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Colbeck Capital Management Owes Much Of Its Success To The Pair Of Individuals Who Created The Firm In 2009

Private equity management firm Colbeck Capital Management is the creation of longtime investment and finance professionals Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne. They joined their efforts together in 2009 to create Colbeck Capital Management as a firm that could tackle investment situations that might be seen as problematic or unconventional within the investment world. Both of Colbeck’s distinguished founders have a wealth of experience in this area and the investment industry as a whole. To make Colbeck Capital Management into a firm of true distinction, Jason Colodne, and Jason Beckman has assembled a great team of industry professionals who have helped them to grow the New York-based business significantly since its 2009 founding date.

Creativity is the perfect word to describe the kind of financing and investment solutions that the Colbeck Capital Management crew is known for. Finding unique and out-of-the-box ways to provide financing needs to the corporate world is something that Jason Colodne, Jason Beckman and their entire team take a great deal of pride in. Within this business model, secured strategic loans for the corporate business sector are a big part of the equation. The firm’s team uses this business model to consistently deliver in the investment area of risked-adjusted returns.

Co-Founder Jason Colodne

Managing Partner Jason Colodne is one of the co-founding members at Colbeck Capital Management but his career in investment and finance goes back many years before he created the firm. After studying the finance subject at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania, Jason joined the team at Goldman Sachs and worked in the Hybrid Lending area of the business. He also dealt with the Distressed Investment sector of the Goldman Sachs business. After his successful time spent honing his skills at Goldman Sachs, Jason joined Morgan Stanley where he rose to the position of Managing Director. He left the firm in 2007 so that he could pursue his dream of founding his own firm. That opportunity came in 2009 when he partnered with Jason Beckman in the creation of Colbeck Capital Management.

Co-Founder Jason Beckman

Jason Beckman is Colbeck Capital Management’s other distinguished co-founder. When he co-founded the firm he brought with him an equally impressive financial and investment background as did Jason Colodne. He distinguished himself during his time with Deutsche Bank. During that time he works in the Distressed Debt segment of the firm’s business operation and rose to the position of Senior Vice President. Like his business partner Jason Colodne, Jason Beckman had a successful run with Goldman Sachs. He was with that firm before his time at Deutsche Bank and headed up the department for Distressed Product Sourcing. This was a great piece of experience that he was able to carry into his efforts in co-founding Colbeck Capital Management with Jason Colodne in 2009.

The work that these two inspirational founders have put in along with their team of dedicated professionals has been a formula for success. The name Colbeck Capital Management has become synonymous with integrity and service under its founder’s expert leadership. Find out more about Colbeck Capital Management:

Equities First Holdings – Assisting You To Get Funds Easily

Equities First Holdings is a renowned firm with a focus on alternative lending. It offers a loan program that involves the use of stock as collateral and is a popular option in the business community. The company started in this industry in 2002 and its financial advisors and loan specialists are dedicated to ensuring that their clients’ needs are addressed effectively.

Serial Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Is the Force Behind Dozens of Successful Start-Ups

On the outside, starting up a successful business seems straightforward. If you have a product that a lot of people like they will buy it. You will make a profit on each sale. If you make enough sales, you will generate more profits and eventually get rich.

But it rarely works that way. Every year, thousands of new businesses with great potential and products crash and burn before the first year of operation.

There are dozens of ways for a business to falter and disappear. Just one example is the failure to obtain enough start-up cash.

Capital is the oxygen that fuels the growth of a business. Even if you are making a lot of sales to many customers, running out of cash for things like raw materials, distribution, promotion, delivery, packaging and more can sink your operation. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

Another common cause of business failure is the lack of a formal plan to guide the operation forward. That means a comprehensive business plan that spells out short-term and long-term strategies. If you don’t have a plan, you have a plan to fail. A formal marketing plan is needed as well.

Making faulty or unrealistic financial projections is yet another factor that trips up a budding business.

