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Isabel dos Santos leads Africa in harnessing technology to boost Africa’s Economy

According to economic experts, the contribution of billionaires in creating a positive impact on the economy may not be felt. However, Isabel Dos Santos has changed this notion. Her financial success and hard-won position as one of the most successful women in business shows otherwise. She is a perfect example that shows that even the rich can leave a positive impact on their local economy. According to Forbes, in the world, there are about 2,153 billionaires. In this list, the top ten billionaires are males. Isabel dos Santos has however defied all the odds as she is ranked number eight in Africa’s list of billionaires. She has created an international brand which enables her to represent Africa in the global market. This has attracted a lot of investors in Africa and also helped initiate the development of the much-needed infrastructure in boosting Africa’s standing in the global market.

Although it’s her philanthropic nature that drives much of her investments, there is more to this. Isabel dos Santos believes that the future of Angola’s economy lies in their hands. Therefore, if the required tools such as internet connectivity, access to good education, and mobile banking and business, then nothing could stop them from making it to the end. Since the end of the civil war in the year 2002, Angola has undergone a lot of transformations. Although it still lags in terms of economic development, its untapped economic potential cannot go unnoticed. In recent times, the Angolan government has embarked on a mission to diversify its economy by reducing its dependence on oil. It has achieved this by stimulating the development of infrastructure, the introduction of financial management systems, and supporting forward-looking investors such as Isabel dos Santos.

Currently, Isabel is the head of Unitel, which is a giant telecommunication company in Angola. Through these investments, she has been able to create numerous job opportunities for the people as well as promote the development of Angola’s economy. She has heavily invested in a charity where she finances various initiatives such as offering free education and establishing women hospitals, thus improving the lives of the ordinary citizens in Angola. Therefore, the presence of business moguls such as Isabel Dos Santos is not only creating more opportunities but also promotes equality and the spirit of togetherness.

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Maarten De Jeu Advocates for Community Education Projects

Maarten de Jeu is a revered and renowned businessman and entrepreneur. He is an icon in the financial industry career. De Jeu came to limelight after he established the SVM business Advisory, where he serves as a Managing Partner. Besides, he is devoted to community service and philanthropy. Maarten is always proud of engaging himself in programs that major in helping young people. The higher percentage is supporting lucrative education programs that promote the young generation. A higher rate is in support of profitable education programs. Maarten initially used to be the Co-Chair of the Sciences Spins program which was initiated by the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. It majors in teaching the visitors of museums about the fantastic history of the bicycle.

The Museum of Science and Industry is the most prominent organization in the Western Hemisphere due to its size and scope. Giving back to society is among the significant endeavors of the museum. The Museum employees Farrell Fellows Internship to encourage teenagers from Chicago area to involve them in science. With active management by Maarten de Jeu, the program is among the vital part of its complete success.

The Museum of Science and Industry set the Farrell Fellows Internship program during the summer. The program takes more than five weeks during the summer. It includes various science-based classwork that enlightens teenagers from Chicago on critical topics that range from science, leadership, and the courage to address the public. Among the significant advantages of the Farrell, Fellowship Internship is that it provides its learners a chance to give back to society by representing affairs with a science idea at the end of every program. The operations performed interactively. Learn more:

One such program happened in 2014, and it showed members of the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellow Internship members managed to tour all the seventeen libraries in Chicago to ensure that the program is on and operational. Also, the teenager managed to relate and mingle with young children and help them to build a carnival tent from the newspaper.

Maarten de Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory in 2012. De Jeu has set himself aside as a business community critical advisor since he acquired his MBA from Harvard Business School. Since then, Maarten has made a great name due to his excellent reputation. He has become an internationally recognized figure for his immense success in the financial service sector. He has also attained incredible success via commercial real estate investment. He has a proven track of being a firm advocate of community education projects initiated by The Museum of Science and Industry.

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LocationSmart Uses IP Data to Protect Businesses so They Can Grow

With consumers spending more of their time online, businesses have to give it the same consideration or fear falling behind in the modern era. To make that possible, they’ll need a surplus of data made available to them and the expertise to make sense of it. LocationSmart helps businesses assess such data so they can handle fraud, monitor their networks, and remain competitive throughout their industry.


TechnoCom Location Platform opened for business back in 1995, now known as LocationSmart, it’s the biggest location-as-a-service company operating in the US. Gaining that visibility was the result of clarifying IP data, understanding the various uses of mobile devices, and how both can affect any business’ standing in an industry.


