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Securus Technologies Changing the Way Officers Do Their Jobs

Each day I report for work at the local prison, I have to trust that my fellow officers and the resources afforded to us will help protect us during the day. These inmates are becoming more violent each day, and if we can not take a proactive approach to keeping the peace, then we could all be heading home in a body bag. Thanks to resources like that of Securus Technologies, we can now maintain order and protect one another in ways like we have never done before.


Part of the reason for the increase in violence, these inmates are having an easy time getting drugs and weapons into the jail on a regular basis. In the past, me and my team would be spread thin in the jail trying to cover all possible entry points. Even using scanners in the visitor center and drug-sniffing dogs in the inmate cells, we still are finding it challenging to stop the flow of contraband into the hands of these violent inmates.


Securus Technologies has been installing call monitoring systems in many jails around the country for years. These system do the work over many officers, scanning the calls the inmates make for things like conversations about drugs, fighting, and weapons. The LBS software can alert officers of the potential trouble and my tram can not get there before these incidents are allowed to take place.


Since the company installed their monitoring service, we have seen a huge drop in violent episodes inside the prison. The LBS software alerted my team an inmate was expected crack from his sister, and during their meeting in the visitor center, we were able to confiscate those drugs before it reached the rest of the inmates. Things like this will eventual make out work environment safer for all.


The Incredible Life Story of Betsy DeVos

Women are stepping up and contributing to the society’s development. We are seeing women in businesses, politics, sports, and generally in all the sectors. Most of them are doing great in the leadership positions and earning the respect they deserve. It’s no longer a man’s world but a world with opportunities to all types of people in the community. Betsy DeVos is among the women who have made it in politics, a segment that was considered manly for a quite some time in history. She’s one of the most influential women in the United States holding the 11nth and current United States Secretary of Education post. Betsy is also a well-established businesswoman in America.


Betsy DeVos was born as Elizabeth Prince in Holland on January 8. 1958. She was the daughter of Edgar Prince, the owner of Prince Corporation, a company that supplies automobile parts in Holland in Michigan. The mother was Elsa Prince, and the family was well off with a lot to offer Elizabeth. Betsy joined a private school called the Holland Christian High School in Michigan. Later in 1979, she advanced to the Calvin College in Grand Rapids and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in business economics. In campus, Betsy got the opportunity of participating in the school’s politics. Betsy is a woman of strong faith, and she holds positions in several Christian groups.


DeVos passion for politics has enabled her in life. She has held several posts in the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. Betsy had also been involved in the re-election campaign of Bush in 2004. She raised over $150000 for the campaign on her own. In the 2016 presidential election of the United States, Betsy was also involved. In the business world, DeVos is also successful. She is the Windquest Group’s Chairwoman, a company that is involved in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. The company was started in 1989 by Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos, her husband. The two have also been involved with a company called Neurocore. The company’s primary goal is to offer therapy that is appropriate to combat brain disorders such as anxiety, depression, autism and much more.


Betsy was nominated by Donald Trump to be the United States Secretary of Education in 2016. The nomination was later confirmed, and she was voted as the Education Secretary. Betsy has also been involved with charity work and is a known philanthropy. Together with her husband, they started the Dick & Betsy Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation goal is to support key areas such as leadership, arts, community, education, and justice. The group has donated to different Christian schools, health research organizations, hospitals, art organizations and much more. The family’s contribution has been estimated to $ 139 million donated to charity.


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