Still another is the failure to have a contingency plan in the event some things don’t pan out like you predicted they would. Problems always arise in every business, no matter how well it is doing. What are your alternatives in the event the worst happens?

These are the kinds of things that marketing consultant and super successful entrepreneur Luke Lazarus helps his clients tackle every day. Lazarus has developed a reputation as someone who can take a business idea from zero to IPO with an uncanny record of success. He is among Australia’s most sought-after start-up consultants because he has proven time and time again that he gets results – period. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler   and Luke Lazarus | Business

While the vast majority of would-be entrepreneurs crash and burn with the first attempt to create a new business, Luke Lazarus did it successfully four times by the time he was 33 years old.

After he earned his MBA from the Melbourne School of Business at just age 24, he wasted no time in putting is academic knowledge to work in the real world. After launching and creating successes with four businesses, he could have retired and lived the rest of his life on the fortune he had earned.

Instead, he became a business consultant. After finding his own business success, Luke Lazarus still had a passion for taking on a project and building something from the ground up.

Helping others to accomplish this exciting venture is even more rewarding than doing it for himself, he discovered. Since establishing himself as a consultant, Luke Lazarus has guided dozens of entrepreneurs toward achieving their goals of building a new enterprise and realizing financial independence.

Luke Lazarus is the force behind a number of multi-million-dollar IPOs – and he’s always looking forward to helping create his next success story.

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How Toyo Setal is Redefining Productivity in the Engineering World

In the last two decades, companies have adopted different approaches to work. Corporate approaches define a company and its aspirations. In Latin America, there are many successful companies, but no company is as unique as Toto Setal. The following are some of the factors that makes this company unique, especially in a continent of many companies. First, the company’s approach to operations is unmatched, and pundits believe that this is one of the reasons why Toyo Setal is successful. It approaches to professionalism, for example, has enabled the company to achieve the following milestones. The company is first Latin America’s country to work with European clients on industrial projects. The management acknowledges that the company spends a lot of time in understanding what their clients want in a project.

In addition to spending a lot of time in understanding clients, the company has invested in other aspects such as research department. The primary function of the department is to help the company in understanding a project from a global perspective. Second, Toyo Setal is one of the few firms that place clients at the center of its operations. The management points out that creating policies based on clients has assisted the company in the following ways. The approach has enabled the company to attract more clients — especially clients from other companies. Thanks to this approach, the company has also created a good relationship with government agencies.

Having a good relationship with government agencies is a game-changer in how the company approaches projects. The government agencies have also become part of the Toyo Setal client base. Therefore, having strong policies on customer relations has worked for the company. The company also has some of the best corporate strategies. These strategies help the company to formulate the following operational principles. In the last six years, the company has been consistent with its approach to corporate ethics. The management admits that upholding ethics in this niche has enabled the company to achieve a lot in the industrial market. For example, through upholding ethics on its operations, Toyo Setal has illustrated that it is possible to design and construct high-quality projects without delays.

Bernardo Chua Has Built One of World’s Most Successful Coffee Brands

Bernardo Chua is among the most successful businessmen in Canada. He came to the northern country by way of the Philippines in 2002 as an executive with a company called Gano Excel, a direct-selling firm based in Chua’s native country.

Gano Excel offered a line of coffee, teas and other beverages fortified with natural herbal supplements that added an extra layer of healthy nutrients to a refreshing cup of coffee or tea.

Bernardo Chua had helped Gano Excel achieve considerable success internationally, including in Hong Kong. Mr. Chua spearheaded the firm’s marketing efforts there. During his stint with Gano, Bernardo Chua became among the world’s most accomplished and innovative executives in the direct selling sector. More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

In 2008, he determined it was time to pursue his life-long dream of establishing his own company. He launched Organo Gold, a firm that has since gone on to become a world powerhouse in the coffee sector. Like Gano, Organo Gold is a coffee blended with healthy added supplements, especially that derived from the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom.