Telecom Cisco has been monitoring mobile device usage, and according to their numbers determine that by 2021 the average person will be accessing up to 4 mobile devices on an average day. That’s a surplus of IP data, and LocationSmart is poised to make sense of it all.


Business is no stranger to general IP data. It’s helps keep a record of logins and privileged network access. What LocationSmart does is look beyond IP addresses to determine where users are physically located. Geolocation data can tell where users are or if they’re trying to obscure their location with software. This means businesses can determine if users are trying to go around their terms of service, and decide how to proceed to keep their network running as it should.


While this is a good method for fraud detection, it can also be used to stop repeat offenders. Streaming platforms offer up their content for a fee. Users who share passwords or use access to facilitate piracy are causing a profit loss for the platform. Geolocation can spot and keep track of credentials being applied by multiple IP addresses, and businesses can investigate to see if this is an authorized user or if their content is being accessed improperly.


Monitoring traffic in this way, LocationSmart can establish patterns among IP addresses, highlight their points of origin, and determine if proxies are in use. All of this is essential data in addressing attacks on their network.


Aside from protection, LocationSmart’s capabilities can also improve the consumer experience. Any business that wants to extend their reach will have to consider localization of their site and services. That entails knowing where new consumer bases are, the languages they speak, their preferences, and potential regulations. Geolocaiton can reveal the regional data necessary to remain compliant to regulators and appealing to consumers.


LocationSmart has become a critical ally in alerting businesses to encroaching threats and determining what builds a better business based on consumer needs. They’re also responsible for facilitating better internal communications, meeting regulations, verifying transactions, and a lot more. As more mobile devices get used everyday, there’s a greater deal of data every business will have to comb through if they want their networks secure, their partners content, and their customers served better than the competition ever could.


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Isabel dos Santos dream of empowering women and young entrepreneurs in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is among the most successful women on the planet. The Angolan-born businesswoman ventured into entrepreneurship almost immediately after graduating from Kings College in London where she studied electrical engineering. She started her entrepreneurship journey in her native country but later on moved to establish successful business ventures outside Angola. Currently, Isabel dos Santos is a stakeholder in many international conglomerates with presence in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Recently, she was recognized as the youngest billionaire woman in the world.

Isabel has built a successfully built her portfolio around the construction, banking, energy, and telecommunication sectors. Isabel is the head of Unitel, the largest telecommunication company in Angola. She has built successful business ventures throughout Europe, especially in Portugal, where she is a stakeholder in several companies.

Born into a political family

Jose Eduardo dos Santos was one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa. He became the president of Angola in 1979 when Agostino Neto passed away. Jose Eduardo married Tatiana Kukanova, Isabel’s mother, but they later divorced, and Tatiana moved to London. Isabel was raised to be independent following the divorce of her parents. She spent some time in Angola before moving to London, where she continued with her education.

Isabel dos Santos cites that her upbringing played a pivotal role in her current success. Isabel was raised in a household that instilled the virtues of hard work and perseverance through adversity. Isabel’s upbringing gave her independence and ambition that has made her the first African billionaire woman. This explains why she chose to

study electrical engineering, a course that’s not popular among African women.

Supporting women and entrepreneurs across Africa

Isabel dos Santos understands that most of African women lack opportunities that can help them compete with their peers in developed countries. Isabel believes that education is a powerful tool that can be used to transform communities. She has a particular passion for education, especially for young women in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos also believes that entrepreneurship will play a critical role in taking development in Africa. She is deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs who dare to dream big.


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Quem conhece a história da Rainha Njinga? Aqui em Malanje está a estátua desta nossa rainha guerreira que se tornou um símbolo para nós angolanos. Rainha dos reinos do Ndongo e de Matamba, no século XVII, em quem foi inspirado o nome do nosso país: Angola ❤. Com a sua bravura e perseverança, ela lutou pelo nosso povo contra a ocupação colonial portuguesa 💪🏾. A sua vida teve muitos desafios, mas o que sempre procurou foi a liberdade e paz do nosso povo. Para mim é um exemplo e inspiração, não só como angolana mas também como mulher 👩🏽‍🦱. A Rainha Njinga Mbande representa tudo aquilo que de é feita a mulher angolana. Força, proteção, liderança e determinação #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #RainhaNjinga #Ginga #Angola #Women #WomenEmpowerment #TuesdayThoughts Who knows the story of Queen Njinga? Here in Malanje, there is the statue of this warrior queen of ours who has become a symbol for us Angolans. Queen of the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba in the 17th century, in which was inspired the name of our country: Angola ❤. With her bravery and perseverance, she fought for our people against the Portuguese colonial occupation 💪🏾. Her life had many challenges, but what she always sought was the freedom and peace of our people. For me, she is an example and inspiration, not only because I’m Angolan but also as a woman 👩🏽‍🦱. Queen Njinga Mbande represents all we Angolan women are made of. Strength, protection, leadership, and determination

