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Clay Siegall Creates Innovate Medicine

The website Ideamensch recently conducted an interview with Clay Siegall, who is a scientific researcher with a passion for helping patients. In the interview he expands on several aspects of his professional life. The inspiration behind his life saving work with Seattle Genetics came from his incident with his father. Due to the limited options at the time, he watched his father fall to cancer over several years. That was the moment when he made it his goal to develop medicines that are better than what is presently on the market. The power of collaboration has been a major driver of his success.

Each and every entrepreneur has a unique quirk that makes the business run. Clay Siegall takes great pride in being able to interact with some of the greatest minds in the industry. After over 30 years in the industry, he has come to learn that he may not in fact know everything. During the interview he describes how he was overconfident during his 20s and 30s. However, it was that driving passion that allowed him to end up where he is today.

His career dates back to 1988 under the National Cancer Institute, followed by working for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute until 1997. He actively serves on several boards within the field, and has won numerous awards. Clay Siegall presently working at his company Seattle Genetics, where he and his team have created medicines that revolutionize treatment options. They have partnered with numerous companies to share and research materials into the creation of innovative medicine.

The world of medical science is one where new innovations are made on the daily basis. Sometimes its Clay Siegall and his team who are making life saving medicines. He current has over three decades of experience, and seen opportunities open up that he never thought possible. The goal of Seattle Genetics is to create medicines that save as many individuals as possible. They are already well under way to that goal with several patients and FDA approvals under their belt.

The rise of Southridge Capital


Southridge is a company in Connecticut that provides securities brokerage and investment banking in the East Coast of America’s investors. The company that founded in 1996 is now one of the most successful investment banking companies in the region. He did a in Administration and his post-graduate degree from the New York-based Fordham University. All his knowledge is attributed to his willingness to learn and embrace more from the company.


Crunchbase Recap article.

In the ever-changing business environment with a lot of uncertainties, Steven Hick, the chief executive officer of Southbridge Capital has continued to give the investors the much-needed hope in the investment. His main task in the firm is managing the development and execution of the business in the firm. His main ambition and commitment were helping his company remain on the competitive edge despite the economic situation.


His undergraduate degree from the King’s College in Briarcliff, and specializing in B. Sc. Administration, Mr. Hicks has managed to push his brand to the market. He further did his post-graduate MBA at Fordham University and now he owns Southbridge Capital.


Steven Hick’s Ideamensch interview

He is the principal and CEO of Southernbridge capital. The idea of starting his practice came into existence while he was working for a small hedge fund in the New York city where the manager decided to run to Australia. He replaced him, but still, he was allowed to start his venture while still working with the hedge fund. His day begins with reviewing the portfolio and planning on the accomplishment of the day from him and the staff as well. His main task then is divided into looking for new opportunities and maintaining the existing customers.


He further said that the next investment that he would like to venture into is the cryptocurrency world. What gives him the need to press more is the ability to retain his customers and that he has brought one more investor for him. He always feels like he has accomplished a lot for achieving all the tasks that come with handling the customers as well as the investor’s needs. For more info you can visit




A Story of Industrious Immigrants

OSI Industries is one of the largest food producers in the United States, and the world for that matter. From humble beginnings as a small butcher shop in Chicago, Sheldon Lavin, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OSI, squarely places credit for the success of this company on its ability to constantly embrace innovations in the food manufacturing sector.

OSI Industries really had a breakthrough when early on, they became the primary supplier of McDonald’s restaurants. That was a big contract for OSI and they went on to serve McDonald’s needs, as well as the needs of several industries with their commitment to excellence and desire to be the best. Success does not happen by accident, but rather it is the result of making concerted efforts to achieve it and OSI is illustrious of this.

Nearly 50 years ago, when Sheldon Lavin was working in a bank as an investment manager and executive, he met with the officers of then Otto and Sons as they were looking for a bank loan to expand their operations. It was likely not just the expansion that galvanized Mr. Lavin, but was likely the scope of those plans. They were aggressive plans and Mr. Lavin helped them get the funding they sought, then 5 years later, when Mr. Lavin was helping Otto and Sons get more funding for international expansion, he was made a partner in the company.

OSI Industries is a true American success story, made possible by the hard work and diligence of German immigrants. They had been in the United States just 2 years when Otto Kolschowsky started his modest butcher shop in Chicago. We will likely never know if he saw the enormous success he was launching with the start of his butcher shop, but what can be gleaned from his moves is that he was only here 2 years before he started his own business. The short period of time that he was in the states, before starting his own business, was likely an auspicious, leading indicator as to the eventual success he would enjoy.

Sheldon Lavin was likely a linchpin to their success, bringing his knowledge of banking and investing when he joined the company, and going on to help them navigate international waters. OSI Industries now is about as successful as a company could be, employing over 20,000 people and operating in over 17 countries.


