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Gustavo Martinez – In His New Role As Creative Consultant

After 35 years of working in the corporate world, Gustavo Martinez has branched out on his own in the huge and complicated world of the advertising industry. Some of the world’s most iconic ads are result of gustavo’s creativity oh, and now he is changing the way clients work with advertising, marketing and consulting agencies.


Gustavo Martinez is not new to the industry. He has led some ot the largest agencies in the world, won many awards and is well known in the advertising industry of this century. Recently, however, Gustavo has decided to step down from his corporate positions and start his personal consultancy creative advertising business.


Gustavo Martinez believes this is the approach to take to grow his advertising knowledge. He believes that advertising is an extremely creative activity and dealing with artists can sometimes be difficult for corporate entities. Because of this, it is difficult to mass-produce the advertising materials large corporations need.Advertising that really works, pulls at heartstrings and offers a clear message, however, good creatives can’t pump out this type of creativity as if it were factory madel.

Effective advertising requires flexibility and creativity which is not possible in an average 9 to 5 work a day position. This is why he has diverged into advertising consultancy.

Gustavo believe that when creative people have more work flexibility, they produce greater results. Therefore this independent consultancy model offers a better way to foster the creative genius of the artists he works with.


Under this new consultancy model, Gustavo partners with other leading internet marketing firms to help the business acceleration process. These associated goals are to accelerate business growth by giving businesses a new marketing strategy optimized by the team. He understands that most businesses just don’t get what their marketing needs are, and they certainly can’t afford the time or the money involved in a trial and error marketing process.

Gustavo believes that experience is key in the advertising environment. But he also knows that technology, design and functionality also play an important role and must interrelate with experience and creativity. It is this interconnectivity that works exceptionally well at getting consumers to interact with products.

Gustavo Martinez has been in the industry for a long time. His role as an entrepreneur is now teaching him to use new tools and methods to make advertising productive for his customers.


Gustavo’s Intense Work Ethic



Although he has slowed down some, now that he is no longer a large agency CEO, but he still has a strong work ethic. Most days he puts in a 10 to 12 hour day. However, as his consultancy business grows he expects, like other creatives, to have a more flexible schedule.


He Digs Up Gold

Although he now works as a consultant, his job is much the same as always, to dig up the pure advertising gold and focus the creative process of the team he works with. To do this he needs to work with the top talent in the field and help motivate the creative team to give their best production efforts.


Even though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo is still at the help. It’s his job to find the best of the best creatives in advertising to work with and help these creatives expand on their abilities in joint efforts. He says keeping everyone on the same page and helping them learn to appreciate the work of others is not an easy job, but Martinez recognizes that through admiration and recognition he can create the needed positive work environment.


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Smita Shah’s Career

When she was growing up, Smita Shah had many aspirations but even she couldn’t imagine the fact that she would one day become the owner of her own business when she was only 24 and 2 years out of grad school. So how has she managed to do so well for herself in just a few short years? Well, that’s exactly what she discussed with Steve Cochrane in a recent radio interview. She grew up in Chi-town and quickly learned that she was in the minority in her math and science classes both in terms of gender and ethnicity. This is why she was so determined to make something of herself and ensure more representation for females and Indians in these particular fields. She eventually went on to become a student at Northwestern University and excelled in academics. 

After graduating with distinction in the spring of 1994, she was accepted into a master’s program at MIT where she went on to do a thesis on public-private partnerships and how they are impacted by culture and leadership. During her time in grad school, she completed an internship with the chief of staff’s office in the nation’s capital and subsequently received her master’s of science in civil and environmental engineering. Upon the completion of her academic career, she was offered the opportunity to work as a structural engineer with a company commonly referred to as SOM and she served in that particular role for less than two years before opening Spaan Tech. 

In the summer of 1998, she became the founder and CEO of this new business and they have been thriving ever since. Although she wasn’t sure whether it would take off, she knew she could always jump ship if she had to and, if it did end up working out for her, she could always tell this amazing story to her kids and grandchildren. She didn’t invest too many resources in it initially as she was apprehensive about the future of the company but, now that it has proved to be a successful venture, she is doing everything in her power to ensure that the company flourishes for many decades to come. The company is dedicated to installing lighting in various structures such as lighthouses, lampposts and the red light in emergency call boxes. Learn more:

They also work with local contractors to build superhighways, parking decks and toll roads throughout the nation to help people safely reach their destinations. When they were just starting out, she knew she wanted to hire a diverse group of people to work on exciting new projects and they now have over a thousand employees. Of course, she experienced her fair share of discrimination over the years but, for the most part, it’s just been a series of misunderstandings and mistaken identity. However, it’s that kind of mentality that has led to her becoming an advocate for gender equality in the workplace and encouraging females to be assertive in order to become successful.

