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Jack Plotkin: From Harvard to the Forefront of Healthcare Change

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin is the founder and CEO of Cardinal Solutions, which is an investment firm based in New York. His life as an analyst began several years ago as a middle school student who was more observant than the others in his class. 

Plotkin did not have the benefit of learning in a private school. Instead, he was challenged to navigate the California public school system, which was not recognized for producing brilliant and independent thinkers who had the tools needed to stand alone in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, California public schools in Plotkin’s time were among the lowest-ranked in the nation. Still, Jack did not let the odds defeat him. 

The businessman-in-the-making observed all of his surroundings and completed his work with precision. A sixth-grade teacher noticed Plotkin’s drive and encouraged him to follow his passions in life. Jack’s middle school teacher was not intimidated by his shyness, but rather took young Plotkin’s conservative ways as a sign of caution. The teacher worked with her young student until he was comfortable enough to stand in his passions. Jack’s interests, as developed with assistance from his middle school teacher, transferred over into the high school years. 

Physics and English seemed to be hot subjects for Plotkin. Such may be why the young scholar’s teachers encouraged him to develop his crafts in these areas. Jack Plotkin also had a love for creativity that ultimately led him to declare his major in liberal arts at Harvard University. The rest of this entrepreneur’s life is one for the history books. 


Jack Plotkin is often asked if his time at Harvard University prepared him for his life as a businessman. Plotkin attributes his success to more than just his studies at an Ivy League school. According to Jack, liberal arts teaches an individual how to do life well. He is, therefore, grateful for the opportunity to learn how to develop in life and not just find a career. 

Matthew Fleeger Pushes the Family Business, the Gulf Coast Western, Into Becoming an Industry Leader

GULF COAST WESTERNThe current CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger, has earned his good reputation in the oil and gas industry by managing this company, with its main headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Gulf Coast Western has actually been around since the seventies, when Matt’s own father founded the company.

Through Matthew’s help, he was able to expand the family business. Because of his expertise that he garnered through education and experience; Matt was able to boost this homegrown company to become the industry leader that it has become today. His own dad may have begun Gulf Coast Western, but it was through Matt’s leadership skills and strategic decisions that they were able to secure the top spot.

Today, Gulf Coast Western remains one of the largest oil and gas investment firms across the globe. Though he is very focused on managing this old family business, as well as his other personal business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has not forgotten to make quality time a priority for his wife and kids. Since they are his inspiration, he finds himself always looking forward to deal with various projects because everything that he does is for their benefit.

Apart from the family Gulf Coast Company, Matt has his own tanning company and medical waste management venture. Apart from this, he is a philanthropist, who is popular for taking their company’s corporate social responsibility seriously. Matt is noted for doing several successful charitable events in the Dallas area. On top of that, he is a prime supporter of the Sadie Keller Foundation, a well-known cause that helps young children with terminal cancer to help scientists find a possible cure.    


Gulf Coast Western has expanded rapidly over the past few years when Matthew Fleeger took over after his father’s retirement. Many people now come looking to him and his team for industry advice. They are considered a premium asset within the industry and they have also been lauded for what they have been able to accomplish for other people.

Paul Saunders and James River Capital Provide Advice to New Entrepreneurs

One dream that a lot of people have is the dream to eventually be their own boss and start their own company. While this is a great dream and a viable option for a lot of people, starting any company does come with a financial outlay that can be hard to raise. While raising money through equity or debt can seem like a challenge, there are many options today that could be quite successful. Financial services firm James River Capital has given insight into a variety of options that could be a great option. 


Friends and Family

One option to consider when you are starting a company is to raise money from your friends and family members. While it can be a hard conversation to have, those that do not have too significant of financial needs could consider taking out a loan or selling shares in your company. This could help you raise some money from people that you trust. 

Get a Loan

Another option is to get a traditional bank loan. Bank loans today are available for all forms of new and growing businesses. You can use these loans to buy inventory, for working capital, or to finance equipment. The loans tend to be affordable with low rates and will not require you to sell shares of your company.


For those that do not want to go through the rigors of a formal process, crowdsourcing could be a good option. With this option, you will be able to raise a little bit of money from hundreds of people located all over the world.  

For those that are looking to start or grow a company should continue to seek the guidance provided by James River Capital. The James River Capital company, along with its founder and CEO Paul Saunders, can provide a variety of financial services to both companies and private individuals. This could help any person or organization reach their long-term financial goals for the future.