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Rodrigo Terpins is an Epitome of Hard Work and Determination; Traits that Lets Him Shine in all Facets of His Careers

Rodrigo Terpins is a good example that a person can succeed in both sports and business careers as long as one is dedicated and persistent. A graduate from Saint Hilaire, Rodrigo Terpins has worked hard to accomplish greatness in his careers. You can visit reportermaceio to know more.

Sports run in the Terpins’ Family

Rodrigo Terpins hails from a sporty family. His father, Jack Terpins is a basketball enthusiast. He participated in the sport during his youth in the 60s and 70s before shifting to real estate. Michel Terpins, Rodrigo’s brother, is a rally driver. Rodrigo inherited his dedication and passion in sports from his father, traits that he keeps showcasing in his career as a rally driver in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Sao Paulo-based Bull Sertoes Rally Team together with his brother. Rodrigo Terpins participates in the game with his partner, Fabricio Bianchini. Together, the duo has recorded marvelous performance in the game that is considered tough to many.

Marvelous Record

In August 2014, the two partners participated in the Sertoes Rally in its 22nd edition. They were able to finish eighth in overall ranking in the 2600 kilometers car race. The race had seven stages and two states, Goias and Minas Gerais. The game had attracted 38 competitors. In addition to finishing in the eighth position, they were able to achieve podium finishes twice in the Prototypes Category T1, grabbing the third position. Bound on the car labeled no 326, Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini had praises for the race. They had enjoyed the participation that had called for their total dedication. Rodrigo Terpins termed his partnership with Fabricio as great. By merging the great partnership with a competitive car and a dedicated support team of 10, the pair deserved the success. For more details visit comunique-se

Career in Business

Besides being a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins leads a career in business. For 16 years between April 1991 and March 2007, Rodrigo worked for Lojas Marisa as the operations manager. He used to perform strategic planning, commercial automation electronic commerce, and depot imports among other duties. After leaving the firm, he joined T5 Participacoes based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins has been the principal at the company for close to ten years now.

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