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Robert Redick’s Departure from Kisling Nestico & Redick

Robert Redick is the “R” in KNR. Kisling Nestico & Redick is a premier Ohio Law firm specializing in personal injury law. Robert Redick was one of the three main founders of this firm at an office in Fairlawn Ohio in 2005. There was only Redick, his two partners, and three employees. Today, Kisling Nestico & Redick has 11 locations all over Ohio. There are 37 Attorneys and 148 other staff like paralegals and secretaries and so forth.

More than a year ago Robert Redick knew he was quitting to enjoy retirement life. It seems cliche’ now, but Robert is moving to Florida to enjoy the rays and travel as much as he is able. Ever so gradually then his cases have been handed over to other attorneys and now in early September everything is set and he is ready to go.

Robert will mostly miss his colleagues. He’ll miss the challenge of the casework and knowing that he is doing good for his clients and the community. Robert is proud of the way he pushed his firm to give back and support local communities. He is particularly proud of the way the firm gives away 1,000 turkeys to needy families at thanksgiving. He is proud of the work he has done at Kisling Nestico & Redick in holding insurance companies accountable and getting justice for his clients.

Many would attribute Kisling Nestico & Redick’s success to the fact that the firm employs many former insurance company insiders who help Kisling Nestico & Redick anticipate insurance company tactics and counter them. One of the main founders, Rob Nestico, saw how the insurance companies tried to treat his parents who did not speak English when he was involved in a serious auto accident as a child. This unfair treatment gave him the determination to found a law firm to do something about it.

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Ashley Lightspeed and The Right Traits

Ashley Lightspeed Invests In Development

There are many different examples that would serve as the key to understanding how the world might perceive you when you put your ego before yourself and others. There are many who can show you what not to do when working on a project or in teams. More importantly, how it would actually hinder your own intelligence and ability to think as a leader. Ashley Lightspeed would know that true collaboration would be important for people to lead and succeed. The old trope of teamwork makes the dream work makes a lot of sense in this light.

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As such, it is important for to participate in a manner that would move the needle for everyone involved.

One must look at the picture from a more holistic standpoint. When one does this they will see that they can learn and grow.

Ashley Lightspeed may know that not being vindictive is not a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign of leadership, which goes on to show how able you are at putting your personal feelings behind in favor of professional interests. It is not meant to promote that you shouldn’t channel your emotions in business at all, but to use them only when the time is right and when they are channeled out of a need of empathy rather than vindictiveness.

It might take some time for you to compartmentalize this way. But it is essential to do so in order to be the leader you want to become.

Keep in mind that you would never be able to make good decisions when you are angry. Seeing that vindictiveness is the most toxic form of anger that you can harbor within yourself, it is best to overcome the emotion as a leader before you lose respect among your peers and employees. Connect:

Jeremy Goldstein Joins Fountain House’s Mission

In 1944, the world-recognized Fountain House was a small group of people with mental illnesses who formed their own support group. Back then, the group was called “We Are not Alone,” but the organization took on another name after the group purchased a building with a fountain in front of it.

Since then, Fountain House expanded upon the founders’ mission. It’s no longer just about supporting those with mental illnesses; it’s about improving their overall quality of life. Fountain House covers everything from ensuring people have a place to live and work to giving the opportunities to continue their education if they want. They also give them a chance to work within a supportive community.

The biggest obstacle Fountain House has to overcome is the stigma around mental illness. Even in today’s progressive society, people’s perception of mental illness remains greatly negative. Fountain House also wants to spread the values of their organization to other organizations around the world. They hope to set the international model for mental health recovery.

To that end, Fountain House held the world’s first mental health-oriented conference last year. The Healthier Longer Liver for People with Serious Mental Illnesses conference attracted more than 300 mental health experts and allowed Fountain House to partner with the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Global Mental Health.

The World Health Organization has been monitoring mental illnesses for years and as the numbers staggered higher, such a conference was well overdue. According to the World Health Organization, a full one-fourth of people globally will struggle with mental illness at some point.

As Fountain House turns its attention more internationally, it leaves local awareness to people like Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is an expert executive compensation and corporate governance attorney. He’s the most qualified lawyer at his firm and has worked on every major corporate transaction his firm’s been involved in over the last 10 years.

