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Niranjan Shah – A Leader Passionate About Work that Benefits Society

Niranjan Shah is the co-founder and chairman of Globetrotters International Inc. The company is one of the top architecture, engineering, and construction management firms in the United States. The Chicago-based firm also offers consulting services, property and facility management, IT services, and permit review.

The company has been in business since 1974. They serve both public and private sector clients with consulting, management, and design services. The company has over 200 professional, management, and support personnel. Their goal is to provide services that are cost-effective, high quality, and sustainable for their clients. They take pride in tailoring professional services to each unique project.

The business succeeds on every count as they are an award-winning firm that puts their clients’ needs first. The company has worked on various projects for federal agencies. The results of their projects are so precedented that the work they have done has been published in several research reports and journals.

The company has worked on various local projects in Chicago including the Deep Tunnel Project which was designed and implemented to manage urban flooding and water pollution for the city. For this project, Globetrotters won a national award from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1986, the Outstanding Civil Engineering Award.

Globetrotters has also worked on other highly notable jobs including the redevelopment project for Chicago Midway International Airport, the McCormick Place expansion, and at Chicago O’Hare’s airport international terminal 5 in design and facility management.

The company has some very modest beginnings. Niranjan Shah was the only full-time employee for Globetrotters International Inc. when the company was started from an office on the south side of Chicago. With his leadership, the business grew to where it is now with over 200 technical and professional personnel. They are one of the leading engineering and architectural firms in the U.S.

Born in India, Niranjan Shah also experienced some very modest beginnings. He grew up in a small village with no running water or electricity. This had to have a huge impact on him, as he had an avid interesting in engineering. Engineering is the science of building infrastructure with a focus on benefiting society and increasing the standard of living for people.

In India, he earned an engineering degree from the Birla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University.

After college, he moved to the United States and earned his master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Mississippi. Upon graduation, he moved to Chicago to start his company, Globetrotters International Inc.

Niranjan Shah worked hard to establish his business and earned professional licenses in several states, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin and expanding the business into these regions. To gain more of a business education, Mr. Shah attended management training at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Mr. Shah has a deep commitment to philanthropy, giving back to the community, and public service. He helps small villages in his homeland of India and organizations throughout the United States by working with local and international foundations. For his contributions, he has been a proud recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2006.

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LocationSmart – Differing the Approach

In order to secure and establish a repeat consumer base, you have to differ your approach strategies. These strategies relate to outreach techniques, marketing efforts, and the ability to bring a customer coming back for more. The customer acquisition phase is one of the most important steps to building a business. This piece acts as the foundation for you to climb upwards and never turn over your shoulder. This phase is also mirrored by the importance of discovering, locating, and securing the repeat buyer. First-time customers are just as important as the consumer making their second or tenth visit to your business. The first-time customer is known as the novice and can either be impressionable or fierce. To differ your approaches, it often takes heavy efforts in terms of marketing techniques. What if you had these techniques blueprinted and laid out in a manner that was easy for you to follow and utilize for your benefit? This is where the LocationSmart system comes full circle.

LocationSmart works with both large and small businesses, start-ups and fortune 500 companies included. There is no business structure that would keep LocationSmart bluffing, considering their consumer base both wide and large. The secret sauce that keeps this company relevant to business leaders is their ability to differentiate their approach to your existing consumer base and those potential customers that may have shown interest in your business. One of the main ways that LocationSmart gets to your consumers is through geolocation tools. These IP mapping techniques utilize the consumer data that is shared via your network when they agree to the terms of utilizing your internet connections. This data sharing technique shares recent searches and other such content that can connect the consumer to certain aspects of your business. While some of these similarities are often a reach for businesses to pull off on their own, LocationSmart can dumb it down in a simple fashion. Their analytic team can breakdown content and searches in many different ways, utilizing proprietary tools to create the connections you need to establish your marketing approaches.

