Alec Sellem used his knowledge, experience, and expertise of gold mining and refining to build Sellem Industries, a prominent and thriving mining and refining company based in Africa. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Alec Sellem worked in the gold business but as a trader. He wanted to venture into different grounds in the same field, and that is how he became an entrepreneur. When making a sale for his friend, Alec Sellem discovered some loopholes in the gold business. Alec found that there was no single refining company in Africa where most of the gold was mined, forcing the gold to be transported to Western refineries. Alec saw a business opportunity there and decided to build his mining and refining company, the Sellem Industries. By doing this, Alec believed that the local market would profit more from the gold business.

Sellem Industries operate in Senegal and Sierra Leone. The company has brought a lot of development to the local community in the regions providing people with job opportunities in the gold mines. Sellem Industries also has a Foundation that built schools in the area to give the children education. The involvement with community coupled with strict business principals has boosted business for Sellem Industries. The company is continually growing and is on its way to becoming a powerhouse in the mining and refining industry. The success of Sellem Industries is also attributed to the leadership skills of CEO, Alec Sellem.

Alec Sellem uses a hands-on approach to run the company. He is involved in all aspects of the company overseeing different projects at a time. His work as CEO is challenging, but Alec loves every bit of it. Alec Sellem spends time with his wife and children to unwind after a stressful day at work. He maximizes the time with his family since work tends to keep him away at times. Alec Sellem is a talented and experienced entrepreneur who is bound to lead Sellem Industries to greater heights.

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