Jeremy Goldstein helps Fountain House as a chair member, but primarily by hosting his famous wine dinners on the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck. He held two wine dinners last year and raised more than $60,000 for Fountain House initiatives. This year’s fundraising will go toward similar programs and aid Fountain House is fighting the global stigma that still surrounds persons with mental health issues.

The fabulous gala is expected to make nearly as much money, as each ticket is USD 5,000; the primary goal of the dinner is to raise more awareness.


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Impossible Burger Demand Grows And OSI Group Steps In

Most would think a 68,000 square feet facility is large enough to produce enough IMpossibel Burgers for any client. But most would be wrong. Impossible Foods, the maker of Impossible Burger, has found out the hard and long way that their burger is highly wanted by millions of people. Because of this want they are struggling to keep up with production. This problem began several months ago.

Not being able to get enough of the Impossible Burgers manufactured for Impossible Foods has caused them to lose out on revenue. The California based company has contracts in place to deliver qualities of the Impossible Burger to clients. They have been seeking a solution to solve this crisis and have been able to find a helper in getting more of their burgers into the hands of clients.

It was one hundred years ago when OSI Group was started. This was not their name at the time. Instead, their name and building was created by a founder who had a passion for meats. He was a butcher. He butchered his way to success. Eventually, his sons took over the company. The sons began forming partnerships with other businesses and financing companies. These partnerships allowed the company to explode with growth, square footage and worldwide success. Read this article at

Now, OSI Group is an international company that makes billions of dollars annually creating foods for clients around the world. Their next partner will be Impossible Foods. They will be co-manufacturing the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger will be a burger that changes what OSI Group is known for. This change is good, needed and example of how OSI does not shy away from innovation.

The production by OSI Group to co-manufacturer this burger has begun. The production of this burger will usher in a new chapter for OSI. The company is always working to reinvent itself. They like having a broad approach and portfolio of products and partnerships they have. OSI has created a lot of success and monetary value for themselves by forming partnerships. A meatless burger is something new for them. But a meatless burger will allow them to walk into a new chapter of their story of being a meat company that is producing non-meat foods.


Michael Nierenberg And Adapting To Market Changes

If there is one banking expert who knows the challenges of mortgage trust investments, it is Michael Nierenberg. For nearly 3 decades, he has been assisting the country’s top companies, as a fund manager. Banking institutions and organizations have experienced growth when Nierenberg was aligned with them.

Michael Nierenberg is presently the Chief Leader for New Residential Corp. Since joining the company about six years ago, he has increasingly learned the importance of good customer service. The CEO states that customer service isn’t just how you treat your clients when they come to you. Nierenberg further mentions that implementing customer-friendly practices in your business is the essence of good service. Customers are the driving force of business, so we must show them that we care; the CEO expresses in a recent interview. One reason why NRZ and Michael Nierenberg have been so successful is their customer-centered approach. People naturally discourage change, and with the banking industry constantly changing, New Residential makes clients comfortable.

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Financial Guru, Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the most envied business gurus in the world. He is among the most fortunate business moguls who have been listed in Forbes top 400. Peter is not only the President but also serves as the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Before joining Fortress in 2002, Briger served as a partner at Goldman Sachs for about 15 years. Peter Briger is with no doubt one of the pillars of success for Fortress. He was among the spearheaders of taking Fortress Investment Group public. Besides being the President of the company, Briger is also in-charge of the firm’s credit funds and real estate business. He has majorly focused on distressed debt and illiquid investments. Credit to Peter, Fortress is currently one of the largest investment management firms.

The firm prides in managing more than $65 billion in the form of assets for both private and institutional investors. Peter Briger has been at the forefront of raising capital for debt-laden foreign markets despite the present economic recession in the financial markets. Peter Briger attained his Bachelor’s degree at Princeton University. He also holds an MBA from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. After completing his studies, Peter began his career as a financial expert at Goldman Sachs in 1996 where he later served as a partner. While at Goldman Sachs, Briger broadened his knowledge and skills and became an expert in other areas such as trading, foreign investment, real estate, loans, distressed debt, and trading.

The 51-year-old Peter Briger does not let his success in life come between his love for caring and sharing with the less fortunate. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities such as eradication of poverty, provision of quality education and helping children from humble backgrounds. Peter is also a board member of a non-profit organization Tipping Point which is primarily involved in helping low-income families in San Francisco. One of his most notable contributions to society was the $600 million donation to conserve and maintain the Central Park in New York. Being listed on Forbes top 400 most elite business persons did not come on a silver platter. Peter has indeed worked hard and at times even harder to be the crème de la crème and one of the self-made billionaires in the world. He was and still is a financial genius. Learn More.