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Jason Hope, Hopeful Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur and futurist, Jason Hope is an investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a passion for technology and giving back to his community. He is a researcher and writer on the Internet of Things, having grown up in Tempe, Arizona, and received his degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason is involved in the politics of business throughout the state of Arizona. Jason Hope believes in the future of technology. He writes about it often enough and is a huge influence on the Arizona business world.

The Internet of Things is a reference to allowing devices to connect and then synch with each other. Jason Hope thinks about his community, on how to influence it. Devices that synch to each other are used as cars, electronic devices, and other day-to-day appliances. One of his famous funding groups is the Jason Hope Sense Foundation. His philanthropy is more than giving food away, or for that matter, his money. Jason takes his own goals very seriously since his philanthropy is based on majorly intensive research, helping individuals design their own philanthropic strategies that focus on what is important to them.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope is always looking for ways to capitalize on new technology, and he gives people looking for grants $500. He brings his ideas out into the open by being basic about it instead of overcomplicating his work. Jason had moved to Tempe, Arizona when he was quite young. Jason is a wealthy and talented individual. In 2017, he had released many products. He is in the habit of making sure his long-term ideas have meaning. He donates to SENS Research Foundation since some of the field he is involved with is something he donates to. He believes entrepreneurs need to focus on one project at a time, or risk getting very confused. Also, he says not to abandon your primary source of income. Every entrepreneur faces failure at times. He says for new people to get marketable skills in Internet Marketing, SEO, and social media.

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Getting a Life Insurance Policy Through HCR Wealth Advisors

The process of planning a retirement and managing finances can be quite complicated at times. However, with expert guidance from firms such as HCR Wealth Advisors, a person can be in better position to more easily manage financial affairs. As well as saving for retirement, another thing that should be considered is getting a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy can provide a way to make sure that surviving family members are covered for a variety of expenditures. They will not have to worry about paying for funeral expenses or any debts. As a result, this can help a family be more financially secure upon death.

While in the process of getting a life insurance policy, it is important to get a full understanding of the tax liabilities that are associated with it. An advisor at HCR Wealth Advisors can provide more detailed information about tax liability. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, the proceeds from a life insurance policy is free of any income tax obligations. However, life insurance policies can be subject to an estate tax. Each state has its own regulations of estate taxes on life insurance policies. Therefore, a person should contact a tax professional about the estate tax for life insurance policies. With feedback from these parties, a person can help to determine which amount of life insurance coverage will satisfy a person’s financial needs.


HCR Wealth Advisors is one of Southern California’s most reputable financial services firms. For over three decades of experience in assisting people and families with their financial affairs. HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of professionals who are committed to providing a variety of services that help people plan their financial future. With HCR, clients are able to more easily plan for their retirement, accumulate funding for college and also learn more about other financial affairs such as insurance policies. During the past thirty years, HCR has become one of the most trusted firms for many different clients that include high net worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.



The Rise of Raffaele Riva – Business Magnate

A passionate businessman, Raffaele Riva has founded many thriving companies in the fields of wealth and asset management, wealth and estate planning, trust real estate, accounting and auditing among others. For decades, he has been honing his business acumen by serving clients diligently. His success in the industry can be attributed to a number of things, including; focus on client satisfaction and the building of strong business relations. Raffaele is currently the founder and president of the parent/holding company AUREA MultiFamily Office, which owns multiple subsidiaries, including; Milano Fiduciaria and Aurea Consulenti Associati S.A among others. While he has a lot on his plate, Raffaele still manages to participate in the running of these businesses.

Based out of London, UK, Raffaele Riva holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) degree from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, an institution based in Milan. He also holds an M.P.A from the same university and several other post graduate qualifications from Swiss and Italian universities. Raffaele is also an active member of professional bodies, such as the Register of Legal Auditors. He also has active membership in the Association of Anti Money-laundering Officers. Though these memberships, Raffaele Riva stays connected to key thinkers in the industry as well as mentors.

After graduating, in 1987, Raffaele Riva held numerous positions in different multinational companies. He was also a senior executive of a multinational conglomerate. He also served on the advisory board of subsidiary companies in Central and South America, South Africa and Europe. This experience is what has contributed to his success. Raffaele Riva is a member of the London Reform Club, Monaco Yacht Club, and Benefactor Member of the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. He enjoys scuba diving, skiing, boating, equestrian sports and classic car shows. He also supports art and culture events as well as many charities.


Russell Gimelstob From Tennis To Real Estate

From a young age, Russell Gimelstob had a passion for tennis and quickly proved to be one of the most talented players in his hometown of New Vernon, New Jersey. He made his folks proud by enrolling at their alma mater, Newark Academy, and becoming a star athlete just like his father before him. He became the first sophomore to ever be appointed captain of his high school tennis team and he eventually went on to win multiple state championships with them. After making first team all-state each year, he decided to train with Robert Lansdorp during the off season to become the best tennis player possible. He is one of the most prominent tennis coaches who trained Maria Sharapova and Lindsay Davenport. He then had to graduate and enroll in Cornell.

