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George Soros Fights The World Over To Establish A Common Truth

George Soros is no stranger to the multiple stigmas of otherness. He fights for the rights of those suffering discrimination due to their sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc. overcome the various challenges that threaten to limit their ability to thrive in the societies in which they live. As the Founder of the Open Society Foundation he has spent decades fighting for the truth that resonates within him,”That no philosophy or ideology is the final arbiter of truth. Societies flourish when there exists true democratic governance, citizens have the freedom of expression in all of its forms, and respect for individual rights are maintained. Soros strives to achieve that truth through the myriad of organizations and individuals receiving support through the Open Society Foundation. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros, The Man

George Soros (Originally named Gyorgy Schwartz) was born at a time in Hungary when Jews or those of Jewish origin were held largely responsible for its post-WWI state of affairs. A series of anti-semitic laws, policies, and right-wing racial propaganda continued to increasingly exclude, isolate, and marginalize Hungarians of Jewish descent economically and socially. The escalating levels of persecution of the Jewish people prompted his father Tividar Schwartz to change the family surname to Soros in 1936 as a means of survival. Disassociating from their true origins in such an increasingly racialized anti-semitic atmosphere made it possible for the Soros family to survive the Nazi invasion and occupation of Hungary in 1944.

In 1947 George Soros emigrated to England where he engaged in educational pursuits at the London School of Economics and Political Science. During his time there he studied the writings of Sir Karl Raimund Popper an Austrian-British philosopher of science and professor. Karl Popper’s “The Open Society and its Enemies”, the content of which served as his critique of totalitarianism, profoundly influenced the mindset of Soros. George Soros determined that “no ideology owns the truth, and that societies can flourish only when they operate freely and openly and maintain respect for individual rights.” It was a realization that would dwell in his psyche long after graduating from London School of Economics and Political Science in 1952. Read this story at about George Soros.

In 1956, George Soros began an increasingly successful career as a Wall Street financial professional. In 1973 he established the Soros Fund (currently named the Quantum Fund endowment) which led to his eventual multi-billionaire status. The vast wealth amassed by George Soros became the means to fulfill a purpose greater than himself. In 1979 he began to pursue philanthropic endeavors which led to the establishment of the Open Society Foundations in 1984.

Doe Deere Expands Unicorn Product Line to Hair Products

Doe Deere has become a fierce competitor in the world of cosmetics. She has become a person manage to take her creative colors cosmetics to a completely different level. She has introduced the world to some semi-permanent hair dye and fantasy shades of lipstick.

The interesting style of cosmetics Doe Deere has brought to the forefront gives people a true alternative look. There are several shades like Acid fairy, Cleopatra and Black Unicorn that get quite a bit of Buzz on social media. These are are very interesting color schemes that appear to be glittery and unlike anything else that may be offered by Lime Crime rivals like CoverGirl.

Doe Deere originally started with the Unicorn Makeup and now she has transitioned into the Unicorn Hair. She has stated that this was a process that was 3 years in the making. She has also stated that her cosmetics are 100% cruelty free. Her hair products are bleach and ammonia free. There are currently 13 different shades available for these hair products and she believes that people are going to be quite impressed with different dyes like salad and strawberry jam. Doe Deere continues to give the obscure names to the permanent hair dye products that have been made available through her Lime Crime brand. There is a whole lot of interest in what she has decided to do with her cosmetic line. She will not be pigeonholed into one area of business. She would much rather blossom as someone that expands into other areas such as eyeliner and hair dye. The lipstick was definitely a springboard for the business to grow, but Doe Deere realizes that her fans are interested in getting these one of a kind shades in multiple forms.

It is very possible that Doe Deere maybe come someone that transitions into the fashion world down the line. She has always had a keen eye for fashion, and many people are impressed with the way that she has been able to bring her style into many of the marketing campaigns for the Doe Deere brand.

There are more than a million people that have started to pay attention to a Lime Crime through Instagram. This is what has allowed Doe Deere to become a force in the nail polish industry. When people are posting pics about their favorite colors the word tends to spread quickly about this brand.

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Cambria Estate Winery has an Effective Spokesperson in Julia Jackson

The wine world is ever changing and keeping up with the buying habits and preferences of today’s market while honoring the past and history of winemaking is a challenge. While many wine companies look at this reality as a constant struggle, Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines and the Cambria Estate Winery welcomes the challenge. This Scripps College graduate has been in the wine business her entire life and her dedication to the craft shows through in her work as a spokesperson for her family’s business. Julia grew up picking grapes alongside her larger than life father, Jess Jackson.

In addition to her role as spokesperson, Jackson is also quite active with her philanthropic endeavor, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This organization works with other non-profits to help empower girls and women in the workplace. Julia is a strong believer in being one’s authentic self at all times and she works to allow everyone to have that privilege. She fears that many times young women will set aside their true selves in order to fit in more in the male-dominated business world. With the wine industry being a bit of a boy’s club, Julia knows a thing or two about succeeding in a male-dominated workplace. She cites her mother as a shining example of remaining true to oneself but also succeeding and being a force in the business world.


