Before 2013, there was a hole in the workout apparel industry. There were several expensive brands that offered quality, stylish apparel. If you couldn’t afford those expensive brands, then you were stuck with low quality, cheaper brands that would fall apart after just a few uses. The founders of the brand, Fabletics, along with actress Kate Hudson, saw the need in the industry and sought to fill it. They wanted to create a company that offered quality, stylish workout clothes that people could actually afford. With that idea, Fabletics was created.


This was apparently a big need in the industry because Fabletics has become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. They are taking on giants in the apparel industry, like Amazon, who controls twenty percent of apparel sales. To make sales and create a customer base, Fabletics works on a subscription based membership system. Their members pay a low fee each month and receive an outfit shipped to their door. These automatic shipments and easy shopping make for many repeat, loyal customers, which are the key to their success.


Fabletics has also started to open traditional physical stores. This may seem contrary to the way most retailers are doing business. Many physical businesses are starting to do more and more of their business online. Too many retailers are losing sales to online businesses selling items cheaper. Customers will come in the store to see the items and then purchase online cheaper. Fabletics is turning this idea on its head. They are simply using their stores to offer more customer service to their members. When their members shop in store, the items also go into their online shopping cart for later purchase if wanted. It doesn’t matter if the item is purchased in store or online. Thirty to fifty percent of those that enter their stores are already members, wanting to see the clothes in person or browse their selection. Another twenty-five percent of those that enter their stores become members while in the store, thus creating more revenue and more loyal, repeat customers month after month.


Fabletics clothing quality rivals that of the expensive brands. Their clothes don’t fade and hold their shape and compression after many launderings. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick. You will not have any see-through issues with Fabletics clothes. As a customer, you will feel like a smart, savvy shopper getting quality clothing that will last a long time, at a fraction of the cost of the expensive brands. Plus, their clothes are trendy and stylish. Your hand-picked outfit choices each month are certain to be the latest styles that you will happy to wear not only to workout in, but in your everyday life. Fabletics has many options to choose from, something to fit every lifestyle and exercise needs. If you don’t love the outfit you pick out, you can always return for a store credit or another outfit for free. Once a VIP member, you can also pick out any items you’d like a la carte at a discount price.