So, why would you choose to enlist with LocationSmart? Due to their incredible servers, LocationSmart is able to keep the cost within the proper range for all business types. For example, the smaller business might have less to pour into marketing efforts. LocationSmart will work with these smaller teams to develop a desired portfolio of research for the business, trimming the costs by locating the main areas of interested research. LocationSmart then sets their team to work, entering a planning system that is unique to individual business needs. The LocationSmart difference is truly created when they enlist your business on an exclusive level. Their program is flexible, allowing any business to mold their research trends to meet the desirable needs of that business. The sky is truly the limit as the LocationSmart team heightens their research trends to all areas of the marketplace. The greatest differentiator becomes your ability to approach these mentioned areas unlike anyone has before.


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Angela Koch: A CEOs Unconventional Success at the US Money Reserve

In recent years women have made tremendous strides into affluent roles in major corporations. Angela Koch is one such example, that has traversed the precious metal industry. She sits as the only female CEO among dozens of her male cohorts. Her path to success has been unconventional, unorthodox, but has delivered award-winning results.

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Her leadership is no trifle as she oversees every aspect of daily operation. In her approach to building a better, stronger, culture she has implemented change from the ground up. Today, she shares a few of her secrets for success.

Ground Up


The US Money Reserve is primarily a sales organization. Which means that they drive revenue and profit by consulting their clients on investment strategies. Like most other organizations in sales, there are two primary departments; sales and marketing. Her success was predicated on her ability to learn and apply it.

She had worked her way up from the ground floor to become one of the most influential CEOs of this age.

Her model for success, with remarkable profits, comes from her own experience. She believes that the key to her success was investing in her employees and teaching them the business from the ground up.

This way they can take control of their careers and better help their clients make informed decisions.



Angela Koch’s story is unconventional for many reasons. She wasn’t an Ivy League graduate that was groomed for her position.

She had to work multiple jobs to raise her family and proudly accepted the title of a single mother. She worked at several companies, learning the business from beginning to end, and sought only to apply the knowledge.

She soon realized that she was good at whatever job she had set out to do, and because of that, she gained the attention of executives and board members. She had often spoken about the few opportunities for intelligent people without college degrees. Now, she continues to give back by showing the world that knowledge applied is supreme.



Her success is strange and she stands above the cut like a beacon of hope for many. Angela Koch believes that her success is not a fluke and that it can be replicated.

Today she gives a few takeaways for anyone looking to achieve their dream. An integral part of her success was never looking back.

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She applies this concept when she makes decisions. Looking in the past only fosters hesitation and hesitation is the bane to productivity.

She also believes that it is important to live a balanced life. One must ensure that life is a healthy balance of work and pleasure. Lastly, she found it important to know oneself and maximize their strengths.

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OSI Group and McDonalds Explore Meatless Burgers

Meatless or plant-based burgers are becoming popular among fast-food restaurants and retailers in North America, Israel and Germany. Burger King, for an example, introduced its grilled meatless burger in the United States in August 2019. McDonald’s Restaurants in Germany and Israel are marketing its veggie burger by Awesome Burger. CNBC reported last month the restaurant chain began testing P.L.T. plant-based patties on September 30th in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. OSI Group, one of the largest international meat processors signed a contract with Impossible Foods to co-manufacture its meatless burgers. McDonalds and OSI Group has history dating back to 1955 when the company became the restaurant’s first supplier.

The Canadian testing of the McDonald’s P.L.T. burger will end December 23, which is 12 weeks after the start date. The results of the test will determine the impact of demand and operations in serving Beyond Burger, a plant-base patty made with pea protein. Sources are assuming the restaurant chain in Canada is using the brand because of its ties to McDonald’s Corporation. The former CEO of the restaurant chain, Don Thompson invested into the brand and continues to sit on its Board of Directors. Analysts are questioning whether the P.L.T. meatless burger will make the permanent item list at Canadian McDonalds restaurants. An analyst with Morningstar believes the test means nothing without testing in the United States which is coming in 2020.

