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David McDonald’s Innovations shape the Future of the Food Industry

David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, was born and raised in the Northeast of Lowa. He graduated from Lowa University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. It is after graduation that McDonald began his successful career journey. He started with OSI group over 30 years ago as a project manager, from the first day he joined the company he showed strong will and enthusiasm and did everything necessary to attain success. This commitment has seen him rise through the ranks to earning him the role of the company as the President. He also chairs the North American Meat Institute. OSI is the premier global food processing firm with a worldwide reach: supplying food items to major companies across the globe. McDonald has had a significant role in the company towards its tremendous growth in unmatched international food supplier firm.

With the current massive changes evident with this 21stcentury, OSI has been able to adjust appropriately and remain at the top of the game in the food industry. David McDonald McDonald has triggered vibrant and strategic changes in the company while maintaining the founding core values and vision of the company. Under David McDonald watch, the company purchased Baho Food; Dutch Company in Europe that gave OSI a significant competitive advantage in Europe. Additionally, they purchased the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago to increase the company’s operational base. McDonald says that his company’s key strategy to success is their ability to create a dynamic and successful partnership.

With each of the partners being a key player, and having a good knowledge of the culture therein, enables them to understand customer needs better and be able to balance variables affecting decision making and expenditures. Further, under the leadership of visionary David McDonald, OSI has merged with an Australian poultry processor, Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. in efforts to gain command over global markets. On the other hand, McDonald is a philanthropist; he is involved in various charitable activities in Lowa State community and supporting agricultural programs at the Lowa state university. Further, he assists students from Lowa State to acquire internships in various corporations and also he is a committed donor of the “Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund.”

Ted Bauman offers tips to avoid rip off in large hospitals

One of the things that worry many Americans today is the cost of emergency medical care. According to Ted Bauman, an expert in wealth protection, today’s healthcare system is a big business and consumers need to be protected from it. When you go to a hospital, you do not know how the cost of medication will be arrived at. However, a bill will be presented to you, but no explanation will be given. Ted, as a financial expert is sharing tips with consumers of the health industry on what they can do to avoid rip-off from large hospitals.

According to Ted Bauman, among the first things you should do is to research the hospital emergency rooms options available in your area. You need to know the emergency rooms that accept insurance as well as the cost for various services offered. By taking this precaution, by the time you have an emergency case, you will already know what to expect as the cost of medication.

Ted Bauman has a lot of experience in wealth protection and one of the lessons he offers to readers of his newsletter, the Bauman Letter, is on how to avoid a rip-off. One of the options that he gives to his readers is that they should have a preferred emergency room where they should be taken in case of an emergency.

If the medical need is not life-threatening, Ted Bauman is advising people to consider seeking urgent care instead of the emergency room. The charges for emergency care are less compared to the emergency room. By seeking services through the urgent room, you are even more likely to get medical assistance than in the case of the emergency room.

Ted Bauman is an internationally recognized financial advisor. He holds a degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. From his experience working with various organizations in different parts of the world, he has come to understand that there is nothing more important than being able to protect yourself from exploitation by larger businesses. He is therefore focused on helping the people to get important information on how they should approach various issues, one among them being emergency hospital services.


Facts About Depression You Didn’t Know About – How Neurocore Can Help

Neurocore is by far one of the most unique companies today. They have built a solution that can help improve overall cognitive function and lead you down the path that’s going to help you overcome mental blocks. Neurocore is capable of helping you bet out anxiety, ADHD, depression, among other mental illnesses. Neurocore utilizes the most unique technology to date to deliver powerful brain training with neurofeedback and brainwave development. Utilizing this unique technology allows for the brain to train and gain vital knowledge and information to be used as effectively as possible. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore is by far one of the best companies to work with if you’d like to accomplish more development and mental health improvement.

– Unknown Symptoms

There are many unknown symptoms involved with depression and how it can affect. It can hinder your growth and development in many ways. For example, being depressed can cause you serious physical pain. That mental stress can lead to a sense of exhaustion throughout your lower back, legs, and chest. Your joints may experience a sense of fatigue as well. There is also a sense of irritability you may deal with very often, so a lack of patience is oftentimes there. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

– Depression Can Affect Anyone of Any Age

Understand that depression can affect you in many ways and of any age. Depression hits you when you are in your older years or even in your early teens. Anybody of any age can deal with depression. It can hinder anyone’s life in an instant. It is sad seeing somebody struggle with the pain of depression. The fact is that depression can stop you from living your full potential no matter how young or old you are.

Depression is not easy to deal with. The way the mind is operating can hinder your growth. The key is to know how to handle the situation and understand the aspects of your development. Getting help through Neurocore is the best way to go because it opens the door for training the brain to know how to process thoughts and emotions. Your brain is a systematic functioning part of you that just needs to know how to operate as professionally as possible. Depression is merely its way of functioning normally, but with the way Neurocore changes how your brain operates, it will help you zone in on what you must do to grow effectively to overcome the depression.