The latest delight of Julia’s is one of the newer varietals to be produced in a vineyard that was named by her parents at the time of her birth. The Vérité La Joie is a Cabernet heavy Bourdeaux blend produced forms the Cambria Julia’s Vineyard grapes. Jackson believes that Sonoma is perfect for Cabernet production and has been championing this varietal for years. Jackson Family Wines is well positioned for the future.

Nathaniel Ru Transforming The Fast Food Landscape

Nathaniel Ru must be doing something right at Sweetgreen, because he has been leading the company as it consistently keeps the lines long at the 40 locations. Not only that, but some of the most renowned investors in the game that is fast food have offered up their chips which is a sign that there is a lot of belief in the franchise. Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud all believe in the high-end salads which are changing the landscape and shifting the fast food model into a new shape.


Sweetgreen is trying to keep everything healthy and organic by sourcing products that are grown locally and fresh. Nathaniel Ru has stated that one of the primary aims is to keep better food going out to more consumers, and in doing so this produces a company name that stands for something. Sweetgreen is the alternative to the fattening and troublesome lineups that so many of today’s fast food chains have splattered all across their menus. There is a new place to go that will not ruin a diet.


The health factor is not the only difference that is setting Sweetgreen apart either. They are pushing the boundaries of online ordering and mobile apps for fast food businesses, and this has meant that over 30% of their transactions are done from the new technology initiatives. Management is more hands-on, and the company does not use a main headquarters which can so often create a hard divide between management and the employees in the stores. About five times per years the corporate offices are shut down so that everyone gets a chance to try their hand in the stores pushing salad. That is a technique which spurs innovation, and so many in the fast food business might do well to take a page out of that playbook.


It looks like Nathaniel Ru is another star coming out of the Georgetown University curriculum. He opened the first restaurant about seven years ago after graduating from the program, and Sweetgreen has not looked back since. The motivation and dedication of himself and a couple co-CEOs (Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet) has gotten them this far, and it does not appear that there is going to be any turning back now. The only question is whether the competition will continue to tweak their offerings so that more people can stay healthy without too much effort.


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How Securus Technologies Exposed a Corrupt Staff Member

One of the hardest parts about being a corrections officer is trying to keep contraband from getting into the cells of the inmates. We have a number of ways that we as a team try to combat the problem, starting with the physical inspection of every visitor that comes to the jail. When a person comes to our prison, they are made aware that if they are carrying anything and it makes its way to the inmates, they are going to be charged and given a cell of their own. There are many who disregard the warnings because they will do anything the inmates tell them to.


When my superiors had me come in for a meeting to try and get a read on the trouble, they explained to me they were bringing in Securus Technologies to help us to identify how the inmates are getting their hands on all this contraband. We have been working with the company in the past, due in part to their CEO, Richard Smith, who says that he and his thousand employees all are committed to making the world a safer place for all to live. The new inmate call system they were installing was going to help us to create a safer prison for officers, visitors, and inmates alike.


I needed to be trained on the LBS software before I could get familiar with the call system. That week, we began to pick up chatter about inmates getting contraband through the visitor security center. What we discovered in the end was one of the corrections officers was on the take and letting things into the jail on the days the inmates were telling their families to hurry to the jail. This corrupt staff member was taken off the job and prosecuted on numerous charges.


How Did Norman Pattiz Research The Radio Industry?

Norman Pattiz started a new study of advertising in the radio industry, and he is using his position as the CEO of Westwood One to ensure that the industry is growing. He has built a massive empire around his own radio stations, and he wants other radio stations to experience the same success.

There is no reason every radio entity cannot perform well, and this article explains how his study has helped the radio industry at-large.

#1: What Is In The Study?

The study is a comprehensive look at every part of the radio industry, and it studies how advertising is bought and sold by radio stations.

Someone who is interested in radio advertising will notice that there are trends int he industry they must abide by, and they will have many opportunities to adjust to the industry accordingly. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

#2: Are Brands Recognized Easily?

Brands are recognized quite a lot when they are heard on the radio, and it is because the radio is a passive entertainment device. People get in their cars every day, and they listen to the radio without considering how much they hear the same content. Brands and their slogans are easy to remember because someone has heard them many times over, and they often find themselves reciting whole jingles or slogans when asked questions for the study.

#3: Why Is This Study Important?

The study is important for all those who are in need of assistance with their advertising budgets and operations. A radio station may use this information to learn how easy it is to adjust their advertising to meet the parameters of the study. The study explains how businesses may advertise, and it shows that companies such as grocery stores do quite well on the radio.

#4: How Does Norman Help?

Norman Pattiz has been a captain of the industry for some time, and he is creating a new wave of information about radio that is making the industry much easier to manage and understand. Someone who is searching for a better way to keep their radio station afloat may follow his advice, and they may read his study in conjunction with things he has said.

Norman Pattiz has done quite a good job ensuring that the radio industry is performing better because of the information he releases. His newest study is quite helpful as advertising money may be spent much more wisely in the future.