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Organo Gold and Unstoppable Coffee Drinks

Organo Gold has been catering to contemporary consumers since approximately 2008. Bernardo Chua is the individual who constructed Organo Gold. It’s a business that depends on a membership network. Organo Gold has employees who are all about soothing cups of coffee.

The Organo Gold team is so keen on coffee that it actually takes the time to discuss ingredient choices that are out there. People who have penchants for cozy and spicy drinks may want to delve into the cinnamon mocha sector. Organo Gold has employees who are perpetually pondering how to make coffee even more undeniable to people these days.


American Addiction Centers: Nothing Gets Past Them

When it comes to addiction, it is hard to get anything past the group of individuals that run the AAC (American Addiction Centers). They want to be the smartest men and women in the room at all times. They always are because they come prepared, they do their homework, and they have all of the facts on addiction.

They know what is expected of them, and they make sure to deliver on that. At the AAC, they know how dangerous addiction is and how it can ruin someone’s life. This is why they act with a sense of urgency at all of their treatment centers. As with any place, it starts with the people that are hired.

They make sure to hire people that truly care about helping out other individuals that have an addiction in their life. They are not just going to hire anyone off the street.

They are going to hire a group of men and women that are devoted to this. It is their life, and there are no two ways about it. They are going to commit all of their resources into this.

It is the only way they know how to run a business. After all, if everyone is not completely buying into this, it is not going to work. They need people that truly care about the patients. It is not just for talk or for show. It is for real.

They have the right beside manner as well, which is such an important part of recovery for an addict, especially when it comes to alcohol. A lot of people have difficultly believing this because most of the mainstream news is focusing on other types of drugs, but alcoholism is a major issue that the AAC is taking on full steam ahead. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

They are doing studies, they are talking to people, and they are gathering all of the data on this. It is because they know what it is doing to people and what it is costing them. People are losing everything, and they are having a hard time getting it back and gaining the trust of the people out there.

However, with the AAC, they are going to make sure the addict knows they believe in them, and they know they can beat this. It’s only a matter of time for them. They have to focus on the journey and all that comes with it.

When they do that, they buy into what the AAC is doing, and they see they are for real. The person struggling with alcoholism is having a hard time trusting anyone these days. However, they will trust the AAC, as these people wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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How Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Meets The High Standards Of Their Customers

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Ltd. is a company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, just 600 miles south of Miami. Also known as NICE Global, they offer three services to their clients. They offer customer service that features agents who are properly trained, friendly, and knowledgeable. Their I.T. solutions are delivered by highly skilled employees that exceed customer expectations. They offer quality assurance that meets the highest standards of the nearshoring industry.

Jamaica’s Cazoumar Free Zone is an English speaking part of this island. Nearshore Inbound Call Experts chose this area to operate out of so they could provide the highest quality services to their customers across the United States. They are located just two miles from Montego Bay and five minutes from Sangster International Airport. This makes their office convenient for their customers and potential customers to visit.

They have over 130 employees working in their 65,000 SF facility. The working environment is kept comfortable by being fully air-conditioned, carpeted, and acoustical ceiling tiles. Employees also have access to first-class amenities that are expected to be part of a high-end call center.

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts invests in each one of their employees. They receive paid training that equips them to confidently help customers on inbound calls. The training ensures they can competently talk about NICE Global’s partnered brands. Treating people ethically is a core value that is also a highlight of the training.

One of the founders is Chief Operating Officer Paul Herdsman. He had been in the online customer acquisition and consumer software industries for 10 years. His core skills are sales, marketing, operations, and problem-solving. Paul Herdsman says his workdays are filled with the challenges of running a company with a lot of employees. He keeps things flexible to deal with unexpected challenges and tries to have fun with his job.

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Why Ted Bauman is a Successful Finance Editor

Getting the right advice in the finance section is becoming tough every day. The American consumer has to spend money before they can start their business. With professionals like Ted Bauman, however, people can access reading materials that help them to secure their wealth. The professional finance works with a leading online publishing company named Banyan Hill. There are three newsletters published by the executive, and all of them are doing exceptionally well in the market. The Bauman Letter, the Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club focus on helping the middle-class people about protecting their assets, dealing with international immigration issues and low-risk investment plans. The experienced economist lives in Atlanta. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

As a renowned expert in the world of finance, Ted Bauman values the interests of his customers. With his knowledge, he helps everyone to connect with the right resources so that they can become independent. His advice, fortunately, is working for millions of people in the corporate section. The business leader has interacted with many governments and global organizations. With his help, many people can now understand their governments and corporate greed.