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Prevagen Extra Strength

Many people in the United States suffer from some level of memory loss and brain function decline. A greater percentage within this population consists of aging adults. Prevagen is a supplement that was created to serve this population of consumers. The main active ingredient in this supplement is Apoaequorin.

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This is an ingredient that comes from the membrane of a jellyfish. The formula was created by Quincy Bioscience, a leading bio firm from Wisconsin. This Company specializes in supplements and solutions for overall cognitive health. Those looking for Prevagen can easily purchase the dietary supplement over the counter at most drug stores.

This brain-boosting memory aid was first created in the United States of America, in 2007. In the following 12 years from it’s inception, Prevagen grew it’s user population to over 1million consumers.

The supplement is now in 50,000 stores throughout the country. Word of mouth has been a great form of advertising for the supplement. For the last five years, Prevagen has been rated the number one brand that pharmacies recommend for memory loss.

According to pharmacy times, this over the counter solution is unmatched in the memory progress it promotes; over a 90 day period. This is the time frame that is recommended for consumers to receive the full benefits of the popular memory supplement.

Prevagen generally won’t be covered by average health insurance. However, certain medical savings accounts like HSAs can alleviate the cost of purchase.

In addition to the proven success of Prevagen, the company also encourages other solutions that can help boost the function of consumer’s cognitive abilities.

The company states that different areas of the brain correlate and are affected by different activities. For example, the hippocampus is vital for keeping memories and important information. This part of the brain is significantly affected by exercising.

A recent study revealed that senior citizens experienced increased memory retainment by working out two times a week. The exercise that is needed to improve your brain function does not have to be intense; but needs to be active. Prevagen mentions that people who are in good physical condition normally have a good memory.

The supplement company also states that putting oneself in active social environments can stimulate prolonged memory retainment. Being in these environments promotes new cells to grow in the brain.

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Doing so will also alleviate certain amounts of stress; which is something that decreases a person’s memory. Combining a positive lifestyle with Prevagen can have a positive outcome on your overall health; and memory. Reviews and information can be found online.

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Why Bhanu Choudhrie Confidently Celebrates Investing Millions In A New Simulator

Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), recently inaugurated the group’s sixth flight simulator. It was no small investment. The state of the art computer is so advanced that it practically is like flying a real A320 commercial airliner.

Bhanu Choudhrie does not hesitate to applaud the acquisition of the new apparatus. He knows that the $11 million investment will allow Alpha Aviation Group to provide even better training.

The school is based in the Philippines just north of Manila. Currently, there are 500 cadets enrolled in the program. 20% of them are female. Bhanu Choudhrie has said that women will be the future of aviation in Asia.

That’s not just banter. Rapidly growing demand for aviation services across Asia and the Pacific suggests that by the year 2038, there will be a need for 645,000 additional pilots worldwide. One-third of these new jobs will be located in the Asia-Pacific region.

The business expert understands that there are simply not enough men to fill so many positions. Women must be prepared so that they can benefit from the opportunities ahead in the aviation industry.

After 13 years, AAG has already prepared 900 pilots from 40 different countries to fly. Mr. Choudhrie sees the mission of AAG somewhat altruistically. The efforts of this one enterprise have encouraged many young people to consider a career in aviation.

Then there are the regional carriers who have partnered with AAG. They will each benefit from the availability of talented new pilots. Not to mention the countless indirect beneficiaries who will then be able to make use of commercial aviation services, which are being made possible thanks to Mr. Choudhrie’s vision.

The brand-new flight simulator will surely be an invaluable asset to the pilots in training at AAG. It represents an investment in the future and symbolizes AAG’s strong commitment to the regional airline business in the Asia-Pacific market.

Bhanu Choudhrie realizes that it is all about working as a team. In that spirit he proudly takes time to acknowledge AAG’s partners in both the public and private sectors, who made the acquisition of the simulator possible.

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GPB Global Resources Takes International Funding For Amsterdam

Oil is important to those that need to heat homes or be provided with transportation. Some business owners choose to look at oil as something that has to be stored. Some consumers use cabs as a form of transportation to their jobs. Consumers help the economy by taking the steps to save oil. GPB Global Resources has a wonderful system that helps keep consumers looking to save oil and gas.

Read this article at

Boris Ivanov directors the team at GPB Global Resources. The manager chooses to travel while learning how important oil is to any business or district. Boris has taken his education seriously and has started to help business owners through seminars. GPB Global Resources manages funs for banks, trusts, and communities. Some projects may take a while to complete, but Boris continues to strive to keep GPBGR moving properly as a company.