With differences in opinions, it is up to the consumers’ demand for the plant-based burgers in North America. In Canada, 28 restaurants are participating in the promotional & testing of the Beyond Burger brand. OSI Group started processing the Impossible burgers in August of this year at multiple plants in the US. Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King rely on the meat processor as a supplier for its meats and food items. The long-term relationship between McDonald’s and OSI extends over 60 years. Burger King introduced its Impossible meatless burgers shortly after OSI announced its co-manufacturing contract with Impossible Foods. The question most food industry analysts are asking is when will McDonald’s restaurants in the US launch its plant-based burgers.

Win Win!

It’s another win win day for all as Highland Capital’s James Dondero has made another outstanding contribution to the Dallas Zoo, not his first and certainly not his last as he proudly noted. This successful equity philanthropist has proudly contributed to many causes when and where he found fit, and his very first made to the Dallas Zoo was back in 2001. Then, he began with $1 million and slowly increased his giving over time. This time, his hand and his heart did not hold back as he gave $14 million to the zoo in efforts to reconstruct a much-needed hippo sanctuary from within.

Dondero’s donated covered all aspects of the design and building, as well as continual maintenance, of the hippo sanctuary overall. Zoo staff and executives could not be happier. Neither could the zoo guests, who continue to share the good news of this recent addition on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr and more.

The best part is this: James Dondero knows how to recognize a need when there is one. In this case, it was no different. The zoo had a continual longing for a hippo presence, one which had not been met for 15 years. The last hippo to have lived and died in the zoo was one well-known and highly-missed; his death was not taken lightly.

Thanks to Dondero, the hippos now have more than 120,000 gallons of fresh water to swim or sleep around in – as well as a whopping 2 acres of uninterrupted space above water. That’s a deal and a half, and if the hippos could, they would each give Mr. Dondero a warm hug as thanks. Dondero notes that he has been informed that the new hippos moved into their habitat with much ease and fit right in.

The zoo customers, of course, are the truly happy ones as they now get to behold a beautiful sight that they have not beheld in almost two decades – hippos in Dallas. All are happy. It’s a win win situation of the grandest proportions; thanks, Mr. Dondero!

RBS Builds On Its Early Success

There are many different reasons why the Grupo RBS brand has been so successful for a number of decades, including the fact the company has never sat still and rested on the success it has built in the past. The latest options undertaken by members of the Sirotsky family have included the decision to create an entirely new company, eBricks Ventures that focuses on the development of new technologies across the world far beyond the borders of Brazil.

The Sirotsky family has been at the heart of the development of the media in Brazil since the mid-1950s and introduced many of the innovations that have become industry standards throughout the nation. There have been many innovations developed by RBS, including the introduction of high-definition television throughout Brazil in 2008 and thew move to scalable websites capable of being viewed on full screens and mobile devices. Grupo RBS has been a success since it was established in 1957 with the company has dipped its toes into the mobile content markets as early as 2008 when Nelson Sirotsky purchased a number of new technology developers.

After spending much of his academic career studying around the world, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer took over as Chairman of the brand in 2012 and remains the key leadership figure throughout the brand. Taking a different approach to new technology and leadership has been key to the success of the Grupo RBS brand that has been a great success over the course of the last few years. In less than a decade, Grupo RBS has been pushing through the highest-profile acquisitions possible throughout the Brazilian and global markets. Among the changes being made to the Grupo RBS brand has been a streamlining of its news media department that remains the second-largest in the nation. South America is an emerging market for app and website development that Grupo RBS has leaped to the front of with the aid of the skills of the Sirotsky family.,297812.jhtml

Fortress Investment Group Now under Softbank’s Umbrella

In the year 2018, one of the most significant business transactions was the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, an investment management firm based in New York by SoftBank. Since its founding in 1998, this investment banking firm has had quite a prosperous time, and as of 2018, it had assets worth over $40 billion under its watch.

A Prosperous Business Relation

According to Wes Edens, one of Fortress’s founders and principals, the acquisition was the beginning of a prosperous business relationship between the two companies. He went on to state that his firm has always been ambitious about growth, and their purchase by SoftBank would give them the ability to chase their goals.