Although the financial expert is an American citizen, he got his education from South Africa. His family relocated to Cape Town decades ago. After his degree in South Africa, Ted Bauman dedicated his career to helping families from the slums to own decent homes at affordable prices. Later on, the business leader landed top jobs with global organizations. As a consultant in global immigration issues, the businessperson did well. By the time he was joining Banyan Hill as an editor, he knew the challenges most immigrants had endured. The editor has followed his father’s example. Unlike other people who have luxury offices away from home, the Banyan Hill editor prefers to work from his office in the house. The businessperson says that he prefers to work from the Basement office so that he does not waste time in traffic. His family remains one of the most important aspects of his life. Before starting his daily activities, Ted Bauman ensures that his daughter has gone to school.

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Vijay Eswaran – Business Expert who Believes in Hardwork and Dedication to be Successful

In the world of multi-level marketing, there are very few people who can boast about the kind of success that Malaysian based entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran has achieved. He is a self-made millionaire whose success story continues to inspire thousands of young businessmen and entrepreneurs from across the globe, especially in the field of network marketing. Mostly, people have a different opinion about the multi-level and network marketing as for most people; it doesn’t work. Vijay Eswaran says that once you know the secret to success in the field of multi-level marketing, the sky is the limit. He has shared his knowledge, wisdom, and experience in the field of MLM with thousands of QI Group’s distributor and agents, spread in over ten countries today.

The knowledge he has shared and the training that QI Group provides to its members has helped millions of people in the emerging markets to achieve financial independence. The success of these people is backed by the robust line-up of products in the areas of retail, personal care, luxury items, manufacturing, health care, travel, publishing, corporate investments, and more. Vijay Eswaran studied socio-economic from the London School of Economics and then went on to study Masters in Business Administration in the United States at the Southern Illinois University. While abroad, Vijay Eswaran came to know about network marketing and how it can potentially change the lives of people. Whatever he learned about the MLM business abroad helped him start QI Group in 1998 after returning to Malaysia.

It went on to become a multi-million dollars MLM conglomerate, which has spread its wings across South Asia at a rapid pace. The QI Group continues to scale new heights of success under the leadership of its CEO and founder, Vijay Eswaran. He is an inspiration to those who come from a middle-class family and want something great out of their lives.

Nikin Khanna Sees a Future in Cannabis

In his career, which has spanned well over two decades, Nikin Khanna has received numerous accolades which show that he has been an influential figure in his field. He currently serves as CEO of MergerTech an investment bank based in Portland, Oregon. Khanna was born in India in 1971 and eventually studied at Purdue University and went on to earn a masters degree in industrial engineering from there as well. He went on to help to start tech company Saber Corp with his brother in 1999.

A serial entrepreneur, Khanna turned his attention towards the cannabis industry. He served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis Solutions, or CuraCann. The medical community, as well as government officials, are now recognizing the medical benefits of cannabis. The oil can help with anxiety, chronic pain, and other medical issues. The company sells oil and cannabis vape cartridges and will soon expand to Nevada, California, and Oregon. He even has Canada in his sights and hopes to be the largest supplier of cannabis worldwide. He envisions the company offering edible products as well. There are various tests that the products have to go through in order to be sold. In Oregon, for example, they are tested for potency and pesticide residue. The company’s goal is to provide the best quality product and the results are available on the company’s website.

Khanna also sits on the advisory boards of several companies including Vendscreen, TiE Oregon and Freewire Broadbank. With Mergertech, he is able to act as an investor helping start-up small, mobile companies in Portland

Khanna is not all work and no play. He is a self-taught DJ. While he’s not getting paid for it, its one of his quirky habits. Nitin Khanna is a well-rounded individual who is sure to be a force in business for many years to come.

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Genucel Teaching How to Protect the Skin

People around or over the age of fifty-five has been going with a phrase of “Too Little, Too Late” when it comes with aging and skincare routines. It usually starts from a young age when people do not take steps to protect themselves and that includes themselves from the sun. Most people in their current fifties have missed an opportunity to begin skincare protection in their younger years. Genucel points to starting a healthy skincare practice and safe during the summer is of utmost importance. Guncel has the latest products to help with keeping people skin radiant and healthy that is applicable to anyone of any age.

Staying hydrated and moisturized is a requirement to stay healthy. For women drinking eight cups of water every day will help the skin last longer in its youthful stages. Drinking water is beneficial not just for the skin but for the organs when waking up and it helps with keeping with the elasticity of one’s skin. Whenever someone is hydrated then giving the skin the need moisturizer can help keep all at extra moisturizer. Genucel by Chamonix also has a moisturizing that can assist with this especially around the facial area. It contains all the necessary building blocks for healthy skin but also it is gentle on said skin.