The Ganoderma mushroom has been used in China for centuries as a prized herbal remedy by holistic practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Mr. Chua’s family is of Chinese heritage. It is through this connection that he became fascinated with the practices of Chinese philosophers and healers and their ancient remedies.

Mr. Chua is credited with introducing Ganoderma lucidum to the Western World on a mass scale. Coffee lovers have enthusiastically embraced Organo Gold because of its robust, delicious flavor and the extra boost they get from its added supplements.

Bernado Chua has been recognized by receiving some of the most prestigious awards in business. His company, now called ORGANO, has now been honored with the Direct selling Company of the Year Award five times. The company has built a marketing network of more than one million people globally. Source:

Bhanu Choudhrie and Alpha Aviation Academy Celebrate 10 Years of Success

Alpha Aviation Academy (AAA), a leading Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) training service in the Middle East, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. With its base in Sharjah, UAE, AAA has trained over 600 cadets since 2009, and most of the cadets graduate as Airbus A320 Second Officers. AAA’s two-year training program emphasizes diversity and focuses on empowering women to enroll in the program. In addition, AAA enrolls students from 65 countries worldwide.

AAA’s vision and overall success can be attributed to several individuals within the program. However, the person most responsible is Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of Alpha Aviation Group, the company that started the aviation academy. After receiving degrees from Boston University and Harvard Business School, Bhanu Choudhrie relocated to London in 2000 and established C&C Alpha Group, a family operated international private equity firm for venture capitalists.

Despite all the hard work and responsibility that goes into founding and operating a successful private equity firm, Bhanu Choudhrie could not deny his interest in airlines, and he established Alpha Aviation Group Ltd (AAG) in 2006. AAG’s primary goal is to provide commercial airlines with qualified, licensed pilots. Partnered with Prescient Systems, the two organizations work to provide pilots with state-of-the-art training facilities and educational options. In addition to Prescient Systems, AAG is also partnered with several airlines for the purpose of providing them with qualified pilots. These include Boeing, Airbus, Air Arabia, Cebu Pacific, Jet Airways, Philippines Airlines and VietJet Air.

AAA’s 10-year anniversary is a definite sign of the academy’s success. Bhanu Choudhrie expressed his gratitude by congratulating the academy administrators on their achievements and the overall success of Alpha Aviation Academy.

In addition to investing and aviation, Bhanu Choudhrie is involved in several other projects. He provides funding for Bollywood productions, invests in hotels, and gives to the arts. He also supports Path to Success, a charity founded by his mother, Anita Choudhrie.

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Genucel Helps Prevent The Negative Skin Effects Of Winter Months

Genucel by Chamonix has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with the majority of this popularity being driven by the benefits that the anti-aging cream can have. Genucel features a variety of different natural ingredients that, when combined, can have a significant effect on the appearance of wrinkles, as well as a few other notable age-related skin-care conditions. As Chamonix has noted, however, many of these benefits can best be seen when coupled with a quality skin-care routine. This can involve a variety of different things, some of which have been shown to have a drastic effect on the appearance of skin over time.

Based on, when it comes to the Winter months, our skin can take somewhat of a beating; one of the more prominent effects of this has been dry skin. While Genucel by Chamonix can have quite an effect on preventing and reversing this, there are a few other ways that people can prevent it. The first of these is by drinking enough water during the day. Proper hydration is one of the easiest ways to help prevent dry lips and skin. It’s also been shown to have quite an effect on the likes of joints and blood pressure, so there are a variety of benefits to ensuring you get enough water.

Having a certain degree of protection against the elements can also be an effective way to help minimize any damage from the Winter weather. While Genucel has a certain amount of built-in protection against this, you can always protect your face and hands from the elements by wearing scarves and gloves, which help to prevent any moisture loss from the wind and rain. Developing a proper skin-care routine from an early age has also been proven to have a considerable impact on the prevention of age-related skin conditions.