HCR Wealth Advisors – Los Angeles Investment Advisory Firm

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm, or, sometimes referred to as an RIA firm, based out of Los Angeles, California. HCR Wealth Advisors is in the business of servicing high net worth individuals. The team works to establish relationships through education and service. This allows them to develop a personalized financial strategy for each client.


Wealth advisors take the time to understand their clients and financial needs. The goal is to develop strategy to help clients in reaching their personalized financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors works to help protect its clients avoid risk. They also educate clients on potential investment strategies. This means that the financial strategy formed is tailored towards the needs of the client. It can also change over time, as appropriate, to account for changes in a client’s financial situation and needs and long-term wealth management goals.


This broad approach in financial planning allows for personalized financial strategies that also recognize that life-changing events may necessitate the need for an adjustment to the client’s investment strategy. Many clients of HCR Wealth Advisors stay with the firm for decades. By paying close attention to the needs of the clients, instead of the personal desires of the individual financial representative, clients benefit from a wealth investment strategy that is best tailored for them.


The team at HCR Wealth Advisors puts the needs of its clients first. They take the time to get to know the clients and strive to build personal connections based on understanding of the needs of the clients as well as proper education on investment strategy that fits the personalized needs and situation of each client.


HCR Wealth Advisors is up front with its fees. They are fully disclosed and are reasonable.  The firm offers financial planning with a holistic approach that also includes consulting, wealth management, insurance services, and business services. This Los Angeles, California registered investment advisory firm provides a broad and holistic approach to developing a wealth management strategy.


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Betsy DeVos: The Educational Reformer Helping Improve Schools In America

Betsy DeVos is someone who has stood as a strong woman and a fighter in the face of opposition. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked for the betterment of the school system in the country and has been working to give a bright future to the children of America. A lot of the work that Betsy has been doing through the years has been with the aim of improving this system and putting together something that would work for the benefit of all.



DeVos has always believed in the power of improving the educational institutions in the country. One of the first movements that she had come forward in support of was the school charter movement. This was a movement that came into existence after the drawbacks of the public school system were brought to light. Children all over the country deserve a range of facilities that can help them with their intellectual, social and emotional development. However, not all schools in the country were able to provide children with the necessities that they needed to be able to grow and develop. More often than not, these facilities were simply not offered because the schools could not afford them. Public schools are run on taxpayers money, and this money is not always enough for all the students in these schools. Because of this, DeVos knew that the only way children in America would be able to receive the right kind of education was by transforming schools to charter schools so that they could depend on private organizations to be able to provide all the essentials that children need.



Even though educational reform has become the center of her professional life, it is also something that DeVos actively focused on while trying to engage in philanthropic activities. She has always been someone who has worked to help people as much as possible, and forming her charitable organization was one of the best ways to do that. With the help of her husband, DeVos started up the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization with a focus on helping people in America.



Education was one of the main focal points of this organization, and through this, DeVos was able to help hundreds of children who could not afford a good education. Because of this organization, these children were able to see a new sense of hope in their lives.


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Fortress Investment Group Has Made A Big Move Involving The Wi-Fi Industry:

Powerhouse financial firm Fortress Investment Group has been changing up and adding to its strategy in regard to investment. The firm is now offering investors a stake in iPass through a completely secured investment. iPass is one of the worlds leading global connectivity providers and the funding related to this huge deal is total $20 million. Backing and securing this loan are the extensive assets of iPass. SmartConnect is part of those assets.

The largest Wi-Fi network in the world that can allow businesses and consumers to always be able to access Wi-Fi is iPass. One of the top benefits that iPass offers is the act that its services are provided for an unlimited number of user devices. iPass will have 340 million hotspots by the end of the 2018 calendar year. The deal makes a great investment for Fortress Investment Group because of the value the firm gains due to the exponential growth potential of Wi-Fi technology.

Fortress Investment Group originally began back in 1998. It holds the proud distinction of being the first ever private equity investment firm to list as public. Part of the group’s goal from its beginning was to set trends in the financial industry. Because of this, Fortress Investment Group places heavy focus on investing in areas in which the returns its clients yield are risk-adjusted. In 2014, Fortress Investment Group had the proud honor of being named as the Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year and that is only one of the many honors the organizations garnered in its twenty years in business.

As far as iPass and its business fortunes are concerned, it is highly likely that it is going to be able to gain an advantage competitively speaking with the $20 million funding. There is no reason to believe that secure Wi-Fi will cease being an outstanding investment anytime in the foreseeable future. This amazing deal between Fortress and iPass will only serve to bolster the portfolios of both of these amazing organizations. It is yet another great move by Fortress to further garner the confidence of its shareholders.