According to, Genucel also supports using SPF-based cream at the start of people’s day. It is a decent way to make it apart of the skin routine for the day to day life. It will stop age causing UV rays, gives needed moisturization, and hygiene. The SPF would also have a specific label called broad spectrum in order to block out the UVs properly.

People who wash their face twice a day is in a better standing to avoiding the many pollutants that would be on your face and could possibly cause ailments down the road. Using face wash products like Chamonix to stop the pollutant from ravaging your face and health. Having a decent face wash routine is extremely beneficial down the road. For other areas of the face of skin, there are products that can help specific areas that are in need of care. Genucel has a treatment for eyes and jaws that can keep those eyes look firm, plump, and youthful even in the older stages of life.

It is still about taking care of yourself starting with your skin to your deeper cells. Being able to enjoy the weather and healthy skin. For more info about Genucel visit


An Overview of Betterworks Performance Management Software


Betterworks has been offering its services since 2013. The company mainly deals with organizational tools that can help to enhance the productivity of any corporation while also focusing on improving the profit margins. Betterworks has mainly specialized in goal science. When using Betterworks, it is possible to come up with different objectives while also keeping track of the firm’s progress. The performance management software offered by the corporation also has lots of unique features; these features help to ensure that the team is focused accordingly depending on the company’s objectives.

In every corporation, reporting and understanding the workplace data is more of a tedious task, which is also time-consuming. Fortunately, Betterworks has been simplifying such tasks while also ensuring that companies can also set their goals. Although Betterworks offers a feature-rich functionality and scalability, the main issue is the cost of procuring its performance management software. Some of the Betterworks features include:

Objectives and Key Results

Betterworks ensures that managers have access to tools that can help them to measure progress while also assigning objectives. The performance management software offered by the company also ensures that managers can get some feedback while also ensuring that everything within the organization is progressing as expected.

Feedback Culture

The coworkers and the managers can provide feedback since the Betterworks performance management software ensures that there is transparency. It is also possible for the HR manager to keep track of the individuals who are not providing feedback.

The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management software is suited for the corporations that are looking for a tool that can enhance growth while also ensuring that there is efficient communication within the firm.

Carsten Thiel’s Work Leads to More Effective and More Ethical Pharmaceutical Care

Medical Daily Times released an article in March of 2019 that highlights some of the advancements in medicines and patient care that have resulted from efforts by Carsten Thiel. Not only are Thiel’s contributions to the world of medicine covered, but some of his personal life is covered too.

The article reveals that Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany. Before he would enter his professional career that led to his current title as President of Europe for EUSA Pharma, Thiel would first obtain a quality education. He studied at Marburg, the University of Bristol, and then finally the Max Planck Institute. At the last stop he would receive his PhD in Molecular Biology.

Hoffman La-Roche would be his first place of employment. Here he would work his way into new responsibilities and put his hand on new developments. One of those developments was the weight loss product, Xenical. The pharmaceutical was a success. Thiel would then help form Vectibix, a pharmaceutical to help colon cancer patients. This was done at a different employer, Amgen.

Carsten Thiel has been a leader in developing several other successful pharmaceuticals. Among those developments are the medications Strensiq, Prolia, Vectibix and Neulasta. Thiel’s medications have been known to treat all types of conditions that impact people of all ages. He has worked on the leading research and product developments to help fight diseases like cancer and conditions like obesity, osteoporosis and hypophosphatasia.

Thiel’s focus has not just been on product development, but also on ensuring that patients get the right type of care. He has remained committed to the ethics of pharmaceutical technology, while making sure that companies release medications in a timely manner.

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Matthew Fleeger’s Experience Is Helping To Grow Gas And Oil

Matthew Fleeger is the big name behind Gulf Coast Western as their Chief Executive Officer and President. While the company may have originally been founded by his father, he has done a great job following in his footsteps and making the business even better. Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are bringing big things to the oil and gas industry in the United States in efforts to make it better. The company that was founded in 1970 is headquartered out of Dallas, Texas but has other locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas as well.

One of the areas that Matthew Fleeger has been working hard to expand is Southwestern Louisiana. They have already managed to expand their footprint considerably thanks to 2 different partnerships that operate in the area. By bringing together all of these resources as well as the talent in the different companies that are partnered with Gulf Coast Western, they have been able to make some big developments that are being talked about all throughout the natural gas and oil industry in the United States. The story of Gulf Coast Western is truly one as big as Texas and it looks like it may be getting even bigger soon.

Aside from the success that Matthew Fleeger has managed to have while growing the family oil industry, he has also done well for himself in other industries. He is also considered one of the major leaders in the tanning industry who opened some of the biggest tanning salon chains in the entire United States. He had also founded a company that focused on disposing of medical waste from many different facilities. The company was eventually sold to Stericycle. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Business Administration degree and has years of marketing and finance experience.

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