needed to be able to grow and develop. More often than not, these facilities were simply not offered because the schools could not afford them. Public schools are run on taxpayers money, and this money is not always enough for all the students in these schools. Because of this, DeVos knew that the only way children in America would be able to receive the right kind of education was by transforming schools to charter schools so that they could depend on private organizations to be able to provide all the essentials that children need.



Even though educational reform has become the center of her professional life, it is also something that DeVos actively focused on while trying to engage in philanthropic activities. She has always been someone who has worked to help people as much as possible, and forming her charitable organization was one of the best ways to do that. With the help of her husband, DeVos started up the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization with a focus on helping people in America.



Education was one of the main focal points of this organization, and through this, DeVos was able to help hundreds of children who could not afford a good education. Because of this organization, these children were able to see a new sense of hope in their lives.


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