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Making It A Holiday Is What Securus Technologies Is Doing

Christmas is a very special time of the year. It is a time of family togetherness and celebration. When someone in the family is in a correction facility, and they can’t be a part of what is happening for the holiday, it can be very depressing. That is why Securus Technologies created Christmas video visits for the inmates in the facilities.

The Christmas video visits allow them to see what is happening at their homes. Their families can also see them. They can share in all the festivities that are happening. If they want to watch the kids open their presents, they can, and if they want to watch as the family has their holiday meal that is also possible. They can talk to their family while they can see them, and it is like they are there in person. It creates a holiday atmosphere in the facilities.

Securus Technologies is always creating new and better ways to help the people that are in correction facilities. They invent different types of technology just like the Christmas video visits on a weekly basis. They are a company that is all about the public’s safety, and they many companies all around the nation want them to work with them. The government also contracts them to work in their correction facilities. The purpose of what Securus Technologies does is to make sure that all people are safe. They want the environment to remain calm, and free from any type of crime, whether it is a civil or criminal crime. They will make great strides in the pubic safety field.

Fabletics has All the Workout Clothing You Need

Fabletics has made life easier for people that are busy. This is the company that has taken the concept of online shopping to a new level. This generation of millennial shoppers have become accustomed to doing things in a hurry. They don’t have the same attention span that their parents from the baby boomer generation had. This is a generation of smart phone carriers that often shop with apps on their phone. Kate Hudson and her team have tapped into this demographic quite well with the subscription service that is offered by Fabletics.

The subscription service for Fabletics is fairly simple. People can sign up for a membership when they build a profile. They select different items or styles on the website that fall within the categories for the type of clothing that they are interested in. This allows customers to get a profile on that is set up with automated shipments of clothing each month. This is based on what they have picked and defined as their style. That is a huge deal for anyone that is trying to change the way that they shop.

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There are a lot of people that are going to be looking for a chance to automate their shopping because this is the type of world that people live in today. Technology has made it possible for people to cut the cord on cable. Many homeowners have switched to Netflix or Hulu subscriptions because this is simply quicker and easier. The same thing can be said for shopping. Lots of stores all over America are closing doors because more people are shopping online and avoiding the process of shopping and trying things on. The Fabletics subscription service takes online shopping one step further. This process eliminates the need to even go online to shop. People can just sign up for the subscription services and get the garments sent to them.

This is what is attracting the millennials to this website. The large majority of people that are visiting this website for the first time will notice that there are leggings and activewear available on this website. It is the one-stop shop for all women that need workout clothing.


Raj Fernando: The former CEO and Founder of Chopper Trading Corporation

Raj Fernando was born on July 8, 1971. He is a political fundraiser and donor. Raj is a successful businessman in America. He engages in numerous philanthropic activities through non-profit organizational he is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Scouthead. H is the former Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Chopper Trading.

While his two parents were living in Denmark, Raj Fernando was born to Laura Fernando and CK. Laura completed her studies in music and piano after CK completed her scholarship studies at the University of New York. He is the youngest of three children. His biggest sister is Natasha and the second-born being Natasha. Before he was age one, they moved to the United States. He went to Beloit College where he earned his history and economics bachelor’s degree. He graduated with the highest honors. He also studied finance and banking at the University of London.

While Fernando was still in college, he had the opportunity to grow career working at the Chicago-based Mercantile Exchange. During his trajectory in career, he worked in various roles in the company as a trading personnel. He has had trading positions on the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

For this reason, Fernando became the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise. During the development of the company, Fernando designed and implemented sophisticated communications and management trading options as the primary source of security systems. When he founded Chopper Trading Company, he led the company towards participating in one of the world biggest global exchanges that involved ICE and CME. The company has more than 250 employees.

In 2010, he was appointed to chair the board of directors that supervise the disruptive trading practices in the country. In 2015, DRW Trading Corporation acquired Chopper Trading Corporation as a way to make the two companies the best trading options in the country. For this reason, he launched Scouthead as an internet start-up company where he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

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