The Fortress Investment Group principal said that the firm was already looking to get into industries that it had been targeting. He went on to mention that they would retain their independence in the running of the organization, according to the acquisition deal. Moreover, the business connections that come with being under the umbrella of SoftBank will be very crucial in the growth and development of the company. View the company’s profile on Linkedin.

Taking Over the High-End Real Estate Market

The real estate market has been getting hotter and more lucrative in the recent past. Fortress Investment Group, which has been eyeing this market for a while, also announced that it would be taking its place there soon. This is courtesy of the backing of Softbank and its portfolio companies. Wes Edens mentioned that the real estate market was not only an excellent business opportunity for the company but also one of the ways the company was looking to grow and offer its clients variety.

About Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens founded this investment management firm together with Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman as a private equity firm. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group went public on the NYSE and was the first company of its kind to do so. Currently, this investment management firm boasts of having more than 1,750 private and institutional investors as clients. It provides its clients with sophisticated investment strategies thanks to its specialized knowledge and expertise covering a broad range of industries.


Gustavo Martinez – In His New Role As Creative Consultant

After 35 years of working in the corporate world, Gustavo Martinez has branched out on his own in the huge and complicated world of the advertising industry. Some of the world’s most iconic ads are result of gustavo’s creativity oh, and now he is changing the way clients work with advertising, marketing and consulting agencies.


Gustavo Martinez is not new to the industry. He has led some ot the largest agencies in the world, won many awards and is well known in the advertising industry of this century. Recently, however, Gustavo has decided to step down from his corporate positions and start his personal consultancy creative advertising business.


Gustavo Martinez believes this is the approach to take to grow his advertising knowledge. He believes that advertising is an extremely creative activity and dealing with artists can sometimes be difficult for corporate entities. Because of this, it is difficult to mass-produce the advertising materials large corporations need.Advertising that really works, pulls at heartstrings and offers a clear message, however, good creatives can’t pump out this type of creativity as if it were factory madel.

Effective advertising requires flexibility and creativity which is not possible in an average 9 to 5 work a day position. This is why he has diverged into advertising consultancy.

Gustavo believe that when creative people have more work flexibility, they produce greater results. Therefore this independent consultancy model offers a better way to foster the creative genius of the artists he works with.


Under this new consultancy model, Gustavo partners with other leading internet marketing firms to help the business acceleration process. These associated goals are to accelerate business growth by giving businesses a new marketing strategy optimized by the team. He understands that most businesses just don’t get what their marketing needs are, and they certainly can’t afford the time or the money involved in a trial and error marketing process.

Gustavo believes that experience is key in the advertising environment. But he also knows that technology, design and functionality also play an important role and must interrelate with experience and creativity. It is this interconnectivity that works exceptionally well at getting consumers to interact with products.

Gustavo Martinez has been in the industry for a long time. His role as an entrepreneur is now teaching him to use new tools and methods to make advertising productive for his customers.


Gustavo’s Intense Work Ethic



Although he has slowed down some, now that he is no longer a large agency CEO, but he still has a strong work ethic. Most days he puts in a 10 to 12 hour day. However, as his consultancy business grows he expects, like other creatives, to have a more flexible schedule.


He Digs Up Gold

Although he now works as a consultant, his job is much the same as always, to dig up the pure advertising gold and focus the creative process of the team he works with. To do this he needs to work with the top talent in the field and help motivate the creative team to give their best production efforts.


Even though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo is still at the help. It’s his job to find the best of the best creatives in advertising to work with and help these creatives expand on their abilities in joint efforts. He says keeping everyone on the same page and helping them learn to appreciate the work of others is not an easy job, but Martinez recognizes that through admiration and recognition he can create the needed positive work environment.


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Smita Shah’s Career

When she was growing up, Smita Shah had many aspirations but even she couldn’t imagine the fact that she would one day become the owner of her own business when she was only 24 and 2 years out of grad school. So how has she managed to do so well for herself in just a few short years? Well, that’s exactly what she discussed with Steve Cochrane in a recent radio interview. She grew up in Chi-town and quickly learned that she was in the minority in her math and science classes both in terms of gender and ethnicity. This is why she was so determined to make something of herself and ensure more representation for females and Indians in these particular fields. She eventually went on to become a student at Northwestern University and excelled in academics. 

After graduating with distinction in the spring of 1994, she was accepted into a master’s program at MIT where she went on to do a thesis on public-private partnerships and how they are impacted by culture and leadership. During her time in grad school, she completed an internship with the chief of staff’s office in the nation’s capital and subsequently received her master’s of science in civil and environmental engineering. Upon the completion of her academic career, she was offered the opportunity to work as a structural engineer with a company commonly referred to as SOM and she served in that particular role for less than two years before opening Spaan Tech. 

In the summer of 1998, she became the founder and CEO of this new business and they have been thriving ever since. Although she wasn’t sure whether it would take off, she knew she could always jump ship if she had to and, if it did end up working out for her, she could always tell this amazing story to her kids and grandchildren. She didn’t invest too many resources in it initially as she was apprehensive about the future of the company but, now that it has proved to be a successful venture, she is doing everything in her power to ensure that the company flourishes for many decades to come. The company is dedicated to installing lighting in various structures such as lighthouses, lampposts and the red light in emergency call boxes. Learn more:

They also work with local contractors to build superhighways, parking decks and toll roads throughout the nation to help people safely reach their destinations. When they were just starting out, she knew she wanted to hire a diverse group of people to work on exciting new projects and they now have over a thousand employees. Of course, she experienced her fair share of discrimination over the years but, for the most part, it’s just been a series of misunderstandings and mistaken identity. However, it’s that kind of mentality that has led to her becoming an advocate for gender equality in the workplace and encouraging females to be assertive in order to become successful.

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Prevagen Extra Strength

Many people in the United States suffer from some level of memory loss and brain function decline. A greater percentage within this population consists of aging adults. Prevagen is a supplement that was created to serve this population of consumers. The main active ingredient in this supplement is Apoaequorin.

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This is an ingredient that comes from the membrane of a jellyfish. The formula was created by Quincy Bioscience, a leading bio firm from Wisconsin. This Company specializes in supplements and solutions for overall cognitive health. Those looking for Prevagen can easily purchase the dietary supplement over the counter at most drug stores.

This brain-boosting memory aid was first created in the United States of America, in 2007. In the following 12 years from it’s inception, Prevagen grew it’s user population to over 1million consumers.

The supplement is now in 50,000 stores throughout the country. Word of mouth has been a great form of advertising for the supplement. For the last five years, Prevagen has been rated the number one brand that pharmacies recommend for memory loss.

According to pharmacy times, this over the counter solution is unmatched in the memory progress it promotes; over a 90 day period. This is the time frame that is recommended for consumers to receive the full benefits of the popular memory supplement.

Prevagen generally won’t be covered by average health insurance. However, certain medical savings accounts like HSAs can alleviate the cost of purchase.

In addition to the proven success of Prevagen, the company also encourages other solutions that can help boost the function of consumer’s cognitive abilities.

The company states that different areas of the brain correlate and are affected by different activities. For example, the hippocampus is vital for keeping memories and important information. This part of the brain is significantly affected by exercising.

A recent study revealed that senior citizens experienced increased memory retainment by working out two times a week. The exercise that is needed to improve your brain function does not have to be intense; but needs to be active. Prevagen mentions that people who are in good physical condition normally have a good memory.

The supplement company also states that putting oneself in active social environments can stimulate prolonged memory retainment. Being in these environments promotes new cells to grow in the brain.

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Doing so will also alleviate certain amounts of stress; which is something that decreases a person’s memory. Combining a positive lifestyle with Prevagen can have a positive outcome on your overall health; and memory. Reviews and information can be found online.

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