He had first met the head coach of the men’s varsity tennis team at the university when he was visiting the campus on one of his recruitment trips and quickly realized this was the place he was meant to be. No sooner did he begin playing for them than he had an immense amount of success. Before long, he had become an academic all American and he went an entire season without losing any of his matches. When he was a senior, he was appointed team captain and he went on to win a a bunch of other academic awards. He finished up his bachelor’s degree but decided to stay on for an extra year to complete a master’s in public administration which he received in 2002.

Upon the completion of his academic career, he decided to go work for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst. He ended up leaving the position in 2005 to accept an offer from Dune Real Estate Group. After seven years as an associate, he was eventually promoted to partner and, a year later, returned to his high school. He was added to their athletic hall of fame and honored for his academic prowess. He now serves as the head of acquisitions and managing director for Dune Real Estate for fifteen years.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Review Recap

Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., has risen to the top of the ranks in cosmetic surgery. This woman is affiliated with some of the most high-profile names in cosmetic surgery, and she has held high-profile positions while working in New York City for seven years. After attaining her medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch, she would go on to attain her fellowship in aesthetic surgery from Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden was one of the very first board-certified cosmetic surgeons to perform high-volume laser procedures for vaginoplasties, and her in-depth research for silicone-breast implants has led to the reintroduction of these highly popular medical components. Let’s check out some of the latest Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews that have been posted online.

An anonymous reviewer said that “I’m truly blessed to have had my medical-aesthetics procedure performed by Dr. Walden. You won’t find a more knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon than this woman because she’s truly passionate about what she does. I definitely recommend Dr. Walden to anyone who’s seeking cosmetic surgery.” Reviewer L said that “I couldn’t have asked for a better plastic surgeon that Jennifer Walden. She and her staff made me feel right at home, and they provided me with all of the necessary support. If I ever decide to go this route in the future, then she would be my plastic surgeon of choice.”

Reviewer M stated that “after reading about Dr. Walden and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, my mind was made up fairly quickly. Dr. Walden is the personification of what a modern-day plastic surgeon truly is. I give Dr. Walden a perfect rating of 10.” As you can see, Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are everywhere, and they’re positive in nature.


Republican Betsy DeVos Is Focused On Providing Outstanding Education In The U.S.

Betsy DeVos is outspoken about what she believes is right or wrong for the educational system in the United States. Often perceived as a gracious and polite public servant, Ms. DeVos has a reputation for her determination when something is contrary to her goals, yet she does so in a constructive manner to improve the educational process.


Betsy DeVos is a Republican and the country’s Secretary of Education. She has held the position since 2017. She is in favor of school voucher programs, charter schools and school choice. Het previous experience includes time served as a Republican party National Committeewoman for the state of Michigan for five years beginning in 1992. Ms. DeVos was the party’s chair for Michigan from the period of 1996 until 2000.


When she learned of the current administration’s decision to overturn a federal policy affecting transgender students, Betsy DeVos made it clear that she opposed the action. President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to rescind a policy that had been allowing students to use either restroom of their choice depending on which gender they personally identify with. Ms. DeVos preempted the news by meeting with a representative of gay and transgender individuals in her department. The scope of the meeting was to warn of the news ahead of time.


She was not in favor of the rescission when she learned of it in talks before the decision was made public. It was not until that time that she spoke out on her opinion. Ms. DeVos compared the action to the same type of overreach that was evident in former President Barack Obama’s administration. She is historically not at all inclined to merely sit back and accept actions that she opposes. Individuals who have worked with Ms. DeVos know her to be steadfast in her determination to speak out in favor or opposition of an agenda. In the case of the above-mentioned transgender policy rescission, she did not display her discord publicly.


Betsy DeVos resides in Michigan with her family. She was born in 1958 and raised in a wealthy family. She is married to Dick DeVos whose family was was a co-founder of Amway. Ms. DeVos grew up in Michigan, and she is a graduate of Calvin College. They have been very active in their philanthropic support in their home state of Michigan and across the country. The Davos family is well known in their community, and they generously contribute to numerous charitable causes. Betsy DeVos is also a donor to the Republican party.


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Ara Chakerian Works Hard in Mastering the Balancing Act of Juggling Priorities

Ara Chackerian is a multifaceted individual that juggles many things on his plate successfully. He is a businessman running his own ventures, an angel investor in many startup businesses, and a philanthropist for many advocacies. A graduate of Florida State with a BS in Marketing, he has since gone on to provide employment for people, influence many lives, and help struggling communities.

Much of Ara Chackerian’s work is related to general business and heathcare, which is not surprising at all based on his education. As for healthcare, he has two decades worth of work-related experience in the industry. Aside from all of these, Chackerian is a staunch supporter of the environment, spearheading many sustainable ventures. He also loves working on projects that provide the youth with stronger educational opportunities.

His strong ties to healthcare has pushed him to co-found several healthcare startups like PipelineRx, which is a telephone based pharmaceutical service that handles the national domestic market. He also founded TMS Health Solutions, an integrated healthcare provider, BMC Diagnostics, a leader in imaging and related services, and PSS World Medical, a supplier of medical products around the globe.