The company started in 2011 and has helped Amsterdam with asset managing. The company has more opportunities to travel because of the understanding of oil and gas. The fuels are needed for consumers that work to keep their houses. Boris likes business projects that allow him to speak to colleagues that are interested in the environment. Most colleagues spend a lot of money to research fossil fuel projects that Amsterdam shares with consumers. Boris Ivanov has the education to continue to learn about fossil fuels.

GPBGR will be happy to help others that want to learn more about the environment. Some students get the chance to help through the community. It’s important to know about oil and how it can cause investments not to work for business owners. Technology has a lot of investments. It helps business owners sit and speak about the challenges of fossil fuel storage. Boris has had a lot of success with GPB Global Resources. Communities are helping to reach those that want to keep companies in place. Related:

The Man Who Turned $100 Into $680 Million: Vinod Gupta

In an interview with Ideamensch last year Vinod Gupta revealed his secrets to success, as well as having told them some very interesting facts of life.

One of the questions asked him where he got his idea for the InfoGROUP and Everest Group. He said he realized one day that there was no list of mobile home dealers for the US. Of course, he then created the list and quickly realized how much every business was in need of such a list. This was when he came to the realization that there was a high demand for information going from business to business. After that, Everest Group came to the light, given all of his experience and it came about as a way to go on with database technology with a wider target audience.

Another question asked of him had to do with his normal day and how he managed to make his days more productive. He said that he now tends to focus on the long term investments, whereas before he was more worried about the day-to-day operations.

When asked about how he brings his ideas to life he said that he finds market testing to be integral.

Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is one man that really does make one think that success is possible. Having been born in India in 1946, Gupta was able to turn a loan from the bank in a booming business that ended up selling for $680 million. He was able to create a business simply by finding out that there was a huge lack of information sharing going on. His investment firm, Everest Group gives their clients venture capital, they purchase businesses that are struggling, and they focus on making use of information technology in a way that ends in success for everyone.

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How LocationSmart is Changing the Way Businesses are Run

When it comes to operating a business, it can be downright impossible to keep track of everything going on. This is especially true for companies that have a global reach and are risking multiple assets in order to work with customers and employees. If you are trying to figure out what will work best for you and your business to keep it updated in real-time, you may want to consider the benefits of a service known as LocationSmart. This particular service allows you to keep track of customers, assets and workers regardless of where they are located around the world. What’s more, an app doesn’t have to be installed onto their phones or devices in order for LocationSmart to work for you, so you can have a clear view of what is going on and be able to better run your company in the way that works for you.


How LocationSmart Works for Businesses

Let’s say that you sell items across the globe and have a large customer base. You need to be able to identify where these customers are located so that you can better serve their needs. If you’re trying to prevent incidences of fraud, LocationSmart can help with this because it allows you to see if the person actually purchasing the items or making the arrangements is who they say they are.


If you have employees who are based worldwide, you can easily detect where they are to make sure that they are working efficiently. In many cases, workers will not do their jobs properly if they feel that no one is watching them. To prevent this from happening altogether, you can integrate LocationSmart into your system and keep a close eye on every single worker who is out in the field. This also allows you to communicate with them in a more updated manner so that you can get feedback in real time.


Getting to Utilize the LocationSmart Service

If you feel that LocationSmart is the right choice for you, it is time for you to think about how it’d work for your own individual needs right now. You will be able to make use of LocationSmart and know that this is something that is going to help you and keep your company running to the best of its ability. You will love how easy it is to make use of LocationSmart, and the fact that you do not have to be computer savvy to be able to make use of the services being offered to you right now. You are going to love how well this works for you and how it is going to be beneficial to each of your needs.


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HGGC Wants To Make My Web Grocer A Titan Of THe Industry

HGGC is a private equity firm that has a portfolio of companies that they would like to make better. The company has recently merged with Mi9 because they want to have a retail arm that can make their companies easier to shop with. Take a look at what you can be done with these companies working together, and learn how this will make My Web Grocer that much better. 

  1. What Does HGGC Do?

HGGC does a lot of work in the private equity world as they try to give their customers a better return on their investment. They also use their cache to ensure that they can get their companies the best possible services and support. This is why they have merged with Mi9. The company wants to make sure that they can make their retail units stronger.

  1. What Does The Acquisition Mean?

HGGC has hired people to add to their staff so that they can begin to expand MWG and make it a much better place for people to shop. By doing this, the company has proven that they are very interested in what the customer needs. Because of this, they hope to have much higher sales in their first year. Their commitment to retail expansion means that they can also expand and buy other companies that could use Mi9’s services.

  1. How Does This Change Online Shopping?

Online shopping shifts every year with the advent of new technology and ideas. Mi9 will have more resources and time to figure out how they can make MWG better, and this very same company will have more people on their staff. This is a very powerful thing because it means that the company will be able to release new products and services faster.