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy has had quite an impact in this area, with several studies showing that it can help to combat many conditions. This has been especially true with those that are the result of dehydration and the negative effects of the weather. As such, an increasing amount of people have been flocking to the Genucel by Chamonix range for the past several years. To see more about Genucel visit

Betterworks Tools Helps Companies Create a Culture of Success


Betterworks is a company that works to design organizational tools that companies can use to make their business run more smoothly and make them more profitable. Betterworks has a lot of features and they are working hard every day to make even more features for their products available for companies to use. Betterworks also tries to make sure they have the best pricing for their product so that the companies are able to use and enjoy all of their products.

Betterworks tries to make everything as simple as possible. They know that companies can be complex and they want to make things easier on each individual that works within the company. For years companies have used paper types of reviews to see where problems are falling within the work field and what they can do to help their employees. Betterworks is always trying to make things easier on employees as well as employers. They want to find a way for companies to be able to get the reviews back in a quicker manner and an easier way.


More and more companies are beginning to work with Betterworks. They become excited about the products and features that Betterworks offers. Betterworks is starting to spread across the United States and are becoming really well known.

Learn more about Betterworks Software –

Why Raffaele Riva is a Leading Angel Investor

From a recent one on one with Riva, New York leading angel investor, there were some striking facts we were able to pick;

He has been in the game of investment for over a decade. He operates from New York and London.

On top of the list, day to day habit is he is an early riser. Seven days a week he is up at 5 am and starts working at a coffee shop. It’s worth noting that in London it is already 10 am. He can do a quick catch up on the agenda of the meetings.

Practicing meditation both for personal and business reason is his second habit. It’s his secret way of relieving stress and increasing productivity. He is also a meticulous planner of his activities on a day to day basis. Riva also applauds Gust. He can connect with entrepreneurs and manage investment program through the program. On top he never forgets even in a minute, there is a possibility of high risk.


Ravi is driven by helping others and seeing the dreams of entrepreneurs become a reality. One thing he clearly outlines is his choice of business. He loves working with startups that plan to scale quickly. The company should be ready to grow and exist in high value. Secondly, the involvement of an investor should be a priority. Lastly, he believes the founder should be aware of the whole procession of investment and have a five-year plan for the business.

As usual, there are challenges he faces. His main problem is making a smart decision on where to invest. With new investments, there is always a significant risk looming. And finding and striking a balance with no failure is hard.

Lastly, in the future, he is keenly following on the unfolding in digital currencies. Crypto has been able to hold on in Venezuela. His parting shot was two of his all-time books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow

Sheldon Lavin Reminds Us Why He Is One Of The World’s Most Successful CEOs

Sheldon Lavin is the man who is responsible for a lot of the success of OSI Group. He started working with the company during the 1970s when it was in need of financing. His hard work led to a deal that enabled the company to build a plant in the United States that was dedicated to providing McDonald’s with meat products. After doing so, OSI was so impressed that Lavin was asked if he would like to serve with the company. At first, he turned the opportunity down, but he later agreed to work with OSI if the company would continue to focus on growth and expansion.

Today, Sheldon Lavin serves OSI Group as its chairman and chief executive officer. He has worked hard to keep the company on track with its sustainability and has also helped it to become more environmentally friendly. Lavin has continued to find success because he understands a business concept that many other CEOs have a hard time with. This is the concept of delegating work to the right people so his time is freed up to work on the most important matters facing the company.

Sheldon Lavin was recently asked during an interview to reveal a single marketing strategy he uses that works to bring in new business. He responded by commenting that he has always embraced new technologies and that this has become more helpful in recent years as digital techniques have become more prominent. He has found that social media marketing and digital marketing work very well and has a team that stays on top of all of the latest trends in the industry.

Sheldon Lavin has always had the ability to look into the future and make plans for what he sees coming. He feels this has been a huge part of his success and knows that many business leaders overlook the need to make plans for the future. Lavin understands this is how successful companies are created that are able to hang around for many years. It is hard to argue with him as OSI Group has been able to continue its march towards success one year after another.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group