Now currently the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, known for investing in healthcare startups, Ara Chackerian still continues his philanthropic efforts centering on education and healthcare in the US, Armenia, and Nicaragua. Because of his deep concern for human well being, Mr. Chackerian has written extensively about suicide in his blog because he is worried that its rising rate in the country is alarming.

Ara Chackerian wrote that more Americans should learn about mental health and speak out about it to take away the stigma. Nowadays, a staggering 123 people die every day due to suicide attempts. If they fail in their attempts, they continue to live miserable lives. Ara would like to remind everyone that depression, anxiety, and mental health disorders are not something to be ashamed about.

He pointed out that it is ironic that people often gather together for causes like cancer and heart disease awareness, but no one does it for suicide. Everything is swept under a rug due to shame. That’s why when noted personalities like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are noted to have killed themselves, the world is shocked to its very core. But why wait before it is too late? Ara Chakerian believes that the time to address those issues is now.

Brian Torchin is Making The Most of His Opportunity

From a young age, Brian Torchin has always had a big passion for the medical industry. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors of Science degree. After college, Brian Torchin noticed that it was very hard for graduates to find employment in the medical field. As a result, he decided to launch his own medical company called HCRC staffing to help other people find a job in the medical field. HCRC staffing has helped many people find employment in medical fields such as medicine, dentistry, and nursery.

Torchin is also a very big active Facebook user who’s posts often include links to many job opportunities related to the medical field. He’s founded a medical clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he continues to work there as a clinic operator. His contributions have also helped many people around the world get medical care and jobs in countries like Canada and Australia. See more about Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Many people have praised Torchin for his guidance to many different patients in providing medical care for them. His main goals are to develop good relations with clients in order to build their trust. He is also an article writer where he publishes many stories related to the medical field on how to improve your overall health.

Torchin has also collaborated with many different healthcare organizations around the world in providing medical care for people. His main goal is to also address any concerns that his clients might have as well. This is where his ability to build other people’s trust comes from. If you are looking for someone to trust in providing medical care for you, then Brian Torchin is your answer. While I never met the guy before, he seems like a great caring individual who will do anything in his path to make you feel welcome. Visit:

Sudhir Choudhrie on Time Management

Someone like Sudhir Choudhrie is difficult to pull away from his work. Being that he knows just how significant the work he does is, he finds it hard to leave it alone at the end of the day. However, at the same time, he knows that there is great value in taking breaks between your passions, and because of this, he makes sure to allot a period of time in his day where he can simply not focus on anything. Doing this, in the eyes of Sudhir Choudhrie, is necessary for rejuvenating the mind and preparing it for the day ahead.

He knows that many people are not quite as interested with the process of keeping their minds healthy, but this does not deter him from doing everything within his own power to make sure that care is always taken with respect to his career path. He does not want anyone in his business to make the mistake of believing that he does not care about his work. Even if there are moments where he wishes he could devote more time to a specific client, he knows that as long as he shows that he cares as much as he does now, he will be able to stay a part of the industry for many more years to come. It is the wisdom that Sudhir Choudhrie possesses that makes him so untouchable in his field.

People hardly know how he was able to attain such a vast quantity of knowledge in his life, but for someone like him, it is simply run-of-the-mill. He believes that everyone should take the measures necessary to create happiness for themselves, and in his own view, business is a great avenue to do this. Because Sudhir Choudhrie has so many fond memories connected with his field of work, he finds it easy to become personally invested in his own work. His work, therefore, tends to be filled with nuance and detail; when your business structure is being created with every fiber of your being, it is far less likely to contain holes that other business plans usually suffer from.

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Fortress Investment Group Is Bringing Cutting Edge Retail To NYC

Over two decades after Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, they are still making innovations in the financial world through keen investments and interesting strategies. This penchant for innovation is one of the reasons why they currently have well over 1,000 clients throughout the United States and other countries. These clients include both individual investors and institutions that have entrusted Fortress Investment Group with their assets. The company had gone public on February 9, 2007, after announcing an IPO and stayed listed on the New York Stock Exchange until their purchase by Softbank was finalized and their stock was officially delisted off the market on July 12, 2017. Currently, the company that sold for $3.3 billion is working on some big projects in New York City, where they are headquartered, and beyond.

While Fortress Investment Group may be known for the innovations that they make, 2018 and 2019 have still brought some impressively big projects to the spotlight. Several of these projects include important real estate space like TSX Broadway in Times Square. The estimated $2.5 billion project has already had interest shown in it from giants like Samsung, Facebook, Youtube, and even Disney among others. Fortress Investment Group promises that the project will include retail space that is cutting edge. If all goes to plan, this project that also includes a hotel and other features should attract consumers and tourists visiting the area and they hope to make it a destination in and of itself for visitors to New York City.

The private investment firm is also expanding into new areas of business which include multiple new investment products. There are new opportunities when it comes to using private funds to finance direct lending pools and these are becoming more popular as banks continue to become more and more regulated. Fortress Investment Group is one of the companies that have been working to expand into the direct lending market more in recent years. It is estimated by reports that they are raising around $2 billion for their first-ever direct-lending fund that will be integrated with other operations and investments associated with the company.

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group