Brad Reifler, A Dedicated And Devoted Entrepreneur


Every American citizen should be concerned about how the presidential candidates will affect their livelihood. The plans of the two candidates will have an enormous impact on the economy if put in action. Though there are areas that will not be affected by elections, other areas will be hugely affected. This, therefore, means that people should pay attention to campaigns and elections as whoever wins will alter key areas in the economy.


Clinton and Trump will both aim at simplifying the tax code. Clinton focus is on those making at least $1M and also incorporating complexity in how capital gains are calculated. Trump seeks to condense existing tax brackets and simplify tax calculation. He will also increase deduction limits for married and single people and repeal tax that affect the upper class. Trump plans to scrap the need for citizens to itemize their tax returns. Clinton, on the other hand, will tackle tax codes affecting the small businesses. The two candidates will break child-care tax and provide subsidies for increasing costs on child care.


Brad Reifler wrote about the election for the Huffington Post.  Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur who has founded and served several companies. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation and later sold the successful venture to Refco. As the founder of Pali Capital, he worked hard in guiding the company to consistent profits and expansion in Australia, United Kingdom, Latin America and Singapore. The company also grew to incorporate over 200 employees.


Brad Reifler helps in the provision of asset managers as a CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management LLP. He has founded Forefront Advisory and Forefront Income Trust, a fund that will help the average-American citizens in investing. Brad Reifler was a trustee of Millbrook Schools and is a partner at CIFCO International Group. He has served on many boards such as Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Foresight Research Solutions. The Bowdoin College graduate has been a director at Wins Finance Holding Inc., ROOT Exchange, ITG Market Research and Symmetry Property Development LLC.  See more on LinkedIn, and also be sure to take a look at what Brad has to say on his official Buzzfeed blog.