In recent years women have made tremendous strides into affluent roles in major corporations. Angela Koch is one such example, that has traversed the precious metal industry. She sits as the only female CEO among dozens of her male cohorts. Her path to success has been unconventional, unorthodox, but has delivered award-winning results.

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Her leadership is no trifle as she oversees every aspect of daily operation. In her approach to building a better, stronger, culture she has implemented change from the ground up. Today, she shares a few of her secrets for success.

Ground Up


The US Money Reserve is primarily a sales organization. Which means that they drive revenue and profit by consulting their clients on investment strategies. Like most other organizations in sales, there are two primary departments; sales and marketing. Her success was predicated on her ability to learn and apply it.

She had worked her way up from the ground floor to become one of the most influential CEOs of this age.

Her model for success, with remarkable profits, comes from her own experience. She believes that the key to her success was investing in her employees and teaching them the business from the ground up.

This way they can take control of their careers and better help their clients make informed decisions.



Angela Koch’s story is unconventional for many reasons. She wasn’t an Ivy League graduate that was groomed for her position.

She had to work multiple jobs to raise her family and proudly accepted the title of a single mother. She worked at several companies, learning the business from beginning to end, and sought only to apply the knowledge.

She soon realized that she was good at whatever job she had set out to do, and because of that, she gained the attention of executives and board members. She had often spoken about the few opportunities for intelligent people without college degrees. Now, she continues to give back by showing the world that knowledge applied is supreme.



Her success is strange and she stands above the cut like a beacon of hope for many. Angela Koch believes that her success is not a fluke and that it can be replicated.

Today she gives a few takeaways for anyone looking to achieve their dream. An integral part of her success was never looking back.

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She applies this concept when she makes decisions. Looking in the past only fosters hesitation and hesitation is the bane to productivity.

She also believes that it is important to live a balanced life. One must ensure that life is a healthy balance of work and pleasure. Lastly, she found it important to know oneself and maximize their strengths.

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