Check: Will Be Michelin’s Exclusive Partner in China is the e-commerce giant that has revolutionized the online retail business. The company’s mission to have people order what they want, when they want, and where they means that are the undisputed leader. It is part of its Boundaryless Retail Vision. has over 300 million customers around China, and it can deliver most of its products in one or two days. The company can access 99% of China due to its innovative technology that includes drones and driverless delivery vehicles. has recently announced its latest partnership. It already has exclusive deals with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment. It is now the only retailer that will sell Michelin products around China. It comes as no surprise, as has been growing its automotive department. It has created JD Auto Service. Michelin is also the most respected name in automotive products. It has never allowed a company to sell its products until now. Customers will be able to seamlessly integrate their online and offline purchasing.

For anyone who buys Michelin products, they will also receive the best professional installation of the tires. Having ordered the product online, will send the tires to an official offline retailer who will use the latest technology to install the tires. TYREPLUS offers the best service for automotive installation, and it is all part of the service when customers use will use its giant infrastructure and the latest in delivery technology to ensure customers receive their tires in the fastest possible way.

The deal will allow Michelin to access the millions of Chinese consumers who desire the best possible products delivered using ultra efficient processing and delivery service. The fact that Michelin has trusted to be the official retailer in China shows how highly they think of the retail giant.

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Agera Energy and Its Input in the Sector

In the energy sector, Agera Energy is a leader in the provision of natural gas as well as supplying electricity in the United States. Agera supplies to both residential and business clients. Large scale and small scale clients needing power for commercial purposes come to Agera.

What To Expect

At Agera Energy, clients have come to expect a wide variety of products and services. Some of the deliverables at the company include: natural gas, renewable energy, and customized electricity. To meet the clients unique demands, Agera Energy has multiple billing options, flexible contracts and after sales services. With this dedication, Agera has grown to serve 16 markets and more than 50 utilities.


Agera leads the way in the energy sector by providing Led retrofit, natural gas and renewable energy. It also has a foot print in retail energy and electricity supply. Agera Energy prides itself for being an energy supply one-stop-shop.

Residential Customers

Majority of the residential clients we serve prefer online shopping. This option is hailed for the ease of enrollment and the ability to receive renewal information well ahead of time. Customers are also able to access market intelligence and green energy options. The ability to get rate plans is also another attraction that keeps clients online.


Agera Energy has the sole purpose of simplifying energy buying for clients in the long term, that is, for good. The idea is to focus on the clients’ needs so that they can in turn focus on their homes and enterprises. The choice of Agera guarantees clients a simple enrollment process, transparency, flexible billing, timely notifications in cases of renewal of agreement and competitive pricing among other things. Creates Lulu to Help with Child Safety is the world’s largest retailer, and it has been designing some of the most ground-breaking technology to help with its massive infrastructure. The logistics for an operation the size of is enormous. The company can process and deliver most orders within one or two days, and it can deliver to 99% of China. It is using some of that technology in the drones that it uses and the driverless robot delivery vehicles it has in operation.

It is now using some of that technology to make the world safer. It is using Augmented Reality (AR) to bring awareness to children about the dangers of talking to strangers. is using the well-known children’s book “Ich geh doch nicht mit Jedem mit!” (“I’m not going with everyone!”) by Dagmar Geisler. It is a book that millions across China already know. For everyone who orders a copy of the book, they will receive four new scenarios in AR form. They will be presented by the adorable Lulu. Jingdong makes the scenarios fun and entertaining even though they deal with very serious issues. She is able to explain things in a way that children will be able to understand.

It is a problem that is particularly troubling in China where there are 220 million children. While parents may spend time explaining these issues to their children, it will be a new way to engage them in order to learn these safety tools. will continue to invest heavily in the latest technology, and many of its 300 million customers are already using AR as part of their shopping experience. AR has been used in selling clothes and make-up. The company also feels it has a responsibility to use that technology to make China a safer place, and Lulu is just one example of that.

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Randy Nardone: His Journey and Contribution at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of the largest alternative investments company, Fortress Investment Group. He amongst other two principals, Peter Briger and Wes Edens started the company in 1998. Randal Nardoneand Peter Briger manages investments on behalf of the firm for New York clients. Randal Nardonewas the CEO of the Investment company until the year 2003. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardonewas a Managing Director at UBS till May 1998. He also worked at BlackRock Financial Management as a Principal. He also worked as a principle at a law firm in Mexico. Randy is an alumnus of Boston School of law and University of Connecticut where he studied law and Biology respectively.

At Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nordone is actively involved in various activities. He is the chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings. He has co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust in 1999 which he has also been Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Vice President. While joining Fortress Investment Group, Randal was motivated to make the future better for the people. The goal of Fortress was in line with his ambition and he put in his skills to make the company and the people successful. Randal Nardone remained committed towards his cause. He did whatever it took including changing the way the company worked.

The company grew bigger and more successful and reciprocated this to the clients. He continued looking for more opportunities to keep expanding. When SoftBank offered to acquire Fortress Investment Group, Randal could not hesitate to take up the offer. The acquisition provided more opportunities for the company to continue to expand and improve the lives of the people. The commitment of Randal Nardone and the co-principals towards the company has greatly contributed to its growth. He spearheads the controlled investments in North America and the Carribean. Randal Nardone was recently named by the Forbes Magazine billionaire list as position 557. His contribution and that of the co-founders makes Fortress Investment Group a go to company on matters alternative investment.