  1. Conclusion

There are a number of things that will happen when MWG is run by Mi9 and the HGGC team together. This company is going to make it easier for people to buy their groceries online, and this is a precursor to the company reaching out to other brands that will need help growing.’s-Busiest-Period

Going Into Real Estate: How Maarten de Jeu Advises Investors Looking at Property for the First Time

Real estate remains an attractive investment opportunity. Businesses will always need office space. People are always looking to rent apartments. Real estate, both commercial and residential appeal to investors because they promise steady returns on investment well being considered safer than the stock market. But Maarten de Jeu, an expert in corporate strategy, says there are some key steps to success all investors ought to follow.


Revenue comes from two sources: property value increases and rent. They’ll also require more Capital beyond the initial investment. Renovations, for example, maybe essential before tenants can move in. This is true for commercial and residential properties, but de Jeu notes that there are key differences.


The initial capital needed for commercial real estate investing is higher than residential. This might cut down on competition, but those able to stick it out will find that renting out these properties will assist in covering insurance costs, taxes, maintenance of that property.


How does an investor get their start with real estate?


Primarily, de Jeu considers all business to be centered around people. Investors must be concerned with numbers in order to make decisions, but working in real estate means reaching out to people constantly.


Networking events were created to connect investors to these kinds of people. Getting to better know those who work in real estate locally can inform an investor and how business works in the area. Fostering a relationship with such people can prove to be valuable later on in the investment process. De Jeu points out that an investor can never know when they’ll need to reach out to someone to help them make a decision.


How to make use of such relationships, investors need to study. Being informed, de Jeu says, it’s something every investor should be focused on. Knowing all they can about a property, the market, and the players involved we’ll make those professional networks more valuable. By knowing where they need help, an investor can identify which person in that network to contact and better inform their opinions.


This is how an investor starts a risk assessment. Next, they will have to take into account what the area is like, the state of the property, what needs fixing, and the value of the area. The only way to know what the damage to the property is like, and know what might go into renovations, an investor will have to attend open houses, really get to know the area, and consult with others to know what potential returns might be like.


But before taking another step, de Jeu says an investor ought to consult their comparables. This is when an investor looks at similar properties, in like neighborhoods, and compares them with the prospective investors to determine if the price being set is fair.


However an investor proceeds, de Jeu says all investors need to proceed with caution. While real estate diversifies a portfolio and makes for a safer option, investors need to rely on others and thorough research to make sure that their effort is worth it in the end. Learn more:


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu is a corporate development strategist and advisor working in Europe and North America. He’s a graduate from the University of Oxford, and with an MBA he was recruited by Aviva plc. First, he works as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. Then he joined their London offices as their International Strategy Manager. Later on in his career, de Jeu started consulting for TVDK Management Consultants. There he made inroads with corporate clients like Heinz and Sara Lee when they sought out expansion into international markets. With his Chicago-based organization SVM Business Advisory, de Jeu teaches middling businesses to find their way to expand and reach the international market.

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Toyo Setal Carries Out Water Analysis for Sustainable Practices

Practices Sustainable Options

Toyo Setal understands its role in carrying our sustainable practices as a company that interacts with the environment but doesn’t interfere with the local growth of all endangered species of plant, animal, or tree. For Toyo Setal to carry out these practices, it performs two stages of the same sustainable practices.

The practical implementation followed upon the observation, education, and cataloging of local resources while working with designated authority and professional groups to safeguard the process of sustaining the eco-system is in keeping with scientific and biological safe practices. After the initial observation is completed and acceptable by local and professional authorities, the second wave of activity is performed to correctly tag, remove, and relocated all designated species professionally identified as endangered.

The entire procedure takes both planning and careful implementation both on the local level as well as following safe company policy on an international level. One particular additional practice has been implemented by Toyo Setal, which allows for periodic checking of resources within the term of the companies stay in the boundaries of a registered eco-system. These periodic monitorings take place by recommendations coming from local professional biologists and botanists.

Monitor Practices

• Running Local Water Analysis
• Optimal Awareness of Natural Resources
• Giving Flora and Fauna Sustainble Treatment
• Providing endangered plants with Maximum Care
• Planting New Seedling to replace felled trees

Educational and Re-educational Efforts

• Educate Leaders with Sustainable Interests
• Rescue Endangered Plants and Animals
• Relocate Identified High Risk Animals
• Tagging, endangered botanicals
• Safe storage of endangered species of lizards
• Transplanting, endangered botanicals

Company and its Sustainable Mission

The Brasiliancompany Toyo Setal works primarily in the industrial engineering sector and has established itself as a leader in sustainable practices. Toyo Setal seeks to give safe shelter and removal of all endangered species of plants, animals, and other eco-system botanicals safe transferral to neutral zones where they can continue to thrive in their natural eco-system, and outside of dangerous, harmful, or hazardous areas.

For More info: