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Dr. Dov Rand Brings A Holistic Approach To The Practice Of Medicine

Dr. Dov Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist and the founder of Health Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Dov Rand believes that people should have optimal health all through their life. He is revered for his involvement in research, studies, and conferences within the healthcare industry. Dr. Dov Rand believes that practicing medicine needs to be done responsibly. He will not prescribe or give treatment to a patient unless the medical journal supports it.

Dr. Dov began his journey to practicing medicine by attending Rutgers University for his Undergraduate degree and then moved on to Howard University where he went to medical school. Dr. Dov Rand began an internship at Saint Barnabas Medical Center; he then completed his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Health Aging Medical Centers is Rand’s unique approach to medicine. For 15 years, he has practiced medicine to enhance the lives of patients. The staff at the center focuses on holistic health. Dr. Rand gets to know his patients closely and learn about the patients family history, diet, as well as, a full examination of their health, so that they can find the best way to treat their illness.

Dr. Dov Rand believes as an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry; it’s important to have a passion and a desire to learn as much as you can about the field you are in. Dr. Rand feels that sincerely caring about his patients makes a huge difference. When patients feel comfortable with a doctor that shows empathy; they are more inclined then to refer a caring doctor to other people. Therefore, a doctor can have his practice grow. He says that even in times when he faced failure, he utilized that as an opportunity to analyze and start a new path.

Health Aging Medical Centers uses bioidentical hormone therapy to treat patients that have hormonal health issues. This innovating approach to treating hormonal irregularity reproduces the hormones that are already in the patient’s body. The results have been positive, and Dr. Dov Rand stays on top of the latest research and breakthroughs so that he can provide patients a way for them to live their best life.

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JHSF/José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a public company that is doing very well in the real estate sector. This holding company was founded by two Brazilian brothers, Jose Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo in the year 1972. The company has continued to spearhead key development in the construction and real estate sector.

Since its inception, JHSF has been known for its innovative projects that have resulted from the excellent leadership of the company. JHSF has diversified investments in hotels, airports and other real estate assets. Especially their investments in Uruguay and other parts of the United States have led to the recognition of JHSF has an international leading real estate company.

The JHSF split into two companies in the year 1990. Fabio Auremo took over JHSF while Jose Auremo led the JHSJ Company. The JHSF continued to experience growth and expansion in business. By 2001, the company had established the first shopping mall which had a subway station.

It marked the beginning of the development of other malls in the country. The company also in the Brazilian aviation industry by becoming the founder of a private airport which was the first of its kind. JHSF has contributed immensely in the opening up of the Brazilian economy. The company is also a source of employment for over 500 Brazilian citizens.

In 2014, Jose Auriemo became a part of its Board of Directors. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the JHSF Company. He is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the projects of the company and making partnership agreements with other entities in 2009.

Jose Auriemo led the company to establish the Cidade Jardim Complex is a high-end shopping Centre based in Sao Paulo. He has also led the company to launch various Valentino stores in Brazil. Jose Auriemo has been instrumental in the growth and expansion in JHSF, and innovative leadership and professionalism have steered the success of the JHSF Company. He has continued to redefine the real estate sector through his experience and knowledge in investments.

Todd Levine: An Award-Winning Lawyer From Miami

Todd Levine is a Florida-based lawyer who is specializing in commercial and real estate litigation. He is also one of the co-founders of the Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., an award-winning law firm based in Miami, Florida. Alan Kluger, one of the founding members of the Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., has been working closely with Todd Levine for years. Most of the lawyers working for Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. has been exchanging information with one another, and cooperation is a vital aspect in the law firm’s growth. Todd Levine has been in the industry for 27 years, and he continues to deliver his capabilities in practicing his profession. Recently, the Best Lawyers in America, a renowned publication for American legal professionals, released their most awaited annual awards, recognizing the lawyers working at Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. for their services to the public. Todd Levine is one of those who was given recognition by the famed magazine for their 2019 edition. He was recognized for his contributions in the field of real estate litigation.

The attorney was grateful with Kluger Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. because of their unending support towards his career. Todd Levine stated that without the firm’s support, he would be practicing his profession as an attorney alone, and he would not learn a lot of things that make him what he is today.

Todd Levine is one of the most trusted lawyers working for the law firm, and his clients would want his services whenever they are in a legal battle. They have known him for years, and they are confident that he will be able to protect them at all cost. Aside from being a known lawyer for business and real estate litigation, Todd Levine is also admitted that he loves science, music, and art, and he also revealed that his passion towards these fields of knowledge has been inspiring him to become a better lawyer inside the court.

Todd Levine bested 87,000 individuals who have also submitted their application to be chosen by the famed magazine for lawyers and other professionals in the legal sector.

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OSI Group and Their Work with McDonalds

When it comes to how hamburgers are really made, the OSI Group has been working within the industry for quite some time. OSI Group McDonalds have been merged for many years and work together to produce some of the highest-quality options available. The reason a lot of people put their trust into the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is because this company has been working directly with this fast food chain for many years. They help to produce the hamburgers and supply them to chains all over the world. It is why so many people have found out about this amazing company and how it has all come together to provide quality food to those interested.

One of the great things about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is that the company is focused on quality. There are strict hygiene protocols within the factory itself and this is why a lot of people have found that quality is at the forefront of all of this production. If you would like to learn more, you can make use of the OSI Group McDonalds social media page or check them out directly through their main website. This is important for people who want and need to utilize this as an option and know that it is going to help them a lot when they are looking to purchase food products.

The OSI Group has been around for over 40 years and continues to supply quality food products to some of the biggest names in the industry. Because of this, you can feel confident using this company and knowing that you are choosing a business that strives to offer quality customer support at every turn. You can find out more about this company by either visiting their main site or by going to their social media page where you will be able to effortlessly make use of the different reviews and promotions that they have going on currently. They are able to work with businesses of all sizes when producing some of the best food available at affordable and low-cost rates for the business owner.

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Serge Belamant Journey in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been in the market for several years ago. One of the experts responsible for this advancement is Serge Belamant. The executive was born and raised in French. As a patent holder, the expert knows so much about blockchain technology. People who need to understand this market and benefit from it have been getting assistance from him.

Early life

Although the businessman was born in France decades ago, he decided to relocate and look for greener pastures in South Africa. The family had to transfer when Serge was fourteen years because the father was serving as a tiling worker. There were numerous opportunities for the family when they settled in South Africa. The young Serge Belamant decided to enroll at the prestigious Johannesburg Witwatersrand University so that he could study technology and computer sciences. This is a course that was marketable, given the fact that many companies were looking for technology experts to make their operations smoothly. The executive chose a career path that has made him very popular decades later.

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Career life

When the renowned technology expert graduated from the South African university decades ago, he served in different companies. These companies specialized in a wide range of services. The executive chose to pursue his passion for coding digital financial deals. Within a short time, Serge Belamant had built a reputation in the market. Several years ago, Serge Belamant joined a team of other experts so that they could come up with the blockchain technology. His background in technology helped him to become one of the patent holders in the financial banking systems that have been introduced in recent years. The global market has learned so much from the skills and expertise shown by the technology expert over the years.

In the course of his very successful career, the businessman has founded several institutions. His first ever company was known as Net 1 UEPS Technologies. The organization did well, and it gave him enough expertise in the financial industry. His journey has not been smooth, but he has lived the life he has always loved. Learn more:



OSI Food Solutions as a Global Food Leader

OSI Food Solutions employs over 20,000 people at 65 locations across the globe. In fact, they operate in 17 countries and have been ranked as one of the largest private companies in the United States. With these massive resources, the company offers the food industry a solid choice in business partners.

As a global company, OSI Food Solutions offers both retail and restaurant companies high quality products at great prices. The company’s food products fulfill a wide range of tastes, culinary profiles, and operations requirements. All products help to lower preparation time and are held to the highest food safety standards.

The company operates facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific region. Recently, in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, it has heavily expanded its poultry operations in line with global food trends. Due to that expansion, OSI Food Solutions has been able to offer fantastic new options for their customers.

The company specifically tailors its food products to the customer’s need, working closely with chains to develop the type of food and flavor profile needed. OSI is therefore able to develop menu items for every major meal, along with snacks, delivery, and theme specific menus.

Available to customers worldwide are various cooked and uncooked poultry, beef, pork, and vegetable products. OSI uses heat-and-serve sous vide processing to maintain food safety requirements and guarantees excellent consistency in their product lines.

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI Food Solutions began exponential growth in the 1950s after securing a contract with McDonald’s. Today one of the leading global companies supplying convenience restaurant foods, the company maintains the highest standards in food safety, winning several awards globally. OSI also works closely with charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Northern Illinois Food Bank, which is affiliated with Feeding America.

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Article Title: Ara Chackerian Undertakes to Treat People Suffering from Depression

Article Text:

Depression, also known as clinical depression and major depressive disorder, is a serious disorder that can affect an individual’s ability to go about his or her daily activities. This is the case because major depressive disorder can affect an individual on multiple levels. On an emotional level, depression can cause an individual to feel sad, tearful, empty or hopeless; be irritable or frustrated easily even have angry outbursts; lose interest in normal activities that were once considered enjoyable; feel tired or lack energy to perform small tasks; feel anxious, agitated or restless; feel worthless or guilty or dwelling on past failures or engaging in self-blame. On a cognitive level, depression can cause an individual to have trouble with thinking, concentrating, decision-making, and remembering; have thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts; slow down thinking, speaking, and motor skills. On a behavioral level, major depressive disorder can cause disturbed sleep, such as insomnia or oversleeping; weight loss or weight gain stemming from either loss of appetite or increased craving for food; suicide attempt and suicide. As a fact suicide is responsible for claiming the lives of over 45,000 Americans every year. Depression can also result in unexplained illnesses, such as headaches and backaches.

Recognizing how importance it is to effectively treat depression, Ara Chackerian, an innovative entrepreneur with decades of success creating exceedingly successful businesses in the field of healthcare technology, has undertaken to provide people suffering from depression with a little known but effective treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, which was approved by the FDA in 2008 as an effective treatment for major depressive disorder. To this end, Ara Chackerian founded eight TMS Health Solutions healthcare facilities in San Francisco and Sacramento, to provide those suffering from depression with access to transcranial magnetic stimulation as well as an environment that is serene and relaxed to facilitate the therapy. Ara Chackerian is also philanthropic, renowned for his establishment of Limonapa Teak, a teak farm that is both self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Venture Into Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates Hotel Sectors

C & C Alpha Group is a private equity firm that is based in London and its owners are some of the most affluent families in India. The firm is seeking to extend its boundaries to hospitality sectors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The director of C & C Alpha Group is the renowned British – Indian entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie, who comes from the reputed Choudhrie clan. Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi and was raised there by his parents together with his brother. Immediately after completion of his studies, he migrated to the USA where advanced his studies in international business. Bhanu also joined the University of Boston where he majored in marketing. Bhanu Choudhrie established C&C Alpha Group and has since held the position of its director from 2001 to date.

C & C Alpha Group has special interests in care homes and utilities and its director alerted the Arabian Business that he is striving to explore the promising hospitality projects in Saudi Arabia. Bhanu also added that this would be a good venture for Ananda which happens to be the C&C Alpha Group’s hotel brand. C&C Alpha Group also owns Shanti Hospitality Group and also has more than 2,000 keys across the world in 24 hotels inclusive of Starwood Hotels, Nidra Hotels and many more. See more on Wikipedia.


Bhanu Choudhrie acclaimed that he feels that hotels market prospects in Saud Arabia are quite promising and was convinced that this is the perfect time to explore this market. He also noted that he realized that Saudis and young Emiratis greatly value their health and are quite willing to learn about it. The prominent businessman also remarked that he is confident that there will be immense growth of tourism sector in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and C & C Alpha Group is cautiously exploring these opportunities. Besides the role that Bhanu Choudhrie serves at C&C Alpha Group, he also owns many investments across the world in the banking sector, healthcare, real estate, and utilities. He is also a philanthropist and is reputed for having made several donations to quite a number of charities across the world.



How a 21 Year Old Sergey Petrossov Got the Idea for a Billion Dollar Company

JetSmarter founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov may have turned 30 last year, but he had been able to achieve quite a few feats before reaching that milestone.

Having immigrated to the U.S. at a young age with his family, Petrossov grew up with a drive to succeed through hard work and perseverance. With the support of his family, he was able to demonstrate the signs of his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. This was evident by how he started an actual business of importing and exporting tire rims.

The young Sergey Petrossov did not stop there but continued to search for new ideas to carve a niche for himself in the business industry. His first major business came in the form of an online chat system, while his second venture got to be a distance-learning organization. Having co-founded both of these projects, Petrossov was integral to their day to day operations, which gave him the added experience to see business ideas in unseen places.

This ability led Sergey Petrossov to his lightbulb moment in 2009. Then 21-years-old, he flew private for the first time and immediately noticed just how daunting the process for booking chartered flights was for people. Ironically, they were the very people whose reason for paying premium price was to fly comfortably in the first place.

Seeing this disconnect, the entrepreneur quickly got himself to work in order to develop a solution that could fill the gaps in charter aviation. After learning the quick welcome of online marketplaces, Petrossov put together the idea for JetSmarter.

It took some time for Sergey Petrossov to gather the required team of experts, but through his dedication and business skills, he was able to pull it all off. After some grueling work, JetSmarter was born in 2012. From there, the app continued on its path for success, and slowly achieved enough traction and premium users that it raised a massive amount of funding – to the point where it was valued at $1.5 billion dollars.

Under the leadership of Sergey Petrossov, JetSmarter has since continued to scale to an impressive extent.

Everything You Need to Know About Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer attended Michigan University and graduated with a medical degree from the institution’s School of Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Sameer attended his residency at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. Since graduating, Dr. Sameer has been in active practice for a period ranging between (11-20) years.

Plastic Surgery Dr. Sameer’s primary area of specialty. Dr. Sameer will be of help if you need the service of a surgeon to carry out skin tissue replacement or repair. Besides, he can perform the repair and replacement of bones and other tissues. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has the expertise to carry out reconstructive surgery on the hands and can also perform craniofacial surgery (reconstructive surgery on the face). The doctor’s subspecialty area is General Plastic Surgery; thus he can handle various types of plastic surgery. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is board certified and accepts several types of medical insurance.

Before settling on a particular doctor, it is crucial to review the doctor’s patients’ experience. Conducting the review will help you gauge the experience you will be likely to receive. Information obtained from these reviews also indicates a doctor’s mastery and experience in his or her field, while also highlighting the level of professionalism. These reviews also contain ratings that are intended to be pointers of medical quality.

A doctor’s review from a patient reflects on factors such as good communication, the clarity of instructions, attention to the patient’s concerns and etcetera. A look at Dr. Sameer Jejurikar ratings from numerous online sources is “very positive” meaning that he is committed to offering quality medical services, with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has affiliations with the Pine Creek Medical Center Dallas, TX and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Dallas, TX. To contact him use these details; Suite 600, 9101 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX, 75231, (214) 827-2814.