Michael Nierenberg Has Worked In Many Companies Offering Quality services

Michael Nierenberg is the Chief Executive Officer, the President and the Chairperson of the New Residential Investment Corp. The company is one of the well-performing investment firms in the United States. It mainly ventures in real estate, event-driven situations, and long term investment businesses. It has experts who offer quality services such as investment servicer advances, offering associated call rights, investments on agency residential mortgage backed securities, providing excess mortgage servicing rights.The firm also provides returns which are used in growing and strengthening of dividends to shareholders. Nierenberg is the manager and the one responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth and prosperity.

He is a highly prolific investment officer and an entrepreneur in the United States. Michael Nierenberg has worked in many companies offering quality services and helping the companies leverage their profits and productivity. Michael plays an essential role in the investment sector, and he has helped many investment companies to scale to greater heights. Michael is a highly reputable investor and very proffessional businessman who holds a masters degree in business administartion.

Before he started working with New Residential Investment firm, Michael used to be a Managing Director of Fortress Investment Company., which is one of the leading investment firms in the United States. The firm’s affiliates serve as the external managers and advisors to New Residential Investment Corp. Initially he was a managing director at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was also employed as the head of securitized products and global mortgages of the company.

Michael has also worked with JP Morgan Company assuming the position of the Head of Global Securitised products of the company. He was also included in the company’s board of directors. Prior to working with JP Morgan, Michael Nirenberg was working at Bear Stearns company where he served the firm for ten years. He has worked in the company assuming different positions some of them include: head of Global investments, head of global securitized mortgage backed trading’s, head of foreign exchange businesses, head of interest rates, and co-head officer of securitized products structures.

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Madison Street Capital Triumphs

After being awarded “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year”, the Madison Street Capital reputation has been moved in a positive light.

Madison Street Capital is a firm that falls in the investment banking industry and provides services to both publicly and privately held businesses. These services typically fall in the category of investment advisory and include:

  • Capital Raise
  • Sell-Side Advisory
  • Buy-Side Advisory
  • Valuations-Financial Opinions
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Tax Planning

Their approach to their advisory services is an inclusive one as they not only attempt to understand what each customer’s needs are, but they also set out to understand the workings in the environment and operations of each customer.

Understanding of the world of corporate finance from supporting businesses for many years has equipped Madison Street Capital with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide their services efficiently.

It is for this reason that they were able to adequately pull of an incredible job with Sachs Capital Group and were given the award by M&A Advisor. They served as the sole advisor to Sach’s Capital Group on their take-private of RMG Networks. The Madison Street Capital effort was led by Senior Managing DireThe winner in the category was named at the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards alongside winners for other categories such as Sector Deal of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Professional of the Year and Turnaround Product/Service for the year.

Charles Botchway, CEO and Founder of Madison Street Capital expressed gratitude to the team members involved and alluded to what the award means for the Madison Street Capital reputation, as he stated that the award brought the firm’s ability to navigate complex transactions to light.

The award ceremony is to take place on March 2018 in Palm Beach, Florida at a black-tie gala.


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HGGC Is Marking Its Footprint as A Leading Private Equity Firm In The Globe

In the year 2007, a group of partners led by Robert Gay and Jon Huntsman came together. They established what is now one of the leading private equity firms in the globe. At the time, Gay was a well-connected managing director at Bain Capital, and Huntsman was the CEO-cum-founder of a manufacturing company named after him. Bringing together their know-how, they founded H&G Capital Partners.
The firm kicked off on a high note. The name, however, became an issue due to its similarity with that of another firm called HIG Capital. Following the filling of a lawsuit by HIG Capital, H&G Capital Partners had to change its title to Huntsman and Gay Global Capital in honor of its two senior most founding partners. This title was however short-lived as in the year 2013, following the departure of both of these partners; the firm adopted the title HGGC.
Its growth and operation
Over the years, the company has managed to acquire 4.3 billion dollars’ worth of cumulative capital. Additionally, the firm boasts of seventeen billion dollars’ worth of platform investments, acquisitions, liquidity and recapitalization endeavors, recapitalization transactions and leveraged buyouts.
HGGC is mainly invested in mid-cap and middle market companies that are both in the public and private sector. Furthermore, it has a keen interest in companies that are in the process of adapting to new technology. Such companies like car dealerships, insurance companies, and grocery stores are on a path to great expansion which will lead to more income. Additionally, HGGC invests in a number of industries including technology, healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, chemicals, software and information service sectors among others.
A crucial requirement that HGGC has when it comes to companies it invests in is that they must have a hundred up to five hundred million dollars’ worth of enterprise value, annual revenue ranging between a hundred million and a billion dollars and an EBITDA of fifteen million up to seventy-five million dollars. The reason is that HGGC places investments of up to a hundred and twenty-five million dollars and not less than twenty-five million; hence the companies must match up to these amounts